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If you have never been to a naturopath or herbalist, you may not know what to expect when you arrive at a consultation.

Naturopathic examinations are in-depth, and aim to understand the body, mind and spirit as a set of interacting systems, inseparable from each other.

Your initial consultation will last about one hour, and you will be asked detailed questions about your entire medical history, as well as specific questions about the current health of each of your bodily systems. There is also opportunity to explore emotional and spiritual issues, as these are also relevant to your overall health and wellbeing.

Some physical observations may also be made, such as your blood pressure, skin tone, the health of your hair and nails, and so forth. The consultation may also include an examination of your eyes using the system of iridology, which is a traditional naturopathic diagnostic technique.

At the end of this initial session, typically a set of lifestyle and dietary recommendations will be made to individually suit your requirements. In addition, a herbal mixture and/or vitamin and mineral supplements may be prescribed to further enhance your body's own natural healing powers. For internal medicines, only the highest quality practitioner-only products, supplied by reputable manufacturers, are used at The Herb Shop.

The ultimate aim of our consultation is to identify the cause of 'unwellness', and to provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain your own mental, physical and spiritual health and vitality.

Subsequent consultations typically last for about half an hour, build on the treatment strategy already established, and respond to any changes to your health and wellness since the previous consultation.

For more information about the philosophy of practice at The Herb Shop, and about natural health care more generally, please follow the link to 'What natural health care is about'.