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This page was last modified on Monday, April 23, 2012 1:44:12 AM

This work contains real life experiences. It is not theory or scientific research. It is about real people desperate for answers and relief. These are their success stories. Read and enjoy.


"Hoodia extract has been a great asset to my weight loss program. Started using Hoodia when I joined Weight Watchers this past Nov. I take Hoodia twice a day, on an empty stomach, between breakfast and lunch, and before supper. It has curbed cravings for sweets and assists me in keeping portions of food reasonably sized.

To date, I have dropped 18 unwanted pounds. For my needs, 15 drops of Hoodia is all that is needed. I know that Pure Herbs Hoodia is of high quality, and this is always a great assurance."

 —Sheila, Hendersonville, NC

"In addition to being a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) and an active advocate and user of Pure Herbs products personally, my husband and I mentor two families in our church. One of the families has children who have Molluscum. (Molluscum contagiosum is a common childhood illness caused by a virus that occurs in about 1/200 children under the age of ten. Also, epidemic as an STD (sexually transmitted disease) among sexually active adults. All current treatment options for Mulluscum are invasive (insertion of instruments or devices), and may cause pain and discomfort — information obtained from The Center for Biomedical Research.).

Connor is four years old. When he first got Molluscum, his mom did not want to use what the doctor recommended because of scarring, etc. and as he explained if untreated they would go away in a couple of years. He has had this condition for three years (most of his life) on his face, and it looks like warts. Because the warts are on his face, he has endured teasing from other children. He has not been swimming in a pool this summer and had to wear band-aides during vacation bible school because they are contagious. Recently, a dentist refused to treat him and his brother because of this. This rejection has been painful for him psychologically. He had asked his mom, ‘Why do I have these things?’ Once again at the advice of my mentor and friend, Teresa McCurry, CNHP, I used the herpes protocol. I recommended Plantain for the bumps, A.C.S. Bee Propolis, Vitamin A & D for the virus internally and Sutherlandia for the spine.

After approximately a month, two bumps have disappeared and the other two are almost gone. Connor looks in the mirror and is so proud that the warts are going away. He is now looking forward to going back to school and even told his mom, ‘Look mom, when I go back to school I won’t have those things anymore!’ What a joy to see his excitement.

Thanks again for great products." —Blessed by your products, Lynnette, Wellness Consultant, Cartersville, GA

"We thank God for Dr. Watkins who saved our friend from dialysis. With the diagnosis of a shrinking kidney and possible dialysis, Dr. Watkins advised us to rub Arnica on the skin over the kidney area on the lower back for any nerve damage, Herbal Adjustment for circulation, Vitamin E for oxygenation and Black Cohosh to remove any poison. Also, to soak an absorbent gauze or cheese cloth with Ol’ Number 11 to lay on the area and cover it with a plastic wrap and repeat for daytime application. Within a week there was a noticeable improvement. Within two weeks voiding began with copious amounts. Her remark was, ‘I’m going like a race horse.’ Within three weeks the pain was gone. By the way, this lady is in her 90’s and never expected a recovery like this! She is rejoicing in the newfound health. Thank you Dr. Watkins. May God Bless you!" —Judy, West Frankfort, IL

"I am so grateful to your company. I want to report a marvelous healing from using the Ol’ Number 11. I have been struggling since June with a bunch of fractures in my pelvis from a bicycle accident. Before the accident I had been riding 60 blocks a day. I am 75 years old and I guess my bones don’t mend so well. In late August (24, 25, 26) I took two tablespoons of Ol’ Number 11 in the morning and two in the evening. Previous to this I had only taken a dropper or two. For the first time since August 27th I walked without pain!!! You have marvelous products. I thank your company and God for those wonderful natural herbs."—Sister M. J. S., Portland, OR

"My legs were hurting me so bad that I decided to go see my doctor who told me that I had Venuous Insufficiency. I followed his suggestions and bought and wore the sixty-three dollar compression stockings. He also told me to put my feet up when I lay down on the couch and to take IB Profren for the pain. A few weeks later everything was the same except for my liver being very toxic from taking all the pain killers. Lucky for me that I was talking to my Pure Herbs director Kayla and I told her about my legs and she suggested I take Chestnut Leaf. I ordered it right away and shazam within a week I started feeling better! By the second week I took off the stockings and I haven’t used them since! I had an appointment with the vein doctor yesterday and I decided to cancel my appointment. I will reschedule after I have been taking the herbs for three months. It feels great to have my legs back. Thanks Pure Herbs!" —J.N., Cary

"I have been using Pure Herbs for a number of years. I am going to a Health Specialist now and have documented results. After taking the Vitamin E with selenium for two weeks my cell vitality went from four to nine (ten is the highest)! Thank you Pure Herbs."—Nicholette DeMeulemeester, Henderson, NV

"I have been using both the Skin Lotion Plus #101 and #102 for about three months now. I rotate between the two of them. I use one or the other of them in the morning and the evening. I love them both, but prefer the #102! I have had a skin condition on both of my arms for about five years now. It looked like little bumps filled with fluid (like whiteheads). The didn’t itch or hurt, but just looked ugly and were annoying. I was embarrassed to go sleeveless. I tried many things from my dermatologist to no avail! Now I can honestly say after using the Lotion #101 and #102 the bumps are almost all gone and I can go sleeveless again. I will continue to use the lotion even when my arms are completely clear so that they will stay that way. I also use the lotions on the rest of my body, including my feet which are soft and smooth now! Also, my friend is using the Skin Lotion #102 on his psoriasis and it has cleared up beautifully! He has suffered with it most of his life and has tried everything so he is extremely grateful! Thank you Pure Herbs for this wonderful formula!" —Kim, Sterling Hts, MI

"Arnica Oil blend really worked extremely well and saved me a lot of pain. I twisted my ankle so immediately I went for the blend. I rubbed it on my ankle, leg, knee, thigh and neck. I repeated applications all day and before bed. I did this for a week. I did not suffer even a twinge of discomfort. I also used Arnica (Nature’s Sunshine distress remedy) internally for additional shock relief."—Marcella, Basking Ridge, NJ


Restore circulation to the heart and extremities with L-carnitine. The body makes L-carnitine from protein. If there are digestive problems, it makes good sense to use a digestaid when eating protein. GINGER, GENTIAN, SWEET ROOT and D-W are good choices. Most people who are not in good health tend to have digestion problems. That is one of the reasons they are sick. As protein is digested in the body, parts of a complete high quality protein are used by the liver and kidneys to make L-carnitine. It is now fairly well documented by observation and science that this substance L-carnitine is very helpful to handle circulation problems where the heart itself does not get enough blood. This is known as cardiac ischemia. L-carnitine also helps when the arteries that are far away from the heart do not get enough blood. This is known as peripheral arterial disorder. They are developed disorders. Since they are developed they can be undeveloped. To ensure that the liver and kidneys can make enough L-carnitine a person should consume a high quality easily digested protein on a regular basis. BEE POLLEN, FIVE GOOD, PROTEIN EXTRACT, BREWER’S YEAST and YOGURT are excellent sources of such protein.—Excerpted form the copyrighted works of Dr. A. B. Howard



"THE FINEST NATURE HAS TO OFFER" is what Pure Herbs says and boy this is what you get! Lotion #101 and #102 do MOISTURIZE, SOOTHE, NOURISH, REPAIR, PROTECT, RESTORE and REVITALIZE the skin. These are big promises that do come true. In order to do all these things you have to have a large amount of the quality things in the product to do the job. Most companies put a drop or two of the good things in their product so they can list them on the label and it looks impressive. I heard someone say they could detect the scent of Vitamin E and fish oils when they first use the Skin Lotions. Be sure to shake them up first before you use them. Yes, the containers are full so you may have to use the first little bit on some really rough skin such as your elbows or heels of your feet or on your ankles. Then shake it up. When I first tested the Skin Lotions, I was in love with the #101 because it is scented with the natural oils of Lavender, Juniper and Rosemary. Now my favorite is #102 which is scented with Fennel and Greek Nuts. I like it better because it becomes odorless even quicker than #101. I use it on my face as a moisturizer. Another thing I find amazing about the lotions is every once in awhile the top layer of skin on my face has a gentle peeling. The lotion is having a deep healing effect and my skin looks wonderful. I believe many women pay lots of money to have the top layers of skin burned off. These lotions are softening, repairing, nourishing and they restore my skin gently all at the same time. And, there is none of that burning off the skin nonsense. Did I mention the lotions are very rich and thick and you do not need to use much. This isn’t your average ‘smell nice’ drugstore perfume lotion! No, it is MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! I have never been this excited about two new products before! This is just what we needed, a REPAIR KIT FOR THE SKIN!!!—Barbara Jacobs, Sterling Hgts, MI

"A co-worker, a young woman I knew, was unable to speak complete sentences. I
told her about Pure Herbs and their cleansing and healing properties. She was
impressed, so she decided to give it a try. She ordered C.C.E.-W (for cleansing)
and W.L.-W (for weight loss). Then the next time she ordered, she tried Oil of
Cajeput for her itchy feet. She also ordered D.-W and Formula Max. She suddenly
was very sharp mentally and had no more hesitation in her speech. I noticed and
complemented her and her response was so happy and thankful. In addition to the
above, she also stopped having all her constant colds, she lost 35 pounds and
she was more bright and alert and she could complete her sentences. Thanks Pure
Herbs." —W.M., Warren MI

"Dear Doctor Watkins and staff, sixteen months ago I was presented with symptoms
of body lice. Doctors denied I had lice or parasites. Severe itching and
burrowing ‘bugs’ became worse despite home remedies and prescriptions. I was
forced to resign my job as an R.N. and withdraw from society. I prayed
constantly for a healing or
cure. I relocated to another state and was led (by
God) to Good Life Health Food Store which carried Pure Herbs products. They
started me on a parasite cleanse using Pure Herbs products. I am nearing the end
of this disgusting plague. I would have committed suicide if these products and
remedies had not been available." —P. S., Waskom, TX

"My friend, Bob fell off a ladder and crushed his heal on a Friday evening. I
suggested he wrap it with Ol’ Number 11 till he could see a doctor. On Monday
the doctor took an X-ray and told him he crushed his heel in a million pieces.
He scheduled him for a Cat Scan on Thursday and surgery on Saturday. Saturday
morning while waiting to be pre-oped for surgery the Doctor told him he didn’t
need the surgery after all. He said, ‘You sure heal well for a 50 year old man.
I’ve never seen anything like this before and I can’t explain how all those
crushed fragmented pieces somehow went back into place.’ Bob wrapped his heel
with Ol’ Number 11 and took 40 drops 3x/day by mouth." —J. A., Spring TX

"If you are looking to get rid of those UGLY Warts permanently, you must try
this. My son had clusters of warts on his elbows, hands and knees. I was told by
a dear and highly skilled naturopath friend of mine to do 60 drops of Pure Herbs
Carpenter’s Square and 60 drops of Pure Herbs I.V.Y.-D, 2 - 3 times a day for 3-
6 months, also we eliminated any citrus from his diet (for 6 months) as well, we
got a couple of the really large warts removed by a dermatologist, (in which he
told us there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t come back!). Well, it’s been 2
years and my son C.J. has not had one wart since we did this protocol, all of
his warts that we didn’t get removed disappeared after 4 months, thank you again
PURE HERBS, for making such superb products!"—S.K., Loxahatchee, FL


After a several hour ordeal in the dentist chair for deep root cleaning of the
teeth, I developed a painful gum ulcer. In desperation I painted the ulcer with
a glob of Skin Lotion #102 on a Q-tip. At first it caused a little stinging and
then the hurt went away! Over the next three days I kept using it a couple of
times a day. It let me eat as normal, while the Lotion healed the ulcer! Thank
you Lotion #102! By the way, right after the dental procedure I also developed a
painful swollen lymph gland in the groin which made it difficult to move and
hard to concentrate on anything at work. I painted the whole groin area with
Skin Lotion #102. The same thing occurred, at first a little stinging and then
swift relief from the swelling and pain! I continued to use the #102 a couple of
times a day. It kept me pretty well pain free and I did not miss any work. After
about five days the lymph gland was fixed."—G.W. Sterling Hgts, MI

"My husband and I, both senior citizens, recently changed doctors. In filling
out the health forms, I was thankful to report ‘NO’ that neither one of us take
any medications. However, if it were not for Pure Herbs we would have a cabinet
full of medications with all their possible side effects. Some of our daily
staples are as follows: Dong Quai for hormone replacement, Chuchuhuasi for
arthritis, Fennel for heartburn, Buckthorn for regularity and Five Oils, which I
am thrilled to have added to our daily regimen to replace my deodorant. I use
the Five Oils every day and it works! We recently had a dead tree cut down and
did our own clean-up in 90 degree heat with 80% humidity. To my surprise my
blouse had no odor and all I used was the Five Oils! I put about 20 drops under
each arm which may feel warm or almost uncomfortable at first (only lasts a few
moments), but after a few days of using this passes. An extra benefit to using
the Five Oils is that since I already have it on my hand, I use it to rub into
my knees and neck or wherever I might ache. Afterwards, I cup both my hands over
my nose and breathe deep several times and this really opens my sinuses and it
smells good too! The vapors will irritate the eyes so make sure you cup the
hands good and wash them well afterwards. I am so thankful for all the wonderful
herbs God has given us and to Pure Herbs for making them available. They
work!"—Marcia Cornelius, Beech Grove, IN

"My horse’s eyes were watering (to the point he looked like he was crying) and
had ‘gunk’ in the corners of his eyes. I did a little research in your herb
books and consulted with my health care practitioner and came to the conclusion
he needed a drainage formula. We decided on L.C..-W. It worked like magic!
Within a week the symptoms were much improved. I now keep him on a regular daily
dosage to keep the lymph system clearing. Thank you so much for your fine
products!" —C.F., Grover Beach, CA

This is a quote from actress/movie star Vanessa Williams taken directly from the
National Enquirer which sounds like she mentions a Dr. Watkins Hair, Skin and
Nail formula (HSN) . It says, "Vanessa Williams ‘recommends taking care of you
insides as well as your outside’ — so she ingests a whopping 17 vitamins and
supplements every day! Vanessa says her regimen includes ‘a fish oil pill,
multivitamin, flaxseed, chlorophyll, PS-100, acidophilus – for my stomach – and
HSN.’"—Vanessa Williams, actress/movie star

Skin Lotion Plus #101 Gets an A+

"I have very fair skin, and have always had to use a very expensive moisturizer
on my face daily. To make things worse, I had chronic dry spots on my nose that
were actually quite large. I hid them with a moisturizer that had shine to it.
Dr. Watkins asked if I would like to try the Skin Lotion Plus #101 and I did.
After the eighth day I noticed that a large piece of skin was coming off of my
face. When I took a closer look it was the dry spot coming completely off. What
was more amazing . . . The new skin underneath it was not discolored or red.
Since that day, my chronic dry spot that I have been trying to hide for years is
gone. By the way, this was not a spot that I got from wearing glasses. It was
just a fluke of nature that has been on my face for years. How wonderful to be
rid of it! Not only did Skin Lotion Plus #101 take care of that problem, it also
leaves my skin feeling very soft. My skin also looks and feels younger and there
is a healthy glow to my face. I only have to use a small amount and it absorbs
right into the skin. It is not oily or greasy and does not compete with the
smell of my perfume. Once you apply the lotion, you can immediately apply your
make-up. I’ve never been so excited about a product!

The girls at work are always teasing me because I’m constantly putting hand
cream on. Now I only need to use the Skin Lotion Plus #101 once a day and my
hands are healthier, softer and look younger. I’m sure with continued use it’s
only going to get better! Since the lotion is not greasy, there are no oil or
grease spots on my computer keyboard, phone, etc. I can’t wait until a full
supply comes in so I can use it on other areas of my skin.

Recently, I spent all day out in 95 degree sun and I didn’t have sunscreen on my
face, neck or shoulders. Needless to say those areas got sunburned. The next
morning I used my trial size of Skin Lotion Plus #101 on my face as usual. To my
surprise the redness started to go away. Also, the tightness went away in one
application. I never did have any pain, but what amazed me the most was my face
did not peel at all! I sure wished I’d had enough to apply to my neck and
shoulders. Instead I used my expensive aloe that I’ve used all of my life. It
only took a little of the sting away every now and again. After a week of using
the aloe the skin started peeling off my neck and shoulders due to the amount of
sun damage. I never would have even thought to use it for a sunburn!

Because of my fair skin I can’t wait to get a whole case of the new lotion!!!!

Another testimonial . . .While I was putting my make-up on, I left the vanity
drawer open and bumped into it and it took the skin right off my shin. Boy, did
that hurt! Out of instinct, I applied the Skin Lotion Plus #101 because I know
it is loaded with Vitamin E. I applied a little directly on the area . . . and
yes it helped it right away and it didn’t have any sting to it. Just think of
it, . . . A moisturizer, hand cream, face cream, that also has healing qualities
that you can put in your purse, travel bag, desk drawer, camping bag, medicine
cabinet, etc. GREAT!!! I can only imagine what the long term effects of using
such a wonderful product will do for my skin since it has already made a huge
difference in such a short amount of time. Do ya think it would slow the aging
process? I do… THANK YOU!" —Barbara Jacobs @ Pure Herbs, Ltd in Sterling Hgts.,

"I am a man but wanted to try the Skin Lotions too. Most of my skin felt
smoother and nicer right away with the first use. But, the skin on my forehead (only) felt rough for at least three weeks while using the Skin lotion. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction, but kept using it anyway knowing it had helped the rest of my skin so much. Then one day a lot of old, hard dry dead skin flaked off my forehead and now I have smooth, healthy skin in its place! " —G.W. Detroit, MI

"I love Pure Herbs new Skin Lotion #102! I have been using the lotion on my face
now for about six weeks and my skin has never been so moist and smooth. I have
had a small (I don’t know what to call it) ugly
bump on the side of my nose for years. My husband said it looked like a mole.
Since using the Skin Lotion #102 the bump is almost gone. I have also been using
this lotion on the rest of my body and I think it is the best lotion I’ve ever
tried! It leaves my skin feeling and looking silky smooth. Thank you Pure
Herbs!" —Happy in Sterling Hgts, MI

"My husband injured his shoulder pretty bad while at work. We started rubbing
Arnica, Ol’ Number 11 and Big 5 + 2 on the injury. We alternated them for
several months. After about eight months it was completely healed!" —W.M.,
Warren, MI

"I’ve been using the Skin Lotion 101 for about two weeks and I absolutely love
it! The first couple of days after applying it to my hands repeatedly all this
flaky stuff came off. I thought it was the lotion, but later realized it was
dead skin cells because after a couple of days my hands stopped flaking after
applying the lotion. Also, I only have to use the lotion a couple of times per
day now that my skin is more moisturized and doesn’t suck it up so quickly. My
hands are softer than ever!"—Kim @ Pure Herbs, in Sterling Hgts, MI

"One day I noticed a black ‘smudge’ on the tip of my toenail of my left foot. I
realized it was fungus! I decided to add 8-10 drops of Oil of Cajeput into a
foot soak tub of hot water and put my feet in it until the water cooled. I did
this for eight days in a row. The toenail grew and was trimmed regularly. Before
long, the black smudge was gone. I also put boric acid powder into all my shoes
to kill the fungus and to make sure it didn’t come back (Shoes are a great place
for fungus to hide). Thanks very much for your great products!" —C.F.F., Grover
Beach, CA

"We can finally tell you that our ‘Miracle Baby’ is here. She came on August 30,
2006, one month early. Her name is Maria Lynn. There were three problems wrong
with her heart, the worst of which was the aortic artery coming into the heart
which had a severe restriction causing the blood flow to be insufficient. The
mitral and aortic valves in the heart were weak, but did not require open heart
surgery. However the artery did need repair, which they did successfully. Her
problems are not over yet, and she will need continued monitoring, but she is
otherwise a healthy, beautiful little angel. We don’t know why she is here, but
we know she has a definite purpose. She has to be a fighter to have beaten the
specialists ‘odds’ of having ‘no chance of survival at all’ as we were all told
in the first trimester. She now has a great chance of living a normal life. We
know there were many prayers for her, for which we thank you all . . . Most
Gratefully!!! You can count on Maria Lynn getting plenty more Pure Herbs for
those weak valves when she is able to come home . . . And she will amaze those
doctors again!!! God Bless you all at Pure Herbs!"

"For at least ten years I have had dry cracking heels. They are so dry that
sometimes they bleed. The dry skin will harden and it feels like glass. It is
very painful. After one week of using Pure Herbs Skin Lotion #102, all of the
cracks were gone. After two weeks my heels are smooth. I’m a believer and will
continue to use this cream forever! Thank you Pure Herbs for this wonderful
healinglotion." —Bill, Clinton Twp., MI

"I have always had flaking… I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Pure
Herbs and their wonderful staff when my company moved right next door to their
old building. We formed a business relationship that has lasted throughout the
years. Recently, I was called in to print flyers for a new product called ‘skin
lotion plus’. It definitely got my attention because I am forever looking for
ways to preserve and nourish my skin - currently spending hundreds of dollars on
creams, oils and lotions (Stri Vectin & Idebenol to name a few). I was able to
sample a bottle of Skin Lotion Plus #102 - with wonderful results! I have always
had flaking around my nostrils regardless of the product I used. Not any more!
In addition to that, my standard blemishes that occur month after month in the
same places have healed and haven't come back!! I use the lotion on my face and
neck right after my morning shower and if my skin soaks it up quickly, I reapply
another dose. The lotion seems to target the areas that need to be healed and it
is my experience that if it is not needed in a certain area that day, it will
flake off immediately with a gentle rub. If my skin feels moisturized, but still
a little tight, I will spritz on Evian water spray. This allows me to apply my
base coat makeup on to a smooth surface. Not only have I noticed that my skin is
uniform in appearance, it no longer feels oily and dry at the same time. I have
found that if I have an after work function, I don't have to go home and wash my
face and apply more makeup. Just a simple touch up will do. Send me a barrel!!"
— T.G., Madison Hgts., MI

"This is totally amazing!!! I can hardly believe it myself. I’m going to share
my story here. On Sept. 6, 2005, I began using Pure Herbs, Ltd. At this time I
was very unhealthy and on eight different medications. The herbs I began with
and am still using are: Broad Beans, W.L.-W and C.C.E.-W. Learning how to heal
myself has been a high priority for me!!! I truly believe that this can be done
with the use of natural herbs. By the third day of using the herbs my energy
level had sky-rocketed! I could hardly sit still. I was up and down all day
long. Physically there was a change taking place and emotionally I had hope. By
the end of the first month I had lost 22 pounds. My family and friends began to
take notice of the changes. I also want to tell you that I am extremely allergic
to cats. Ten minutes in an area where cats were and my throat would begin to
close up making it difficult to breathe. It is now eleven months later and I am
eighty-three pounds lighter. I went from a size 26/28 to a size 18! I’m down to
only two medications and hope to be off those soon. The real surprise bonus of
all of this is that I can spend several days with cats and have very little
discomfort. Who would have ever thought that this herb combination would take
care of the cat allergies too!!! I do want to stress the importance of keeping
your doctor updated on any and all natural products that you use. This applies
to those who are under a physicians care. I’m healing and I’m excited about
future possibilities. I look and feel different from the inside out. I strongly
suggest you give these herbs a try! The results will surprise you!!!" —P.P.,
Everett, WA

"I have been a Certified Natural Health Professional for approximately two years
and have been actively using Pure Herbs for about six years and recommend them
for all of my clients. Although, I recommend regularly Big Five plus Two for
pain and use it myself. I have never actually used a poultice. My CNHP, Teresa
McCurry had told me to try it and I did. I have had a herniated disk for at
least ten years and have learned to compensate by chiropractor visits when
necessary, but especially by not lifting heavy objects and sleeping a certain
way. I do not condemn people for using drugs, but have learned that pain pills
numb my brain and not the pain! For approximately a month, I have had Sciatica
pain. It was so bad for weeks that when I stood up from a sitting or lying down
position I wanted to scream. This caused me to nurse it and therefore I stopped
exercising which was not a good thing. It seemed that the Big Five plus Two
wasn’t touching the pain for any length of time. I’ve had the disk problem for
over 20 years and although chiropractic adjustments were the only thing that
gave me relief, I had to stop going because of a lapse in my insurance. I
finally decided to take Teresa’s advise and applied the Big Five plus Two first
and then made a poultice with a gauze square soaked in Ol’ Number 11. I covered
the poultice in clear food wrap (saran wrap) to seal it, rather than tape. Two
days of poultices, changed every twelve hours, stopped the pain completely. I am
now able to move without pain and I am back to exercising, which is one of my
main preventatives for such things. I am so encouraged by this that I am telling
everyone! Once again, thanks to Pure Herbs for making available the wonderful
resources that God intended for us to use! Blessed by your products!"—Lynnette
Oehrke., Cartersville, GA

"I’ve had previous heart problems and I started to worry when I began to
experience deep pains in my chest. I talked to Dr. Watkins and he suggested I
try Indian Tobacco (40-80 drops). After four dosages internally and also
applications surrounding my entire chest area I felt good again. I think Indian
Tobacco also relieved the tension in my stomach and my diaphragm."—Uncle Al @
Pure Herbs, Ltd. Sterling Hgts, MI

"I want to tell you the success I had using Oil of Cajeput and Whole Apricot
topically twice a day on a dark mole on my neck. I used a Q-tip to apply them. I
also took Whole Apricot internally at the same time and within three weeks the
mole fell off in the shower revealing new pink skin. Now you can’t even tell
where it was! I had asked my dermatologist about removing it last year, but I’m
glad now that she didn’t want to. Can’t wait to show her the results! Thanks
Pure Herbs!" —C.G., Honesdale, PA

"This past winter, a friend of mine was scheduled to have hernia repair surgery.
The procedure seemed necessary, and he asked me about herbs to assist on his
recovery and healing. Actually, Jack’s nutritional protocols were very good.
Pure foods, water, exercise and nutritional supplements. We reviewed various
herbs and we selected the following: Universal E.R. with Mimulus, R.S.T.-C,
Three Bees, Arnica (externally), Formula Max, C.C.E.-W and Bilberry. He
recovered rapidly and was back to his work as a physician within several weeks
having energy and gratitude for the Pure Herbs he used and his healing
ability."—S. Kaplowitz, NC

"My horse seemed to have lost all his energy – just no get up and go. I talked
with my health practitioner and we decided he needed a change of diet and a
daily dosage of your T.-W. I had been feeding him the all–American diet for
horses: Alfalfa hay twice a day with sweet feet. He now gets orchard grass hay
(free-choice) and a very good cold-pressed pellet and four droppers of T.-W
twice a day. His energy has returned and he’s his old self again. I’m so pleased
I just had to write you. Thank you so much for your excellent products!"—C.F.
Faulkner @ Coastal Nutrition Center, Grover Bch, CA

"I would like to share with you the herbs I used while I was pregnant with my
baby boy. Daily, I took Crampbark and False Unicorn along with Partridge Berry
to help strengthen the uterus and also for any cramping I experienced. As soon
as I felt the on-set of cramping I took these herbs (1/2–1 tsp) and within about
1/2 hour the cramping stopped. I also took Vitamin E (four capsules/day), A.C.S.
(for mineral supplementation), Nettle (for calcium supplementation) and C.C.E.
in small amounts (for the bowels). When I was about six months into my pregnancy
I became very sick so I took L.A.S.-JB (4–5 capsules every hour) and 1000 mg of
Vitamin C (every other hour). The L.A.S.-JB cleared my sinuses and lungs and I
felt so much better. The Vitamin C helped to break up the mucus. I now have a
healthy, happy baby boy that I give herbs to. At about two weeks old I gave him
Olive Leaf, Echinecea and A.C.S. (all at a rate of two-three drops on the bottom
of each foot at each diaper changing). This helped my son, Colby to keep from
getting sick by raising his immune system, especially because his older brother
was always touching him and holding him with his not so clean hands (you know
boys!)." —Tammy Hudson, St. Albans, VT

"Tuesday, March 28th began as any other day as I went off to work for hospice as
a registered nurse. My vision seemed different to say the least. I’ve worn
glasses or contacts since I was very young. I’ve also had sinus problems for
many years. Too many to count! I haven’t always had the best diet, but I have
used herbs and nutrition for past health issues. This was one of those times
when I thought I could get away with eating and drinking the more mainstream
fare. Little did I know of the troubles that were about to ensue. My vision
seemed to dim, to say the least, and by mid-afternoon, I knew I had a big
problem. I had emergency surgery for a detached retina. I was devastated by the
loss of vision. I knew this would be quite a program I was embarking on to clean
out my eyes and sinuses. My journey would not be a passage easily remedied for
the faint-hearted or average layperson. I would spare no expense to strengthen
what I had allowed a surgeon to repair. I started with digestion and chose
gentian, along with a bowel program to cleanse and strengthen the bowel. I added
E.-W (80 drops 4x/day) to repair both eyes, since eyes are sympathetic. I also
took Bilberry, Formula Three, Dandelion Leaf, Purple Loosestrife, Ol’ Number 11,
Gingko Combination and Protein to strengthen and nourish my eyes. In addition I
rubbed Arnica, a drop or two of Peppermint Oil (for oxygenation) and R.S.T.-C on
my forehead and on my temples. I also took R.S.T.-C internally (80 drops
3x/day). I also took Vitamin E with Selenium and Vitamins A & D internally and
rubbed on externally for oxygenation. I also took digestaids and ‘perfect eyes’
from Nature’s Sunshine. I added Black Cohosh and C.C.E.-W for days when I felt I
needed extra help. I rubbed Chickweed around my eye area on days when I felt my
vision was cloudy. Finally, I added SI.-W to my herbal program when I realized
that sinus problems affect hearing and vision. I have lived in such a fast-paced
life for the last several years and am guilty, as is the majority of society,
for reaching for convenience. As for my therapeutic program, I knew my diet had
to be the very best it could be so my bowel and sinuses would not reabsorb
putrefied toxins. I made sure I took in ‘real food’ and green drink at every
meal. This has been a journey I would never have chosen (yet, ultimately I did,
didn’t I?) and one I won’t soon forget. We all have to take responsibility for
the roads we travel and why should I be any different. Hopefully, we’re paying
attention to the signs along the way. Today, my vision is better (I’m legally
able to drive with the eye) and I believe it will continue to increase with each
day. I’ve always loved sunrises, sunsets and beautiful flowers. I include
nature’s scenery daily as part of my healing journey. Life is awesome!!!" —L.
Schechter, the sunny banks of Hernando Bch, FL

"I wrote to you last month about my grandson’s wife and their unborn baby who
had been diagnosed with a number of birth defects . . . Some of which were
Turner’s Syndrome (Dwarfism), Cystic Hygroma, Down’s Syndrome, and Congestive
Heart Failure among other defects. The baby was not expected to live very long
after that dire diagnosis. Well, I had good news in the last testimonial I sent
in (posted in the July/August 2006 Pure Herbs Newsletter) about the baby and all
that was left was a heart problem. Well, guess what? I put the mother on Formula
31, at a dosage of 40 drops three times per day and when she had a check-up with
the specialist on Monday he said that all four chambers of the heart are
functioning perfectly! The baby, a normal, healthy girl is expected October 1st
and we are eagerly looking forward to that miracle child being here, after a
grueling two months of waiting for this diagnosis. Thank you all for letting me
once again share this heart-warming and encouraging testimonial! My very best to
you all at Pure Herbs . . . Keep up the good work." —Jo Ann Gragg-Huffman,
Chillicothe, OH

"My mother was in a nursing home some time ago. The head nurse called me and
told me Mom had a stroke. I grabbed my O.C.M and went to see her. Her right eye
was wide opened and her right arm had no control. I gave her a dropper full of
O.C.M. every five minutes and in one hour she was singing, her arm was working
and she was in control. Now, my husband, daughter and I use O.C.M. every day–
six droppers a day." —Barbara Hastey, Dover NJ

"MY KNEES USED TO HURT!!! For some time now my knees hurt when I tried to bend
them. They were hot and sore in places when I touched them. My knees hurt when I
sat down, they hurt when I got up and they hurt when I walked. I had to keep my
legs stiff when I walked to cut down on the pain. Then I found out about all the
things FIVE OILS could do. I got a bottle of FIVE OILS and massaged the oils
into my knees. I already knew HERBAL ADJ. (ADJUSTMENT) helped with pain so I put
some of that on after the FIVE OILS. To my amazement it started to work at once
to give me relief. I also learned that the herb HORSETAIL contains a lot of MSM
for healthy cartilage. In my desperation I started taking a Tablespoon full of
HORSETAIL every day by mouth instead of the few drops a day that I had been
using. I have now been using the FIVE OILS and HERBAL ADJ. and HORSETAIL for
about three weeks. Now I can bend my knees normally and use them all day. Here
is the best part in the process of using these herbs . . . Not only did they
take the pain away, but as far as I can tell they have also repaired my knees!!!
I can tell you one definition of what happiness is. It is being able to walk,
sit down and stand up again without pain! Thank you FIVE OILS, HERBAL ADJ. and
HORSETAIL and thank you Pure Herbs, Ltd."—G.W., Sterling Hgts, MI

"Thank you Barb at Pure Herbs!!! You could tell I wasn’t myself the day we
talked on the phone and you told me to give Formula Three a try. It worked
great! It turned out that everyone in our office was stressed out. I finished
the 1-oz bottle and I’m now into the 4-oz bottle! ‘Blessings’ show up when we
least expect them. Thank you!!!" —Vanessa

"About a month ago I noticed my horse scratching his neck, mane and tail area.
Upon closer examination, I discovered he had fungus! I’ve been putting four
droppers full twice a day of Oil of Cajeput in his pellets for the last two
months and have seen LOTS less scratching. I also soaked his grooming utensils
in a diluted solution of bleach and water for ten minutes then rinsed them to
kill fungus on them. That way I won’t reinfect him with the fungus. Thank you
ever so much for your great products!"—C.J. Fulkner, Grover Beach, CA

"I just had to share with you how wonderful we think your B.& B.-W and B.&
N.C.-W are. Our 14 year old dachshund had been experiencing seizures for several
months and a friend suggested that I try your Pure Herbs. The seizures stopped
very soon after starting her on them. We add the drops to her food every day and
she has been seizure free for over a year now. We love her dearly and are very,
very thankful to you."

"My mother has congestive heart failure and one of the valves in her heart won’t
close. She was admitted to the hospital in Dec. 2005 and discharged on Jan. 6,
2006. At that time her legs and feet were swollen with fluid from top to bottom.
Her stomach looked like she was eight months pregnant and her lungs had fluid
build-up. She was vomiting and had a bad cough because of the fluid in her
lungs. The fluid in her stomach was causing a bowel blockage because it was
pressing on her intestines. My mother was literally drowning in her own body
waste. My sister called a chiropractor she knew of who sells Pure Herbs
products. She told them of our mother’s condition and his office shared some
literature with my sister about KID-W. We bought the KID-W and started giving
our mother three droppers full each day in her juice or water. After the first
day, all the fluid drained out of her feet and legs except for one place in her
ankle. After four days we were able to cut back on the amount of drops we gave
her. After ten days my mother’s legs were normal, her stomach was flatter and
her bowel movements returned to normal. She stopped coughing because her lungs
were clear and was not vomiting as often. The quality of my mother’s life was
greatly improved. Her heart is only pumping at 20 to 30 percent of what it
should be and we know she will not be with us much longer, but it gives us a
sense of relief knowing we can give her a better quality of life. Thank you for
the KID-W." —D. G., Wytheville, VA

"About three years ago my wife was diagnosed with medulla carcinoma which is a
rare form of thyroid cancer. I searched all over the USA trying to find help
medically. There was no hope given, so we continued down the only path clear to
us and she began having surgeries to cut out the cancer. Track it and cut it out
was the only thing we could do. After three surgeries at the Mayo clinic in
Rochester, MN we were given a God send. We heard of an Amish man named Solomon
Wickey and were told to go see him. Solomon, an Iridologist and Master Herbalist
put my wife on a nine week herbal regimen and a four month special diet. He said
there should be improvement within about four months. Within four months she was
cancer free! Thanks to Red Clover Blended, Whole Apricot, Parsley, Lapacho, food
enzymes and her diet of God given foods. I can’t say enough good about herbs and
those who help others and understand the healing qualities of herbs. I am now a
student of herbs and am helping as many people as I can to understand there is
hope and healing in the herbal way." —Darwin Covington, Walker, IA

"We love the herbs! Our family of seven uses many and are rarely ever sick or
have to go to the doctor. After using the Red Root in mouthwash for about a
month, one day last week I noticed a spot on the inside of my front bottom tooth
that was rough and making my tongue sore. When I felt it with my finger a piece
of tooth fell out! I was very upset about this especially since we don’t have
dental insurance. The next morning more fell out. To my EXCITEMENT I found out
it was a piece of plaque from off of my tooth. The other tooth still has a piece
on it and I am applying Red Root directly to it with a cotton swab. My tooth
feels clean and smooth. Thank you!" —Becky, Lee, IL

"In mid March, my grandson's wife had her first ultrasound in her second
pregnancy. She was approximately 12 weeks along. It was discovered that the baby
had severe Down’s Syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome (Dwarfism, and sometimes
Mosaic-Turner’s, which involves sexual deformities), Cystic Hygroma (swelling of
lymphatic nodes in the neck and around the back of the head), Congestive heart
failure and excessive fluid which indicated that the baby was near death. The
mother had also been exposed to the ‘Fifth Disease’ (Parvo-Virus B-19 in humans)
and had influenza the first month of her pregnancy. How much else could possibly
be wrong? We put her on a program of All Cells Salts (A.C.S.) ( for the Down’s
Syndrome), Lapacho (for the lymphatic swelling of the cystic hygroma), Spirulina
(for the RNA/DNA, brain activity and nourishment), all of this was added to the
usual prenatal vitamins (Calcium, Magnesium and Red Raspberry). We used Buchu
and Immortal Root (hard to find, but we got some). For the congestive heart
failure we added 100 i.u. of Vitamin E, CoQ-10 two/day and a blend for the
pituitary gland. When the mother went back to the doctor in two weeks they could
not recognize the baby!!! They kept saying, ‘Is this the same baby?’ All the
deformities on the head and neck were gone, the Turner’s Syndrome was gone, the
Down’s Syndrome was gone, most of the fluid around the baby was gone and all the
chromosomal tests indicated the baby was a normal baby girl. There is still a
slight heart problem, but we will continue all of the above until tests show
that is gone too! The doctors just kept saying, ‘These cases never reverse, this
never happens.’ Well, he just has no idea – or maybe he does know – he had
witnessed a miracle!!!! In fact, it was suggested they name her ‘Miracle’. Thank
you our Merciful, Loving God for hearing our prayers. He has indeed turned our
tears of mourning into tears of joy! Thank all of you at Pure Herbs for letting
me share this story." —Jo Ann Gragg-Huffman, Chillicothe, OH

"I started using Tart Cherry Extract from the first day it came out. Like
Columbus I discovered its source. I was only looking for help to sleep. Not only
did I find the help I needed to sleep, but I also had improvement in sexual
functions (erections). What I thought was lost in my 20’s, at 41 years of age is
working better than ever! Even better then past performance. I take four
droppers each evening."—signed name withheld, see for yourself
"I would like to share with you how herbs have helped me. I have a degenerate
disc, bulging disc, bone spurs and also osteoarthritis. I had tried everything
to no avail until I started using Big 5 + 2. I have had wonderful results within
just a few weeks. Thank you

"I enjoyed my conversation with Kim the other day. She was very nice and kind to
me and I wish to give my testimony about some of your fine products I am using.
I have been using O.C.M. for several years and would not be without it. Also, I
was in a severe automobile accident several years ago and my right eye was so
bad they thought I would lose it. I have nerve damage now from it, but have been
using Greasewood on my eye brows and my eyes have opened up more and they are
better. Other people have noticed the difference in the way my eyes were
sometimes almost closed and now are opening more. I also am a big believer in
Bilberry, H.T. Combo, Peppermint Oil, Herbal Adjustment and Cascara Sagrada. I
have also used E.-W for my eyes. I have used all of these products for several
years and I am a firm believer in them and would not do without them. I would
like to compliment you and your company for being such fine people and have such
fine products. I am 76 years old and I work one day a week (Saturday) at one of
your places that sells your herbal products. I work for Good Life in Shreveport,
LA. Mrs. Betty Harbour owns the store which is family owned and operated. She
and all of her family are wonderful people and a pleasure to work for. They are
very knowledgeable about your products and I really appreciate them letting me
work there. Thank you Pure Herbs again for being such so kind and nice to me
when I called. May God Bless everyone there."

"Just to let you know that we like your combination herbs and singles too!
Feverfew, Una De Gato and Willow as a pain reliever to name a few. We also steam
Peppermint Oil when we have a head cold and C.C.E.-W for a colon cleanse when we
get the flu."—M.E. Mast, Pittsford, MI

"I am writing to tell you how much herbs have improved my health. If it wasn’t
for Solomon Wickey, that wonderful Amish herbalist, I would never have known of
you. Back in Sept. 2004 Solomon suggested I take Can-Sol along with acidophilus
for a horrible long standing yeast infection. I suffered for five years before I
found relief from the yeasties! Back in Sept. 2005, I gave birth to my second
child, Grace Anna. It was truly a miracle that I was even able to have another
child. Around the time she turned three months I developed a terrible fungal
infection on my left nipple. The pain was so excruciating that I almost stopped
breastfeeding. So I consulted Solomon and he suggested I swab White Oak Bark on
my nipple and on the insides of Grace’s mouth 3-4x/day. Well in about five days
the horrible pain was gone and so was the white coating in Grace’s mouth. Thanks
to Solomon and to Pure Herbs I am able to continue to provide my daughter with
superior nutrition. Thanks so much! Your products are amazing!"

"Our son had a bump on his thumb the size of a pea so I told him to put
Sutherlandia on it. He did and the bump opened up and out came a little piece of
wood." —L. Eicher, Bluffton, IN

TO ALL EXPECTING MOTHERS-TO-BE!!! "I found Pure Herbs about five years ago and
since then I have been helped several times. The true test came when I got
pregnant last year. First, I started taking Crampbark & False Unicorn Root to
increase my chance to become pregnant. Within two months we found out we were
going to have a baby in October 2005. Throughout my pregnancy I took P.N.-W, Red
Raspberry Leaf and Chuchuhuasi (for my immune system) three times per day. I
understand everybody is different and can have a good or bad pregnancy
experience, but I’ll tell you one thing I had a fantastic one! I wouldn’t want
to know how it would have been without the herbs!!!!!! My own mother couldn’t
believe how great I was feeling because both of her pregnancies she had the
typical symptoms. I personally never got sick, I had no cravings and no other
problems. I had energy from the beginning to the end. During the last six weeks
I took L.6W for an easier labor. Although I did have a difficult labor I’m still
amazed at how I kept myself going for over 48 hours on my feet and 29 hours of
natural labor to a nine pound baby. Let me tell you that hours later I felt
great! I never lost my energy or my smile. After labor I didn’t have any pain
from my uterus contracting back. I also highly recommend to you Papaya Mints
Extract for your colic baby. After about ten or twelve days my sons "gassy"
problem disappeared and his digestive system is working 110%. He was only three
weeks old when I started him on herbs. While nursing I have been taking Basil,
M. & B.-A, Protein Extract and Chuchuhuasi to make my milk a better quality.
Good luck to all mothers and expecting mothers. Don’t be afraid of taking theses
herbs. They are our blessings. Thank you Pure Herbs for saving our
health!!!"—K.W.— Sterling Hgts, MI

"Seven years ago my eye doctor told me I had cataracts on both eyes and I would
need surgery. I started using E.-W as an eye wash. When I went back to the eye
doctor he said I only had a slight cataract on my right eye and that my left eye
was free from any signs of cataract. He also told me I was in good shape for my
age. I am 84 years old and don’t want to have surgery. The doctor told me with
my improved vision that I would not need surgery." —P. Lind, Corydon, IN

"I use Alfalfa every day for arthritis (two droppers two times per day). I had a
cyst on my thumb knuckle and I put a drop of Alfalfa on it once a day for a
couple of weeks and it disappeared. Also, when my ring finger started to hurt I
did the same thing and in about a week the pain went away. My daughter also
started putting Alfalfa on her fingers because she had arthritis. In only a few
weeks she was pain free. It really works! Thank you Pure Herbs!" —Barbara
Hastey, Dover, NJ

"Some years ago I was experiencing neck and back pain. It was becoming a ritual
to roll out of bed in the mornings along with sleepless nights due to all the
discomfort. After taking an MRI exam, I was diagnosed with three slipped discs
in my back and a pinched nerve in my neck. The doctor recommended emergency back
surgery and gave me a prescription for Vicatin. I declined the surgery and
refused to take the medication. I immediately sought counsel from my herbalist
who recommended reflexology (2x/week), taking liquid Vitamin C (1 tsp 4x/day),
DSK (80 drops 4x/day) along with using an additional ten drops of DSK
internally, Big Five + 2 and Oil of Cajeput to massage up and down my spine and
on my neck. After one week my pain was slowly disappearing. After eight weeks, I
was completely healed. No more sleepless nights and no more rolling myself out
of bed. As an added bonus I had a lot more energy. Thanks Pure Herbs." —Gila
Johnson, Cincinnati, OH

"I have been one of the testers of the Hoodia and I absolutely love it! It has
decreased my appetite, helped me to stop eating all the junk (chips, cookies,
candy, etc) throughout the day and it has given me more energy. When I quit
smoking about a year and a half ago I gained a significant amount of weight and
was very depressed about it. Now that I have been on the Hoodia for awhile I try
to do some form of exercise at least five times per week because of my increased
energy (Nordic-track, walking and Jazzercise). As of last week when our Hoodia
Combination was ready I switched over to taking that. I like the added benefits
of taking Chlorella and Cascara Sagrada which are ingredients in the Hoodia
Combination. So far I love the Hoodia Combination too! It has been a slow
process of loosing my weight/inches, but I have dropped one pant size and am
already feeling better and more confident. Several people have commented on my
weight lose. It is especially noticeable in my face. Also my jeans are pretty
baggy on me, but I don’t want to buy too many new ones because I plan on
dropping at least one more size. I am very excited and pleased, especially with
my increased energy. There was a period of time before I was taking the Hoodia
when I would take power naps on almost all of my breaks at work. I had zero
energy to do anything, especially exercise. I can’t wait for nice weather so I
can start rollerblading. Thank you Dr. Watkins for finding this top notch source
of Hoodia!" —Kim Clark, Pure Herbs, Ltd employee

"Thanks so much for the L.A.S.-J.B. capsules! My husband used to get sinus
headaches so often until John Zehr told us about the L.A.S.-J.B. We also take
them when we feel a cold coming on and it helps us a lot. We highly recommend
L.A.S.-J.B."—C.G., New Haven, IN

"My father who is 77 years old had a high sugar level of 220. His doctor gave
him some time to decrease his level by diet. On his return trip he was told he
had to go on medication. I pleaded with him to not take the medication and thank
God he listened to me. I put him on DB.8-W. On his next visit his level was down
in a two week period to 114. Thank God and Thank you Pure Herbs."—A.B., Jamaica, NY

"Because of illness in my family, I went to see Solomon Wickey and he
recommended Pure Herbs. After great results I would love to offer these herbs
here in Mississippi to friends and family. God Bless Solomon and Pure Herbs."
—Penny, Toomsuba, MS

"Qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon has been a goal of mine for
several years. After running my first marathon ten years ago, I’ve run four
since with no success in qualifying. My main problems seem to be around mile
20-22 with an increased bone on bone
feel in my hips, thus making me slow down and walk. Having to run in a given
time for your age, this was preventing me from my goal. Even changing my
training habits had little effect on me hitting the ‘wall’ and breaking down.
After sharing my situation with Pat and Al at Pure Herbs, they recommended
several herbs that would help me get through the rigorous training and through
the tough part of the race. O.C.M., Ol’ Number 11, Wild Rose Hips, Yucca,
Devil’s Claw and H.N.S.-W were the herbs I took for several months before the
race. Throughout my training, I also used the Sports Cream Plus to aid with
muscle soreness. This allowed for ZERO missed training days due to fatigue. My
recovery rate was outstanding and energy level for later on in the days was
great as well. I could run 22 miles on training day and have enough left to cut
the grass, plant several bushes and feel great all day. As marathon day
approached, a big fear of runners is catching a cold and having that spoil the
months of training. Al suggested I take Astragalus. What a great relief, as the
days past, that I did not have a symptom of a cold and was ready to go marathon
morning! I was happy to report back to Pat and Al that not only did I break my
personal record by over six minutes, I also qualified for the Boston Marathon by
9 seconds! I did not have to stop one time during the race, my hips felt great,
and with that slim margin, the herbs played a big part in reaching my goal.
Before it took three weeks for me to recover from my last marathon. This year, I
ran three DAYS later and felt great. Pure Herbs was and is a great help! Thank
you! —Doug Bohannon, MI

"My knees are bad and it hurts to go up the stairs. I saved most of the Pure
Herbs testimonies so I read them until I came across one that was all about
knees. It was from a 2000 Newsletter. I read it and when I got to the end I
realized it was my own testimonial! Devils Claw had helped me so much for four
years after only taking a few bottles, so I tried it again and it helped
again."—Barbara Hastey, Dover, NJ

"My name is George Procter. I was poisoned by DDT when I was five years old and
30 years later I was exposed to clorodain. Over the years I’ve also been exposed
to pesticide sprays. I was sick and tired and my body was messed up. I had 35%
blood flow to my feet and head, and had several types of Lymes disease. I went
on an herbal program and got better. My health care practitioner, Calvin Taylor
suggested I try Chlorella extract. I took 40 drops three times daily and when I
finished one bottle, my liver count showed a lower count of pesticides. I have
continued taking Chlorella each time I am exposed to termite sprays or
environmental sprays. My sister has allergies to perfume and all industrial
smells, and is also using Chlorella with good results. Thank you Pure Herbs for
this high quality product!" —George Procter, Donna TX

"I have been seeing a doctor for about six or seven years for Diabetes. I have
been on a pill, Glyburide, plus Avandia and Metformin. My numbers have always
been an eight and above. . . even with taking the medications my doctor
prescribed. Then, in January or February 2005, I started taking the DB.8-W along
with the KID.-W. When I went for my three month check up my number dropped to
7.3. I continued to take the herbs and at my last three month check up on July
5th, 2005, it had dropped to 6.7. I am very pleased with the results of this
herb. I am still taking my medication from the doctor, but am hoping that soon I
will be able to reduce or eliminate most of them." —S.D., Menomonee Falls, WI

"Two times weekly for the past five years I have taken injections in the stomach
and have almost always bruised from them. While using Bilberry to improve my
vision, I noticed the bruising completely stopped occurring. This was a
wonderful and unexpected benefit from our good friend Bilberry. Several droppers
full at night was all I took." —Tom Zito, MI

"I’ve been using B.D.R.-C for the past year and as a result, there’s been much
improvements in my bone health. A couple of years ago, a Bone Density diagnostic
scan showed Osteopina, which is the precursor to Osteoporosis. Aside from that,
the shoulders and knees were often creaking, crackling, stiff and painful. Ten
years earlier I had torn the lateral muscle of my left knee and it never quite
healed. I started taking B.D.R.-C and hoped it was the golden opportunity for
possible improvement. B.D.R.-C has an all star line-up of herbal ingredients. I
was impressed! After eight months of use, a bone density test showed a marked
improvement, maybe 15% more bone density. The torn muscle is completely healed,
the musical noises of my joints are gone. My chiropractic adjustments definitely
stick. I can only say many thanks to Pure Herbs for this great friend of our
bones, joints and muscles."—Sheila Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

Correction from the testimonial in the OCT/NOV 2005 Newsletter, from Barbara
Hastey, Dover, NJ July 11, 2005"Three years ago, Bob, my husband, was diagnosed
with an enlarged, weak heart. I thought I was going to lose him. Our doctor sent
him to a Cardiologist who gave him three prescriptions. Of course, I talked to
Richard Dicks (my Pure Herbs sponsor) and he guided me and I added a few things.
I gave Bob two droppers each of H.T. Combo, Lily of the Valley and Blessed
Thistle, Stone Root and Horsetail, every morning and night with three CoQ10
(100mg) in the day. Bob had an EKG and an Echocardiogram in June. The doctor
told us that his heart is back to where it should be! The doctor* turned to me
and said, ‘I guess you will probably say the herbs did it.’ Bob and I thank Pure
Herbs and our Lord for these herbs. I now have a new man after 44 years! Thanks

"How can I tell you how very much your products have meant to me? They have
helped me in so many ways!!! The first product I tried was the Big 5 + 2. I had
a back injury that required spinal fusion in 1994. Since then, I have lived with
stiffness and pain in my lower back that has progressively been getting worse
over the years. I have been told that it is everything from arthritis, to muscle
spasm, to severe trigger points. But whatever you call it, all I know is that
when I would try to sleep at night, the pain would become so severe that it
would wake me up. Then after I would wake up, I would have to grab the side of
the bed for leverage to just roll over, wincing and almost crying from the pain.
I had decided that I was just going to have to live with the pain until my
sister-in-law told me about your products. I started using the Big 5 + 2 every
morning and night and within just one week, the pain was gone and I was sleeping
through the night. I couldn’t believe it! It truly was like a miracle for me.
The second product that I tried was your Five Good Extract. I recently had
gastric by-pass surgery and need all the protein that I can get without adding
too many calories. Your product has helped me to keep my protein level up to a
wonderful level. The third product that I tried was your Blue Steele. This
product has given me my energy back. I can’t tell you enough about how this has
helped my stamina and physical energy level. I’m sure I’ll try more products as
time goes on, but I can say from experience that what I’ve tried already had
made me a believer in your products! Thanks so much!" —V.P., Rowlett, TX

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how prayer lead me to Reuben
Schwartz and Pure Herbs. My prayers were truly answered and I give my Father in
Heaven the Glory and Praise. I had interstitial Cystitis (bleeding and diseased
lining of the bladder). I had constant bladder infections and always had the
feeling of needing to urinate. My bladder would also have spasms. I was told by
my doctor there is no cure, primarily in women, and the treatment was monthly
bladder treatments. My healing has truly been a journey for me, but to make a
long story short, upon meeting Ruben, he said Pure Herbs, Slippery Elm and UR.-W
would take care of things...And it DID!!! What more can I only took
days to see a difference, but one year later I am CURED of a NO-CURE DISEASE!
Thank you Lord for my many blessings." —V.L., Lebanon, TN

"I have suffered from planter warts on my feet numerous times over the past 20
years. The usual medical (A.M.A.) solution was to freeze and slash. Up to six to
ten times per wart. It was very painful. My good buddy Dr. Watkins suggested
trying Oil of Cajeput and Herbal Adjustment a few drops of each at morning and
night. I was able to see the wart dry up and easily cut loose the dead tissue
with no discomfort. Then we did the same for my seven year old nephew and it
worked for him in just ten days!—T. Zito, Southfield, MI

"I called Daniel for plumbing services on the recommendation of a friend. Daniel
noticed the liquid herbs on my coffee table and an herbal conversation developed
ending in his order of the O.C.M. and Flax. Testimonials such as this greatly
encourage me and further confirm my faith in Pure Herbs." —Henry Parker, St.
Clair Shores, MI

Here is Daniel’s testimonial from July 1, 2005: "I wanted to let you know that
using the O.C.M. and Flax liquid extracts daily dropped my cholesterol
significantly. I have high cholesterol and used to take Tricor to control it.
However, Tricor caused breathing problems for me. Three months ago, before
receiving the O.C.M. and Flax from you, my cholesterol was at 248. It is now
182. My triglycerides were a whopping 647 and are now 227. My HDL was 52.5 and
is now 46.9 and my LDL is 89.7. So I am giving credit where credit is due.
Taking the O.C.M. and the Flax is the only thing that I changed. I cannot seem
to follow a strict diet and using your products (Pure Herbs) helps me. Thank
you." —Daniel

"A friend had called me to take her husband to the hospital, he was having a
heart attack. This was his second heart attack. When I got there, it was clear
that we had no time to get to the hospital. Down his mouth went Capsicum, Indian
Tobacco, and Hawthorn. Within minutes, all his pain was gone. He decided that he
did not want to go to the hospital after that, and started taking herbs from
then on."

"The wife of a friend came down with cancer of the blood and kidney. They were
told by the doctors that there was no cure, or treatment for this type of
cancer. She had a week to live. The friend told me that his wife could not get
out of bed and was bed ridden. She took B.P.-W, Calendula, C.C.E.-W, Chickweed,
Chuchuhuasi, Cleavers, DB.8-W, Siberian Ginseng, Greasewood, Hibiscus Flowers,
Inkberry, Lapacho, Mayapple, Osha, P.C.-C, Quack Grass, Red Clover, Red Root,
Reishi Mushroom, Sheep Sorrel, Spring Violet, Sweet Root, Una De Gato, Vinca,
White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Yellow Dock and juiced carrots. Within a day she
got out of bed and cooked a meal for the whole family. Now her doctors can’t
understand why she is still alive and functioning better than ever."

"Recently a woman wanted herbs for her lymes disease. She had treated her lymes
disease for ten years (when they didn’t have a name for it) with doctors and
antibiotics. When that didn’t work, she tried five years of alternatives. Still,
she could not get control over the lymes symptoms. She came to me and promptly
told me that she almost decided to drive head on into a truck rather than come
and see me. She could not stand to live with her symptoms any more. Well first
off down her throat, in a hurry, went N.-W (we call this nervous wreck), Golden
Bough and Hops until she stopped crying. Now her symptoms are well under control
and she still takes her nervous wreck program of: Black Cohosh, Catnip, Golden
Bough, Hops, Valerian Root, Kava Kava Combo, N.-W and R.&S.-W."

"A friend came to me with terrible tooth pain, within minutes of drinking
T.G.&P.-W, all the pain left. Also, a neighbor used T.G.&P.-W and Red Root for
dental work that she couldn’t afford. There is now no need for the dental work."

"An elderly man banged his head and had terrible pain until he rubbed the Sports
Cream on his bruise, then within minutes, no pain. I also used the Sports Cream
when I fell from a ladder and had a roll of rubber roof land on my leg. My ankle
and knee hurt so I started using the Sports Cream on both and they are now

"An older woman was basically bed ridden until she found GO.-W. Bed ridden no

"Wasps had stung my friend until his entire back was swollen. Plantain,
Echinacea, and P.A.-K helped a lot."

"The daughter of an old friend had stomach cancer, she was told she needed her
stomach removed. Instead she drank Aloe until she passed her cancer. She is now
cancer free."

"Luke, a Golden Retriever, had lumps all over his body, his owner stopped
putting the dog’s food in the microwave and also gave him Chickweed. He now has
no lumps."

"Phillip, a small dog, had a week to live. Various body functions were stopping
and the vet could not do anything more. Phillip started taking lots of Pure
Herbs (too many to list) and now he is stronger than ever a year later."

"Penny had gangrene on her toe until she put Oil of Cajeput on it. Now she has
no gangrene."—James Grodon, Finesville, NJ

"I’d like to share my experience with you that I have had over the last few
months. In March 2004 I started having some health problems, nothing I couldn‘t
handle, but I was not well. I wasn’t getting good rest, I had stiffness in all
my joints when I got up from a sitting position, my arms and elbows ached, I
thought I had arthritis. I was having hot flashes, night sweats and a lot of
problems with my menstrual period. I had headaches, a lot of gas, and reflux
problems. I also had very bad varicose veins in both legs. The week I went to
the Iridologist I would go to work, come home and make it to the couch where I
stayed until my children came home from school. I told my 15 year old son one
day that I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I just didn’t feel like
living. He said, ‘Mom don’t say that you are too young to die.’ I just felt so
bad, I wanted to die. I went to the Iridologist on August 4, 2004. I began
taking: O.C.-M., A.C.S., Red Clover Blended, N.-W, T.-W, CA.-W, Corta Flx,
Herbal Adjustment and V.V.H.-W. and after about two weeks I started to feel a
difference. For the first time in 15 years I looked forward to bedtime. My
husband commented on how much sounder I slept. Also, my energy level increased.
My work requires me to be on my feet all day and I noticed that my varicose
veins didn’t hurt and sting as much as in the past. I haven’t had to take
anything for pain on a daily basis. Everything has improved! I’m only 37 years
old and I want to share my testimonial with the world! My entire lifestyle
changed within only a few months. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to learn
about your products." —T.E., Sulphur Well, KY

"Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (Cystadenocarcinoma).
At the time my doctors thought my best chance was to have the Whipple procedure
to remove the head of the pancreas, the duodenum, gallbladder, seven pancreatic
lymph nodes and the distal part of the stomach. There was no metastases
(spread), so I lucked out there. While the Whipple saved my life, I was in for a
big surprise in how to function with this new digestive system. The first six
months I could only eat very small portions of baby food so I only weighted 76
pounds. Because the duodenum is where you absorb iron (which I no longer had) I
became anemic. My iron count was so low that my husband had to administer B-12
shots to me every other week. This helped for a short time, but I still couldn’t
gain weight and my iron levels continued to drop. I tried everything medicine
had to offer, but they all caused constipation (which was a big problem for me).
My doctors decided to try intravenous iron and this really helped. I gained a
few pounds and even had more energy. At first I was getting intravenous iron
twice a month, but after six months I only needed it once a month. After two and
a half years I only needed it once every other month, which I thought would be
for the rest of my life. About five years ago I became a member of the Pure
Herbs family and consider this one of the miracles in my life. Dr. Watkins has
fresh green drink (see page 65-66 in the new Herbal Extracts book or 66-67 in
the new Supplement to the Herbal Extracts book) made for us almost daily by
Uncle Al. After only one week I could feel a difference in my energy level and I
also gained weight. My iron levels are now so good that my doctors said I no
longer needed intravenous iron. My energy is so good that I can now work
full-time at Pure Herbs. As a maintenance I like to take Protein, Three Bee’s
and HI.I.-W. Thank you Doc and Uncle Al for keeping me healthy and happy"
Sterling Hgts, MI

"Three years ago, Bob, my husband, was diagnosed with an enlarged, weak heart. I
thought I was going to lose him. Our doctor sent him to a Cardiologist who gave
him three prescriptions. Of course, I talked to Richard Dicks (my Pure Herbs
sponsor) and he guided me and I added a few things. I gave Bob two droppers each
of H.T. Combo, Lily of the Valley and Blessed Thistle, Stone Root and Horsetail,
every morning and night with three CoQ10 (100mg) in the day. Bob had an EKG and
an Echocardiogram in June. The doctor told us that his heart is back to where it
should be! My husband turned to me and said, ‘I guess you will probably say the
herbs did it.’ Bob and I thank Pure Herbs and our Lord for these herbs. I now
have a new man after 44 years! Thanks again!"

"I would like to tell everyone about the successful experience I had using Olive
Leaf extract to cure a sore throat which was starting to develop into a cough. I
have always, in the past, not been able to stop the progression of my throat
infections and they would progress into an upper respiratory infection. Since I
had the Olive Leaf at home, I was able to ‘nip it in the bud.’ I took about four
dropperfuls straight into my mouth about every two hours. It was gone in one
day!" —Chris Belter, Ormond Beach, FL—Barbara Hastey, Dover

Have you ever had a stiff neck? I woke up one morning , began my stretching
exercises and could not continue my neck ones because of the pain. Some
stretching helped (5%), but I still couldn’t turn my head without stiffness. I
rubbed on Oil of Cajeput, Big 5 + 2, Indian Tobacco, Arnica, Rue, Wintergreen
Oil, Black Walnut Meats, and I received 5% more relief. My husband applied the
same batch of herbs down my spine and I had even more improvement (20%). I
remembered that my tailbone could be causing my neck pain so I applied Passion
Flower and Klamath Weed topically over my lower back and all the way to the tip
of my Coccyx (tailbone) and 80% of my pain disappeared! Klamath Weed has also
been known to straighten and heal the tailbone. Klamath Weed and Passion Flower
applied to the lower back, buttocks, and tailbone area, gives instant pain
relief for the sciatic nerve. One can use UR.-W (Urinary track), KID.-W, and
Klamath Weed to strengthen the kidneys." —Pat Courter, Valley View, TX

"On a side note I would like to mention some interesting information I came
across in Chemical Engineering News in 1988. ‘Each year in the U.S., 80,000 tons
of hydrofluosilicic acid, 60,000 tons of sodium silicofluoride and 3,000 tons of
sodium fluorides are put into public water supplies.’ (Chemical Engineering
News, Volume 66, Aug. 1, 1988, pg. 39)

‘All of these fluoride chemicals are by-products of the aluminum and chemical
fertilization industries and are considered to be hazardous wastes by the EPA.
The scientific assessment of the health risks of fluoride, in 1985, omits 90% of
the literature which suggests fluoride is a mutagen which can cause cellular and
genetic mutation.’ The articles researcher said, ‘My dental health increased
drastically when I quit using fluoride’ and in an article from last September he
also states, ‘Our bodies are accumulating large amounts of aluminum.’

Let’s use the herbs to assist the body in removing aluminum (absorbed through
such things as bath water and cooking) and poisons. Here is a list of some
genuine aluminum flushers and poison annihilators:

For aluminum: Horsetail, Bladderwrack, A.C.S., Chlorella, and H.M.E.-H (heavy
metal elimination).

For poisons: C.C.E.-W, Virginia Snake Root, and Black Cohosh. Don’t overlook the
blood cleaners and purifiers such as, Spring Greens, Red Clover, B.P.-W, B.C.-W,
and P.C.-C"

"Last Sunday I noticed some soreness on the left side of my throat. As the day
went on it began to hurt when I swallowed. When I got up Monday, it was worse.
The right side was now also sore and my glands were swollen and tender. I
decided to try half a dropperful of Sutherlandia with one quarter dropperful of
Astragalus three times a day. By Tuesday morning it was better and by Wednesday
morning it was all better. Next time I’ll start a day earlier. Thank you Pure
Herbs for continuing to supply the herbs our Lord created for our needs."—C.G.,
Honesdale, PA

Testimonials from The Center For Building Better Health Naturally

"Your new Herbal Extracts books are the best ever and very easy to read! The
information is golden and the pictures a great work of art! Thanks and God Bless
You!" —Gladys Conner, Missouri City, TX

"The more I read the two new books, the more exciting the books become! The
information is awesome! The books are priceless! For those of you who have not
purchased the two beautiful and fantastic books I suggest you do so! Beautiful
pictures by Dr . Watkins and Barbara Jacobs and hours of proof reading and
excellent information included in these books are superb! Congratulations to the
crew of people who put these books together and as such a bargain price!" The
Courters, Valley View, TX

Testimonial from The Center For Building Better Health Naturally

Greetings form Louisiana! Just want to thank you ever so much for the beautiful
Herbal Extract Book I received. Also, a special thanks to all the people for
their labor of love to make this book possible. It is a road map for the healing
of many."—Christa Greseka, Cottonport, LA

"My prayers of ten years were answered in the case of my husband’s leg. He was
diagnosed with a venous ulcer on his leg in the early 90’s. It grew worse with
the sore getting to two inches long by 1–1/2 inches wide, with purple blotches
all around it covering one side of his ankle. It ached constantly and alternated
opening up and then scabbing. We took Starlight Products for two years and felt
great, but his leg didn’t heal. The doctor suggested elevating the leg, washing
the sore with saline solution and wearing elastic stockings. He gave us a paper
from the Mayo Clinic with information about these ulcers. It offered hope of
healing, but only suggestions for relief of pain and a way to make it
comfortable. Also, the open sore smelled awful. A few years ago, I was
introduced to Pure Herbs, Ltd and became a Distributor. I suggested my husband
(then turning 60) try some of the Pure Herbs on his leg. I ordered C.C.E.-W, CS,
Mullein, Coltsfoot, A.E.A.-B, Yerba Santa, Chestnut Leaves, V.V.H.-W, Bilberry
and Broad Beans for internal use and Fig for external application. He took 80
drops of each herb once daily, along with morning and evening applications of
Fig on a gauze pad taped over the sore. After 13 months, the sore healed with
new pink skin and no scar. It looks like he never had a leg ulcer. There is not
even a seam line. The new skin blended right in with the old. He asked me to
make a fist and knock on his leg. It didn’t hurt at all! No more triple pillows
under his leg at night and no saline solution, which was not a solution! Also,
his chronic cough has greatly improved and the purple surrounding the sore has
been fading away. Praise the Lord for his natural solutions and for the folks
who prepared them for our use. Thank you Pure Herbs." —S. G., Somonauk, I

"My husband and I both have diabetes. You have seen the ad on TV that goes
‘Gotta Go Right Now’ (overactive bladder)! Well, it’s no joke! I was first to
use UR.-W, then I started to give it to my husband. We don’t have to run
anymore. We take two droppers in the morning and two droppers at night. It works
great for us. Thanks again Pure Herbs." —B.H., Dover, NJ

"Since October of 2004 my husband was given O.C.M. and S.D.-R ,taken internally
as suggested by Bella Vladimirsky, for the so called Smokers Disease also known
as Bilateral lower extremity severe Vascular Disease. Bella also suggested my
husband soak his lower extremities in Research Formula and topically rub on Oil
of Cajeput, Herbal Adjustment and Klamath Weed. My husband faithfully did what
Bella suggested and by December of 2004 my husband told Bella that he felt 90%
better. He is so glad he didn’t listen to the Heart Specialist that wanted to do
surgery on both of his legs. My husband, as of February 2005, was still
continuing the herbs internally plus putting on the herbs externally on his
legs. Thank you for the new attitude my husband now has about Pure Herbs."
—Argie Everett (member since 1994). Alice, T

"I have been on SI.-W for four months. Prior to being on the SI.-W I was taking
Zyrtec every day. I no longer take any allergy shots or use the Flonase. I only
take the Zyrtec and I can miss a day every once in awhile. I have had great
results with the SI.-W. I was constantly getting sinus infections and taking
antibiotics and was even considered for sinus surgery. Praise God for SI.-W! I
feel better and I don’t have to take a bunch of prescriptions any longer nor do
I have to get allergy shots. Thank you so much for making such a great product."
—Jean Wilson, Bowling Green, KY

"I had some heart palpitations on and off recently. I knew that this was
probably due to some stress, past and present. A recent visit to my physician
indicated my heart was good. Well, recalling all the information I’d read from
the Pure Herbs newsletters and Herbal Extract books, Lady’s Slipper came to
mind. I massaged a small amount on my neck, especially the area at the base of
my skull. I also used the extract in water as a drink. Within five minutes, or
less, no more palpitations. Incredible! I also take Hawthorne extract on a
regular basis. Another success story; thank you Pure Herbs!" —Sheila Kaplowitz,

"I had a quick recovery from Bell’s Palsy – I think the recovery may have been
attributed to the herbs I took. On Thursday, January 27, 2005 I noticed some
difficulty moving my lips. By Saturday morning I had the following symptoms:

The right side of my face was paralyzed and was visibly ‘sagging’*

Especially troubling was that I was unable to move my right eyelid and the
vision in my right eye was blurred

I had a metallic taste in my mouth

I had a loss of appetite

Had difficulty talking (due to inability to move the right side of my mouth)

My right nostril was partially closed (loss of muscle control) making breathing
a little difficult

On Saturday evening when I spoke on the phone to my sister Claudia Bernard in
Cincinnati, OH she suggested I take HI.K.-W,

Rice Bran, Mineral-Chi Tonic, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. I took 7
‘squeezes’ twice a day of the Rice Bran and HI.K.-W for five days, plus
Mineral-Chi Tonic, two tablets of Vitamin B complex and 4000 mg of Vitamin C
daily. These herbs/vitamins were available on hand (my wife had them in our
house for an ailment she recently had.).

On Sunday evening I noticed some movement in my right eyelid. Note: there was no
movement in my eyelid Saturday night and I had taped my eyelid shut to prevent
my eye from drying out.

On Monday, January 31st, 2005 I went to an MD and was diagnosed with Bell’s
Palsy. I was prescribed a steroid (Prednisone), but I decided not to take the
steroid after reading the side effects – potential for long-term problems seemed
worse than the Bell’s Palsy symptoms. He also prescribed eye drops to protect
the eye, which I only used for one day because I found the eye drops to be
unnecessary after the first day due to the rapid healing I experienced. I could
move my eyelid, but still couldn’t blink naturally, but the eyelid movement was
enough to keep the eye moist.

On Monday and Tuesday I noticed gradual improvement and was able to close my eye
completely on Tuesday night while sleeping. I returned to work Wednesday.

On Tuesday I received Klamath Weed from my sister and I began taking 5-7
squeezes twice per day that day.

By Friday (about one week after I noticed the initial symptoms), the symptoms
had now become an inconvenience more so than a significant problem due to the
return of about 50% of the muscle control in the right side of my face –
continuous gradual improvement first noticed on Sunday.

I gradually began to lessen the number of squeezes of all the herbs and have
remained at 2-4 squeezes of each per day – plus

2000 mg of Vitamin C and one Vitamin B Complex tablet.

After ten days since the initial symptoms were noticed I have had a 90% recovery
of the muscles in my face and the Bell’s Palsy was no longer an ‘issue’. By 14
days, I had full movement of my facial muscles. At this date (about one month
later), I notice no affects from the Bell’s Palsy." —Mike Bernard, Mt Pleasant,

* "When a stroke affects the right side, it is usually due to blood clotting
related to a lack of Potassium. Bell’s Palsy on the right side is usually a
Potassium deficiency affecting the muscles of the face and body on the right
side (left side of the body is influenced by the Sodium level). Excerpted from
Page 71 The Ultimate Healing System, Donald Lepore, N.D. Woodland Publishing,

"One week prior to knee surgery my knee was throbbing and pulsating. I had an
appointment with my massage therapist Claudia Bernard. She felt how hot my knee
was and stated there was an herbal combination that might be useful. She
explained to me about Arnica, Peppermint Oil and Herbal Adjustment. She said
Arnica would take out the trauma, Peppermint Oil neutralizes the cold of pain
and Herbal Adjustment neutralizes the hot of pain. After applying the herbs in
that order I felt relief almost instantly. The throbbing and pulsating stopped
and I was able to relax my leg. I highly recommend this combination of herbs for
pain relief.—Lynn Gray, Cincinnati OH

"I recently had two head injuries seven days apart which resulted in a mild
concussion. I was so thankful to have all four bottles listed in the sports
injury section of the Herbal Adjustment write-up in the Herbal Extracts book
(Arnica, Peppermint Oil, Herbal Adjustment and Ol’ number 11 applied externally
on my temples in that order). I also added homeopathic Arnica Montana. It was
amazing how quickly the pain and then the brain fog subsided. I also absolutely
love your new product, Wintergreen Oil, for my sore shoulder muscles. Thank you
Pure Herbs!" —Sally Bailar, Montrose CO

"I have to give credit to God, through his Son Jesus Christ for the successes
I’ve had with herbs. I have personally seen my life and the lives of my children
dramatically improve! My nine year old son is recovering from Autism Spectrum
Disorder. I give him Sweet Root with meals to aid digestion and A.G.-W for
relief from discomfort from gas, after meals. I also give him Spirulina in the
morning and A.C.S. (All-Cell-Salts) in the afternoon. My son no longer cries
constantly, he sleeps regularly, gives everybody big hugs and smiles a lot. Oh,
and he’s also using more language. Hallelujah!!!

I’ve been taking Spirulina for myself and I have more energy and I noticed that
my skin is clearing up and healing much faster! Because of herbs, I have not had
a cold or flu in three years!!! Not to mention the money I have saved on doctor
bills because my kids don’t get sick either! Indeed our lives are much, much
better because of the successes we’ve had with herbs to improve our overall
health and quality of life." —Stacee James, Watt, C

"Just want to share with you and other Pure Herbs readers my experience with Oil
of Cajeput for sore throat and genital herpes. My herbalist, Claudia Bernard,
introduced me to this wonderful product. For sore throats I apply a few drops to
the back of my throat, and within 15 minutes the sore throat pain is gone. I was
on Valtrex for herpes, and had a terrible experience, ending up with a damaged
liver. This made me open to a natural remedy. For herpes outbreaks I apply a few
drops of Oil of Cajeput externally. The Oil of Cajeput doesn’t stop the herpes
outbreaks, but it eases the pain and lessons their duration. I found the Oil of
Cajeput to be more effective for me than Plantain. My outbreaks start out as
little pimples which eventually become blisters. Oil of Cajeput interrupts this
cycle so the blisters aren’t so severe. I apply the oil to my inner thigh and
any other location where I break out externally, even the anal area (please
pardon the graphic nature of this testimonial, but I want to help others) It is
a strange sensation, but it doesn’t hurt." —K.S., Loveland, OH

"My herbalist, Claudia Bernard, recommended Oregon Grape to me. After just one
week of taking the Oregon Grape the benefits have been remarkable. My sinuses
have been clear for the first time in 22 years, and my sinus headaches have
disappeared. I have also noticed a complete change in my appetite, and my sugar
cravings have been almost completely eliminated. I have suffered from acne since
I was 13 years old, and for the first time my skin is starting to clear up. I
also have more energy, and feel less groggy after waking up. What a difference!"
—D. Mix, Cincinnati, OH

"Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis (too much Iron in my blood).
My ferritin (iron-protein complex) was over (2,800) which is very high. The
medical doctors told me if I didn’t get treated soon I would probably die by age
40. At that time I was only 37. The medical doctors took blood out of me every
month so that my ferritin would go down. Mind you, I was feeling very sick all
of the time. I also had high cholesterol, kidney problems, thyroid problems
(low) and Type two diabetes. I started taking herbs in June of 2004. Since
taking the herbs I no longer have the above problems, except for the
Hemochromatosis. I still have to have blood taken out every month. I take N.-W,
T.-W, Formula Max, C.A.-W, A.C.S., O.C.M., Vitamin E oil (applied externally to
my knee caps and inner bone on arm), and Black Cherry juice. I did ask my
medical doctor to keep track of my blood count to see if it improved over time.
My blood count and ferritin did improve and are now stable. I thank Pure Herbs
for that. The medical doctors and nurses are amazed that I’ve gone down from
bloodletting once a month to every three months to now going even less often.
I’m hoping someday to not have to go at all even though the medical doctors said
I would have to go for the rest of my life every single month! Well, look at the
results of herbs!!! I feel great and am not sick and tired all of the time.
Also, my sinus problems are better from taking S.I.A.-R. I would also like to
share a testimonial from my daughter. She has been taking Red Clover Blended
since June of 2004 for Endometriosis, heavy cramping and very hard and painful
periods. Since taking the Red Clover Blended she has been a lot better. Her
periods come and go now with no pain, cramping and mood swings. We as a family
have gone from taking over the counter prescription drugs. We are all much
healthier now. Thanks!— Tammy Philo-McLean, Grant, MI

"I was born on 3-13-37 and am now 67 years old. I started having low back pain
in 1990. The pain kept getting worse and worse and I had to give up my jogging
routine the last week of February 2003. My heart was acting up and I had a lot
of chest pain and low back pain. I went from medical doctor to medical doctor
and they all said my heart was fine and to just apply heat to my back. They also
gave me pain pills which altered my thinking ability. I did finally find a
medical doctor that ordered an MRI for my back and an Echocardiogram for my
heart. The result of the test showed Myeloma cancer which had spread into my
back. The test results also showed that I had two leaky heart valves and a stiff
aorta muscle in my heart. I still didn’t get any help even after the test
results. I went to see Reuben on Nov. 14, 2004 at V.C. Christian Charity in
Hestand, KY. He gave me herbs for both of my ailments. The Pure Herbs products
he gave me were: Heart Tonic Combination, Formula 31, O.C.M., A.C.S., P.C.-C,
Carrot Extract, Sanicle, Lapacho, Una De Gato, Red Clover Blended and Whole
Apricot. From other companies he also gave me Body Balance, Quadrazyme, L
salivarius, Psyllium Hulls Comb. and 35% peroxide. Glory to God, on Dec. 12,
2004 my back pain and my chest pain were gone! Thank you God in Heaven. I praise
you with all my being. Your herbs are the most wonderful things on Earth. It’s
wonderful to finally be out of bed and doing my work again!" —Your Friend in
Christ, Mrs. D. Anderson

Below is the regime Mrs. Anderson followed:

Day 1: Body Balance — 3 or 4 oz daily in the morning.

L salivarius (keep refrigerated) taken on an empty stomach 3 capsules 3 times

Psyllium Hulls Comb. — 1 tsp. 3 times daily (make sure to drink plenty of

Day 2: H.T. Combination — 20 drops twice daily the first week and then 40 drops
twice daily thereafter.

Formula 31 — 1 tsp. 3 times daily.

Day 3: O.C.M. — 1 tsp. 3 times daily. A.C.S. — 1 tsp. 3 times daily.

Day 4: P.C.-C — 2 tsp. 3 times daily. Carrot Extract — 1 tsp. 3 times daily.

Sanicle — 2 tsp. 3 times daily. Lapacho — 2 tsp. 3 times daily. Una De Gato — 2
tsp. 3 times daily.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide* internally taken on an empty stomach and in a bath.

Day 5: Red Clover Blended — 2 tsp. 3 times daily.

Day 6: Whole Apricot — 2 tsp. 3 times daily.

*PLEASE NOTE: 35% Hydrogen Peroxide — Start with 1 drop, in 8 oz of water, twice
daily. Work up to 20 drops twice daily, adding 1 drop per day. "I started taking
the above herbs on Nov. 14, 2004. I got Myeloma cancer in 1990, but was not
diagnosed until Sept. 20, 2004. I’m out of bed now and able to do my house work
and my chest pains are gone! These herbs have given me my life back and I owe it
all to God. It is very sad that the medical field doesn’t recognize herbs as a
healing medicine."

"I have an autoimmune deficiency, which means that I have lots of infections,
mainly sinus and respiratory. No matter what I took, they would always come back
and I would be miserable. I decided to try Stone Root to see if it would at
least alleviate some of the symptoms. To my surprise and excitement the
infections stopped completely! My adopted sister is handicapped and tube fed and
she also has constant sinus infections. We decided to try the Stone Root on her
and her infections have lessened considerably. The herb is put in her feeding
tube with water after her meal. I was also taking Whole Apricot for fibroid
cysts on the ovaries. Not only did the cyst shrink, to my delight I discovered
that my vision had improved while taking Whole Apricot. I wasn’t sure if it was
a coincidence and I stopped the herb when my Doctor said my cysts were nothing
to worry about anymore. After being off the Whole Apricot for awhile I had to
return to wearing my reading glasses to read the paper, needless to say I
started taking the Whole Apricot again. Well, it sure was NOT a coincidence,
because by the time my bottle was half gone, my vision had improved to where I
only need to wear my glasses for very small print! I love the Pure Herbs and I
tell everyone about them. The B.P.-W formula is also wonderful for blood
purification. I use it about once every four months to keep my immune system up
and it has kept me feeling better than I have in years! Thanks, Pure Herbs for
giving us such wonderful products." —Cyndi McGee, Great Bend KS

"A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with severe TMS (Temporomandibular
Syndrome) and told I would have to have surgery to repair my jaw joints. I have
rheumatoid arthritis throughout my body and jaw. My mom bought the Pure Herbs
formulas for arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis (Una De Gato & Chuchuhuasi) and
I took them faithfully. Eight months later I went to the dentist for my cleaning
and he was amazed that my TMS was healed." —L.K., MI

"I’ve been using V.V.H.-W for about a year now. It keeps the pressure down in my
eyes. I have glaucoma. I take one teaspoonful in the morning and one teaspoonful
at night in 1/4 glass of distilled water. My pressure is usually 15 or 16. I
thank God for Pure Herbs and their herbal remedies." —D. Pustelny, Warren, MI

"A couple of weeks ago I was in bed with a fever of 103 and my body ached all
over. I also had a sore throat and saw the familiar white infection around my
tonsils and knew it was strep. I could not even get out of bed to drive to the
doctor’s office. It was then that it dawned on me that I had C.C.E.-W on hand. I
remembered it was an antibiotic. I took 80 drops every two hours (to start) and
slowly tapered off to 40 drops over a period of time. I’m very happy to say, the
fever was gone and the white blotches disappeared within 24 hours! I also
decided to add Irish Moss to my mixture since it is an internal cleanser. I’ll
never bother with prescription antibiotics and their side effects again!!!
Thanks so much Pure Herbs!

"I have had other great experiences with my children’s sore throats using
C.C.E.-W and covering the area with a warm, wet cloth. It lifted the pain and
infection right out.

"One more testimony. I work with small animal rescue and had some mice who had
MITES. They had bald spots with itching, bleeding and cracking skin. I could not
stand to see them suffer, so I played "herbal doctor". I asked the Lord what to
do and I was instructed to first break open Vitamin E capsules (for
oxygenation), mix in Jewel Weed (for itching), S.I.-W for the skin lesions, Oil
of Cajeput and Garlic and Mullein Oil. I mixed these together into a salve and
applied it with a cotton swab to the poor little guy’s wounds (of course, they
licked much of it off, but none of it was harmful if swallowed. To seal the
deal, I put drops of Mugwort and Wormseed in their water for a couple weeks.
These old mice are healthy, fat and happy now! Absolutely NO signs of mites,
scratching or bleeding! It felt GREAT to be able to help the helpless! The
Mugwort and Wormseed is great for Guinea Pigs as well. They get mites from bad
batches of hay and litter. God is not only good...He’s GREAT! Thanks for doing
His work, Pure Herbs!!!" —Darlene Hrbek, Hamilton Twp, NJ

"I’m so impressed with your Bitter Orange. I have asthma and I have been having
a lot of trouble with it over the past year. I have tried medications from my
doctor, but I really didn’t feel good about using them, so I tried your Ephedra
before the government banned the sale of it. I found some relief, but not
enough. I just recently decided to try the Bitter Orange. I used to walk three
to four miles a week and my asthma had gotten so bad I couldn’t get very far and
I would have to go back home. The day I received the Bitter Orange I took 40
drops and when my son asked if I would go for a walk with him I thought well
lets see what’s going to happen. Much to my surprise and his too, I walked the
full three miles around our country block! I had no problem at all thanks to the
Bitter Orange. I now carry it with me in my purse, just in case I forget to take
it in the morning. The only time I have trouble breathing now when I walk is
when I have forgotten to take the Bitter Orange so that is why I carry it with
me. If I do forget to take my Bitter Orange as soon as I remember I will take 40
drops and wait five minutes and then I’m ready to go! Thanks for adding much
improvement to my life. I can once again enjoy going for a walk which is
something I was afraid I’d not be able to do again. God Bless You " —Michelle,
Chesterfield, MI

"We love the herbs, they are all wonderful and have helped us so very much. I
could probably write you half a dozen testimonials, but am only sending a few
for now. My husband had two major back surgeries a few years ago due to a car
accident. He had herniated disks in his neck, thoracic and lumbar of his back
and was on 13 extra strength Vicodin just to walk. We had gone to Kentucky to
see Rueben Schwartz and he suggested several herbs to rub on my husbands back
for pain. After only about four days my husband had enough relief from the herbs
that he stopped taking the Vicodin. He just quit cold turkey and had no
withdrawal symptoms. The herbs helped him to replace the harmful drug with
something natural. Praise the Lord he has been totally healed by God at a Benny
Hinn crusade in Chicago since! We still use many herbs for our family of seven.
We are very thankful for your company and the quality of the herbs. They make up
our medicine cabinet. The herbs used were: Peppermint Oil, Big 5, DSK, Arnica
and R.S.T.-C. These were applied to his back 3-4x/day. Also, he took 1,200 iu of
Vitamin E capsules daily."***"The second testimonial is from a friend of ours.
She started taking Cascara Sagrada capsules for bowel problems which she had
suffered with for many years. She would go for weeks without a bowel movement!
As a result, she had to have surgery to no avail. When we recommended Cascara
Sagrada to her she started taking 2-3 capsules each evening. She had such great
results that she came running up to me at church and said nothing has ever
helped her like this! She was even able to conceive a child after only a few
months of being on the product and she is doing wonderful. She says thank you to
Pure Herbs!!! It’s a miracle for her."***"One final testimonial is about our son
who broke his big toe. We wrapped it before going to bed with cheese cloth
soaked in Arnica and wrapped it in plastic. The next morning his toe was no
longer purple, but yellow. The swelling had gone down tremendously and he was
not in as much pain. We did this again for two more nights. He could bend it
after this and had no more pain. Praise the Lord! God is good and gives us
everything we need to make us healthy again and He is using your company to do
it."—Becky Rhea, Lee IL

"I am so thankful to have Pat Courter as my advisor (and friend). She has such
patience with me and all my problems and there are plenty. I’m 87 years old and
living in a retirement home in Naples, FL. I recently had the occasion to be in
the hospital (911 of course) to find out I have an enlarged heart and congestive
heart failure. I was forced to go on nebulizors and oxygen, etc., but again Pat
came to my rescue with her advice on CH.E.-B. What a wonderful suggestion! I
immediately ordered it in the large economy size. Now I not only ingest it, but
Pat suggested rubbing it on my chest area and ‘voila’ (behold) I am now able to
breath. I am now able to go to the dining room without oxygen. However I do
carry my portable just in case. I also love your big Five plus 2 combination for
the rest of my external discomforts, like a replaced knee (an aging one from 15
years ago), broken collar bone and neck pain. What a relief to find Pure Herbs
and Pat Courter!" —Ethel Carpenter, Naples, FL

"I have used two bottles of Chlorella. My experience has been a very positive
one. Within the first week I felt an increase in energy due to the fact it is
high in B-12. My energy was sustained all through the day. I also like the fact
that it is helping my body to rid itself of pesticides and other toxins. I
encourage everyone to make this part of your health enhancing program as I have
done. I will continue to have Chorella as a staple in my personal program. Thank
you, Dr. Watkins!" —Marcella Angelou, Basking Ridge, NJ

"I had wonderful success with your Virginia Snake Root and just had to share a
testimonial about the product. I purchased a bottle of Virginia Snake Root at
the beginning of the summer to have on hand for bee stings. Two days ago, I was
stung by a wasp on the heel of my hand. It took about five minutes to get to my
bottle of Virginia Snake Root, and in that time my entire hand and wrist were
cramping up and in severe pain. I put a dropper full of the Virginia Snake Root
on a cotton puff and taped the soaked puff over the point of the sting. Within
five minutes, the pain had centralized back into the point of the sting, and all
of the cramping was gone. Within 30 minutes, all symptoms of the sting were
gone! There was only a tiny red dot to show that the sting had ever happened. I
am so impressed with Virginia Snake Root! God bless!" —Cynthia Snyder,
Biglerville, PA

"I had a hysterectomy in 1991 because of fibroid tumors. I feel if I had been
familiar with Pure Herbs at the time, this would not have been my choice. I
would have tried herbs instead. I was put on hormones after my hysterectomy
which I seemed to need at the time. I did try to go without them, but ended up
on them for ten years. I finally stopped taking them when I started hearing
negative reports about hormones. I stopped the artificial hormones and started
taking 40 drops of Dong Quai every morning instead. I feel great; no problem
with memory, decreased energy, mood swings or hot flashes and my skin looks
better than ever before. My husband and I tell all of our friends of my success
with Dong Quai. Thank you, Pure Herbs." —M.C., Beechgrove, IN

"Good news for me! I’m 72 years old and have had two bad falls in my lifetime
which made me need to go to my chiropractor at least every three to four weeks.
I started on Ol’ Number 11 months ago and now find I’m only going to him about
every six to seven weeks. I’m taking just two droppers full in the morning and
two at night. Thank you, Pure Herbs." —B.H., Dover, NJ

"I am a new Distributor who joined in May 2004. In June I woke up with a very
sore throat. My first normal reaction would have been to take a large dose of
Ibuprofen, but since joining Pure Herbs I wanted to treat everything naturally.
I called my herbalist teacher, Bella Vladimirsky and she suggested I gargle with
sea salt in warm water, rub Oil of Cajeput on my throat 3x/day and to take 40
drops of TL.-C 3x/day. Well, I started the regimen at 4pm and was able to do all
three things three times before going to bed. When I woke up the next morning at
8am there was no pain or swelling at all! I continued with the regimen all that
day and the sore throat never returned. Who says herbs have to take a long time
to work! Thank you!" —Mary Corbett, McAllen, TX

"My name is Marcelle, I was introduced to Pure Herbs products by Jim Grodon my
ongoing Herbalist-life-saver. My medical doctors were so sure I had an ulcer,
but came up with no diagnosis after putting me through test after test . . .
Ultrasounds on my entire abdomen area, upper G.I., full CBC blood work that
showed absolutely nothing. Zip, Zilch, I mean nada, not a thing wrong with me
medically. But yet I couldn’t eat, sleep, work or even drive anymore. I finally
went to see Jim after convincing my husband to drive me, because I was sure he
would help me . . . Well he did! My body was shutting down from depression and
anxiety due to a lot of stress and trauma in my life. Anyhow, he put me on
Lady’s Slipper, Cudweed, Golden Bough and Universal ER with Aspen. Yet another
prayer answered. During my recovery I had two major tragedies happen and I had
to go on Xanax and Adavant, but miraculously I weaned myself off after just one
month. The anxiety and panic attacks that paralyzed me are subsiding and I lost
45 to 50 pounds. Praise be to God, Jim and Pure Herbs. Thank you!" —Marcelle,
Allentown, PA

"My name is Irene Bottelo. My father is 81 years old and was diagnosed with
prostate cancer. His PSA was 4.8. After six months of being on the following
herbal supplements: Red Clover Blended, Sanicle, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot,
Una De Gato, Sutherlandia, Barleylife and Herbal Fiber Blend, his PSA is now 0.8
and his medical doctors can’t believe it! My father also takes DB.8-W, Five
Good, Three Bees and KID-W for his diabetes, which is now under control. We are
happy to be able to buy the best herbs on the market from Pure Herbs, Ltd. Thank
you very much for helping people to stay healthy and avoid surgery in many
cases." —Irene Bottelo, McAllen, TX

"I would like to express our gratitude for Bitter Orange. It is true - change
can bring about the good. This herb comes to our family at a time when A.E.A.-B
(with Ephedra) was not working with Spring pollens and congestion. Bitter Orange
is doing just fine this Fall, and I have high expectations for the Spring of
2005. In addition, I believe it helped my daughter to heal after a nasty lower
respiratory infection. Thank you as always, Dr. Watkins!"—The Twill Family,
Summit, NJ

"I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with the miraculous-like
healing ability of Ol’ Number 11. Our daughter, who is skilled in alternative
medicine, when she discovered Ol’ Number 11 during her training for her N.D.
suggested I try it. I trip over things frequently due to a turned out foot. I
also have always bruised easily. I am now in my fifties and have had many
‘nasty’ falls in my lifetime. What happened recently seemed just short of a
miracle! I tripped over a turned up rug, was thrust into a door jam, hitting my
shoulder, then fell hard to the floor landing on my knees and wrists. Before my
eyes, the places I hit began to swell and turn purple. As soon as I was helped
off the floor, Ol’ Number 11 was applied to all the spots hit and I also took
some internally (40 drops initial dose, 20 drops 3x the day I fell and 20 drops
2x the next day). I have experienced the results of bad falls so many times
before that I felt I knew what to expect—soreness for days with perhaps great
pain to move about. But this time it was different! To begin with, everything
seemed to reverse before my eyes! The swelling and purple coloring began to
disappear just as quickly as it had appeared! I reapplied Ol’ Number 11 and took
it internally three more times that day. The results? I was only a little tender
to the touch! It brings tears to my eyes to think of the agony I could have
suffered had our daughter not shared with me this wonderful herbal combination!
I never want to be without it! I always want to have it on hand for emergencies!
Truly Ol’ Number 11 is a God send! Thank you, Pure Herbs!"—Dottie Rohrer, NC

"Recently my mother’s mouth dropped and her right arm went numb. She said she
needed Herbal Adjustment. I told her I thought she was having a stroke. She said
ok, but I still need Herbal Adjustment. I put 40 drops of Herbal Adjustment in a
large glass of water and she drank it down. About five hours later she was still
having trouble swallowing so I took her to the hospital. The doctors said there
was no sign of a stroke. My mom is 80 years old and I don’t think she would have
been around for the last five years without her Herbal Adjustment. Thank
you!"—Jake Schwartz, Canaan, IN

"I would like to tell you how much Virginia Snake Root has helped me. I have had
so much trouble with boils the size of grapefruit and oranges on my stomach and
legs. They have been extremely painful. There was also something wrong with my
right leg. It started turning purple and blue and I could hardly walk on it.
Nothing seemed to help and it was getting to the point to where I thought my leg
would have to be cut off above my knee. John, my husband, talked to an herbalist
who suggested he try Virginia Snake Root for the boils. So I did. The day my
bottle came in I started taking it. I took 80 drops 3x/day. By the third dose
the swelling in my leg started to go down and the pain was almost gone. I did
not miss one dose. My boils are now gone and my legs look like legs again!
Virginia Snake Root is a miracle herb. I tell everyone what an awesome herb
Virginia Snake Root is. People are amazed at how much better my color is and how
good my legs look. I also found that a dropper full of Virginia Snake Root and a
dropper full of Rice Bran helped itchy blisters on the bottom of my feet.

"I would also like to tell of another herb that I believe saved my life. I had
breast cancer and used Una De Gato. I took and still take 80 drops 2-3x/day. I
did have to have both of my breasts removed and the doctors put me on Tomoxifin.
I ended up being very allergic and had to go off the drug. Since taking the Una
De Gato all of my cancer check-ups have come back clean. NO CANCER! My doctor
says I take voo doo medicine. I laugh at him and tell him to say what he wants,
but this Una De Gato is great! Thank you Dr. Watkins and Pure Herbs for your
knowledge, care and concern for me. I know our Heavenly Father has blessed you
Dr. Watkins with your knowledge and you have chosen to share with us. God Bless
you. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. With much gratitude from my
heart."—Linda Eastman, Copperas Cove, TX

"I am so thankful that the knowledge of God’s healing herbs have been passed
down from generation to generation and that ‘special’ people doing God’s work
are continually studying their uses for better health. The testimonials are so
important to us. Recently my grandson who is ten years old was sent home from
school along with several other children with what they said was an upper
respiratory infection or viral sinus infection and stomach virus. I took him to
the doctor and had them take a lung x-ray and found out he had pneumonia. He
never cries, but he was crying this time. He said he ached all over and that his
throat hurt so bad that he couldn’t swallow. He would also vomit when he put
anything in his stomach. He wouldn’t let me trickle some E.T.I.-W down his
throat, but he would sip on my homemade saline (which is water in a glass plus
sugar till sweet then a dash of salt). He was also on an antibiotic from the
doctor because of the pneumonia. Now let me tell you how wonderful Sports Cream
Plus is. I rubbed it on his sore throat, behind his ears and on every aching
part of his body five times that night; the next day several times and by the
third day he said he didn’t ache any more. I also rub Sports Cream on my foot
when I start getting spasms in it (ever since I had surgery on that foot because
I couldn’t walk on it any more and was in so much pain). Now when I get cramps
and spasms in my leg, hip and groin I rub Sports Cream Plus on the aching areas
in the evening before going to bed. It stops the spasms almost immediately. I
have introduced Sports Cream Plus to all of my family and friends who complain
of pain. I am thankful for Sports Cream Plus!"—Janet Coons, Johnstown, NY

"I have been a Pure Herbs Distributor since the beginning of this year. I have
high cholesterol and my doctor tried a couple of different medications. The
first medication I tried was Lipitor, but after a few months of taking this
medication I started to have a problem with my liver. Next, I tried Zocor and
after awhile I started to notice I was in pain all of the time. I found out one
of the side effects was muscle and joint pain. I stopped taking the Zocor and
decided to try Pure Herbs products. After reviewing the information I received
from Pure Herbs I decided to try O.C.M. 1/2 teaspoon 3x/day along with one
Tablespoon of liquid Lecithin and 1/2 teaspoon of Flax Seed just before bedtime.
My total cholesterol has dropped ten points with my HDL up four points and my
LDL down 15. Thank GOD for Pure Herbs products and for the helpful staff that
works there."—Lamar Harris, Clinton Twp, MI

"Recently my husband and I had planned a weekend away. Just before leaving work,
my husband phoned to say his face was swelling up because of poison ivy he had
come in contact with. Usually when he gets poison ivy it gets into his blood
stream and he becomes severely ill. My husband called to speak to Dr. Watkins
about what to use to stop the poison ivy from contaminating his blood any
further. Dr. Watkins suggested:

For the first day or two 40 drops of Jewel Weed every hour and rub on any
lesions and then after a day or two 3x/day internally and also rub on any

For the first day or two one teaspoon of Sassafras every hour and rub on any
lesions and then after a day or two one teaspoon with meals and also rub on any

For the first day or two one teaspoon of Formula Three to help him with any
added stress this was putting him under and after the first day or two 3x/day.

Well, the itch went away and the swelling went down. The herbs stopped the
poison ivy from getting any worse and started drying up the existing lesions. It
was amazing how quickly he felt better! Thank you Dr. Watkins for your help. As
a result, my husband and I had a wonderful weekend away. Thank you Pure Herb
products!" —Mt. Clemens, MI

"For a couple of years I was taking a tablet form of B-complex which didn’t seem
to meet my needs. It was not digesting properly. Upon reading the supplement
‘big book’ Herbal Extracts, Build Better Health with Liquid Herbs I came across
an extract called Broad Beans. It really seemed like it would be the perfect B
Vitamin, so I tried it. It is top-notch! It is easy to assimilate, very mild
tasting and works well to strengthen the nervous system. I also use Scullcap for
times when I want a super relaxed feeling. A chiropractor suggested I use
Scullcap following an adjustment. It helps the complete nervous system and also
helps to hold the chiropractic adjustments. Pure Herbs and God have presented
and shared some of the most wonderful herbs with us. Thank you."—Sheila
Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

"I’ve had an under-active thyroid for most of my life. I started taking Dulse
Extract which helped a lot. I lost so much weight while taking Dulse along with
exercising that people in my high school wouldn’t recognize me. But, even with
taking the Dulse there was still something missing. On June 8th, 2004 I was
introduced to the herb Bitter Orange. It worked like a miracle! Bitter Orange
improved my circulation, energy, concentration and my allergies! All this coming
from a person whose asthma was so bad that I had to use inhalers like Albuterol.
My allergies were so bad I had to take prescription medications like Claritin
and Clarinix. To be able to inhale in New Jersey, I used to use Nasonex and
Nasocort. After about five or six days, my allergies were gone! If feels so good
to breathe again. Bitter Orange also helps with painful constipation. It also
gives you energy and it tastes good too! For all those people out there that
have problems with circulation, allergies, tiredness, concentration or asthma
give Bitter Orange Extract a try. You will not be sorry." —S.S., Bound Brook, NJ

"Here it is, the great mystery of Russian Penicillin, which is….. GARLIC! Now
you think we are going to say it works for the human body, right? Uh…Nope! At
least that is not its final use for a family in Florida. Let us explain. One of
our family members uses garlic once a month for enemas to clean out the colon of
"garbage". She happens to have a septic tank and has the professional septic
tank man come out every three years to clean out the septic tank. Now, now don’t
get ahead of the story, like we did. We thought it would reek of Garlic. Well,
we were wrong! The man said, ‘Lady you have the cleanest septic tank I have ever
cleaned in my life!’ She claims that two bulbs of fresh ground garlic soaked in
1/2 cup of water for about two hours and then flushed down the toilet works
better than any other septic cleaning product available."

"Another testimonial we received from a client solved her problem with dry hair
She is especially concerned with split ends, so this is what she uses for a
natural moisturizer:

1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 drop of Pure Herbs Peppermint Oil (she really likes the quality of this oil)

She mixes it together in her hands, then she runs her hands and fingers through
her hair. She begins halfway down her hair and goes to the ends. Next, with the
residue that is left in her hands she touches lightly on the top of her head. By
doing that she keeps her hair from looking oily. She says it really smells nice
too." —The Courter’s, Valley View, TX

"I suffer with a condition called Poly Cystic Ovarian disease and was told by
many doctors that I would never have children, but after four years of marriage
my husband and I were surprised in February 2003 to find out I was pregnant. We
were happy and scared at the same time, since I had a miscarriage the year
before. I knew one thing for sure and that was that I was to go the herbal
route. During my third month my medical doctors became concerned when they gave
me a blood test called Alpha Protein Test which came back abnormal. The medical
doctors feared that the baby would suffer with Down’s Syndrome or Spina Bifida.
My blood pressure was high which was causing poor blood flow to the baby which
caused the baby’s growth to be effected. I have known Dr. Watkins for over ten
years and decided to call him for his suggestions. For the Down’s Syndrome he
suggested I take 40-80 drops 3x/day of A.C.S. For the Spina Bifida he suggested
using Knitbone, which is a natural folic acid and also to drink a pint of Green
Drink daily. Also, I was to apply Mugwort and Wormseed on my abdomen. I needed
protein so I began eating almond butter along with whole grain crackers, fish,
chicken and turkey. I stayed away from refined sugar, artificial sweetener and
white flour. After feeling things were going alright I went to see my medical
doctor and he discovered a fibroid tumor that was growing right along with the
baby. I put another call in to Dr. Watkins and he suggested Crampbark and False
Unicorn Root along with Dulse. These herbs worked wonders. In one month the
fibroid tumor had dissolved. The medical doctors were amazed, but I knew that if
I had not been on the herbs I would not have gotten this far. I decided to go
off of the pre-natal vitamins and went totally on the Pure Herbs pre-natal
program. This was what I took: P.N.-W, Protein Extract, Vitamins A & D
(capsules), Vitamin E (capsules), Red Raspberry Leaf, Yellow Dock (for iron)
although I changed from Yellow Dock to Flora Dex because it has about 14
vegetables in it (I got this from the health food store). I was already taking
A.C.S. and Green Drink. I ate a cup of yogurt daily for extra Vitamin B. In the
last ten days of my pregnancy I took Blue Cohosh Extract internally and
externally I rubbed Arnica and Indian Tobacco all over my abdomen to prevent
shock and complication. I also rubbed Herbal Adjustment on my ankles, feet and
toes to keep down the bleeding. Unfortunately, I ended up with a C-section, but
my baby was healthy and strong. Marja’ Soleil Quaqua was born October 24, 2003.
She was 4lbs. 7oz., but the medical doctors said she was strong and that her
lungs had developed and there were no signs of any disabilities. My daughter is
now seven months, happy, healthy and crawling. Thank you Dr. Watkins and the
staff at Pure Herbs, Ltd. One more thing, after having the baby I suffered from
post-partum depression so I used the herb D.A.N.-C. It helped me in about a
week. I still take it to keep calmness in my life. Thank you! Thank you!"
—Farrah Miller Quaqua

"I feel compelled to write a testimonial for the Bitter Orange extract. I have
been suffering with breathing problems for about three months. What began as
walking pneumonia ended with a severe case of bronchitis. My airways have been
very tight and restricted. After one dose of Bitter Orange under my tongue, my
airways opened up and my chronic cough was silenced, all within seconds. Also,
my eleven year old daughter came home from school recently complaining of
extreme nausea and stomach ache. I gave her 20 drops of Bitter Orange under her
tongue and within 15 to 20 minutes she felt 100% better and was able to eat
supper with no more complaints. In my opinion, Bitter Orange is very effective
and also very tasty. I am so impressed and grateful that such products are
available to one and all. Thank you Pure Herbs for such superior
products."—Angela Conrad, Newport, VT

"In March of 2003 I was having a dull aching discomfort in the lower pelvic
area, due to a hysterectomy, in 1982. The pain had occurred in the past, but now
it was becoming more frequent. By afternoon I’d need to rest and use a heating
pad on low for minimal relief. This went on for several weeks. Reluctantly, I
visited my family doctor who felt this was scar tissue (adhesions) causing my
pain. The doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound for the following week. In the
meantime I started applying

"Vitamin E oil, RST-C and Arnica extract on the area as suggested by my herbal
practitioner. I also took RST-C internally twice daily. Within a week I had less
pain. I decided to cancel my ultrasound appointment. Within three months of
following the above protocal I felt an 80% improvement. I was amazed! I’ve since
put the heating pad in the back of my closet. Thank you Pure Herbs and Pat
Courter."—Sheila Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

"To make a long story short, the trouble started with my foot a year ago. I went
to the ‘wrong’ hospital with an infection in my big toe. They had me on three
general IV antibiotics that would not bring my white count down, they operated
three times and told me they couldn’t help me. They told me the only solution
was to cut my leg off. I said no way and went to another hospital. They were
wonderful, but still medical people. They repaired most of the holes created by
the infection. I stopped going and finished healing the last hole with ozone and
herbal salve. They kept me on oral antibiotics (little did I know what it would
do to me) from December through July of 2003. When I got off the antibiotics, my
immune system was shot. I got every infection and sickness anyone else had. I
got another infection in my foot, this time by my pinky toe. The side of my foot
and my pinky toe turned black. I read about Cajeput Oil and decided to give it a
try. It worked exactly the way it was supposed to. It took about two weeks to
work. I applied it to my toe and the black sloughed off and beneath was
wonderful pink tissue. Then I ended up with bronchitis due to my poor immune
system from taking antibiotics. I remembered what I had read about the Cajeput
Oil and decided to rub it on my chest. It helped me to cough up the mucus. My
bronchitis was over in a couple of days. I do not take antibiotics anymore or
any other medical drug. I use all herbs. Herbs and alternative medicine is the
way for me!"—L. Crawford, Arlington, TX

"January 12, 2004, I fell on an antique brass lamp in my shed. I could see the
design of the lamp base one inch deep in the middle of my kneecap (patella). The
bottom half was crumbled and removed. The doctor joined the tendon to the upper
half. For a month I could still feel the pain. I got Arnica and my husband
massaged it from the top of my leg to my toes. To my surprise I felt better the
next day. With the pain gone I am doing much better with the broken
bone."—Dorothy Sheffield, Waycross, GA

"I am so excited with the results I have just seen with Arnica Oil Blend. My
son’s girlfriend’s daughter has cerebral palsy. Aurora is three years old. She
was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Every time I have massaged her, her
muscles have been so tight. I tried massaging the Arnica Oil Blend into the back
of Aurora’s lower legs. I couldn’t believe the immediate difference. I asked her
mother to see if she could tell any difference. She could immediately feel that
her muscles were relaxed, as I did. We were pleasantly surprised at how quick it
worked. I also put the Arnica Oil Blend on the back of her thighs, the sides of
her buttocks and all over her back. Aurora also informed me that I had to put it
on her arms. It brought tears to my eyes when she hugged me, told me she loved
me and thanked me. An hour later she was sound asleep and didn’t wake up till
1:00 p.m. the following day. They said that was very unusual for her. The doctor
put her on Botox, but her mother was afraid to keep her on it, and she was
afraid of the side effects. Aurora’s mother said she didn’t see any difference
with the Botox. Five days after they started putting the Arnica Oil Blend on
Aurora she was able to put her feet flat when she sat in a chair. She has never
been able to do that. We are all very pleased with the results we have seen with
the Arnica Oil Blend. I have also had great results with the Arnica Oil Blend
with my aches and pains. I love all of your products. Thank you Pure Herbs for
your Arnica Oil Blend and all of your top quality products. I have been using
herbs on my family and myself for years and I have to say I have gotten the BEST
results with Pure Herbs products!"—Ramona Cundiff, Louisville, KY

"I have been using Sports Cream Plus for about a year and I am amazed at how it
helps different ailments. These are some of the different things I used it for:
joint/muscle aches and pain; skin protector – in the summer it keeps the insects
away, poison ivy, it soothed the itch and dried the rash. I can feel it
penetrating right to the aches and pain. My daughter is a secretary and she has
carpal tunnel in her wrist and she uses the Sports Cream Plus on her wrist and
her shoulders and neck. She said that it helps relieve her aches and pain. My
daughter had some of her friends at work try the Sports Cream Plus and they were
very pleased with the relief they got from using it for their aches, pains,
rashes and muscle spasms. All of us who have used the Sports Cream Plus are
pleased and amazed from the relief we get from it. We also use it on a gauze and
put it on the areas that are aching and paining so that it keeps penetrating to
the joints and muscles. From my experience and other people I know who use
Sports Cream Plus, we got relief for arthritis pain, muscle aches and pain, carpal tunnel, back pain and shoulder and neck muscle spasms due to tension. It also helps to relieve the itch from poison ivy, insect bites and rashes. It is also a great skin protector. I think it would be great if you could put Sports Cream Plus on a patch that a person could stick on them, like the pain patches you can buy from a store."—L.M., Auburn, MI

"My son-in-law had a big wart on the palm of his hand and it hurt him so he started applying Sutherlandia on it. He also took 20 drops internally and within six weeks or so it came out and is now completely healed over."—L.E., Bluffton, IN

"My husband , Bob, has had at least three to four colds with fever every winter
and spring. I started him on two Astragalus and Olive Leaf Extract (two
droppers morning and night). He has not had a cold since! Thank you Pure
Herbs. Also, I for one appreciate your hold on prices!"
--Barbara Hastey, Dover, IN

"I feel compelled to write a testimonial for the Bitter Orange extract. I have
been suffering with breathing problems for about three months. What began as
walking pneumonia ended with a severe case of bronchitis. My airways have been
very tight and restricted. After one dose of Bitter Orange under my tongue, my
airways opened up and my chronic cough was silenced, all within seconds. Also,
my eleven year old daughter came home from school recently complaining of
extreme nausea and stomach ache. I gave her 20 drops of Bitter Orange under her
tongue and within 15 to 20 minutes she felt 100% better and was able to eat
supper with no more complaints. In my opinion, Bitter Orange is very effective
and also very tasty. I am so impressed and grateful that such products are
available to one and all. Thank you Pure Herbs for such superior products."
-—Angela Conrad, Newport, VT

"In March of 2003 I was having a dull aching discomfort in the lower pelvic
area, due to a hysterectomy, in 1982. The pain had occurred in the past, but now
it was becoming more frequent. By afternoon I’d need to rest and use a heating
pad on low for minimal relief. This went on for several weeks. Reluctantly, I
visited my family doctor who felt this was scar tissue (adhesions) causing my
pain. The doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound for the following week. In the
meantime I started applying "Vitamin E oil, RST-C and Arnica extract on the area
as suggested by my herbal
practitioner. I also took RST-C internally twice daily. Within a week I had less
pain. I decided to cancel my ultrasound appointment. Within three months of
following the above protocal I felt an 80% improvement. I was amazed! I’ve since
put the heating pad in the back of my closet. Thank you Pure Herbs and Pat
—Sheila Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

"My son-in-law had a big wart on the palm of his hand and it hurt him so he
started applying Sutherlandia on it. He also took 20 drops internally and
within six weeks or so it came out and is now completely healed over."
--L.E., Bluffton, IN

"I have been using Sports Cream Plus for about a year and I am amazed at how it
helps different ailments. These are some of the different things I used it for:
joint/muscle aches and pain; skin protector - in the summer it keeps the insects
away, poison ivy, it soothed the itch and dried the rash. I can feel it
penetrating right to the aches and pain. My daughter is a secretary and she has
carpal tunnel in her wrist and she uses the Sports Cream Plus on her wrist and
her shoulders and neck. She said that it helps relieve her aches and pain. My
daughter had some of her friends at work try the Sports Cream Plus and they were
very pleased with the relief they got from using it for their aches, pains,
rashes and muscle spasms. All of us who have used the Sports Cream Plus are
pleased and amazed from the relief we get from it. We also use it on a gauze
and put it on the areas that are aching and paining so that it keeps penetrating
to the joints and muscles. From my experience and other people I know who use
Sports Cream Plus, we got relief for arthritis pain, muscle aches and pain,
carpal tunnel, back pain and shoulder and neck muscle spasms due to tension. It
also helps to relieve the itch from poison ivy, insect bites and rashes. It is
also a great skin protector. I think it would be great if you could put Sports
Cream Plus on a patch that a person could stick on them, like the pain patches
you can buy from a store."
--L.M., Auburn, MI

"I am so excited with the results I have just seen with Arnica Oil Blend. My
son's girlfriend's daughter has cerebral palsy. Aurora is three years old. She
was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Every time I have massaged her, her
muscles have been so tight. I tried massaging the Arnica Oil Blend into the
back of Aurora's lower legs. I couldn't believe the immediate difference. I
asked her mother to see if she could tell any difference. She could immediately
feel that her muscles were relaxed, as I did. We were pleasantly surprised at
how quick it worked. I also put the Arnica Oil Blend on the back of her thighs,
the sides of her buttocks and all over her back. Aurora also informed me that I
had to put it on her arms. It brought tears to my eyes when she hugged me, told
me she loved me and thanked me. An hour later she was sound asleep and didn't
wake up till 1:00 p.m. the following day. They said that was very unusual for
her. The doctor put her on Botox, but her mother was afraid to keep her on it,
and she was afraid of the side effects. Aurora's mother said she didn't see any
difference with the Botox. Five days after they started putting the Arnica Oil
Blend on Aurora she was able to put her feet flat when she sat in a chair. She
has never been able to do that. We are all very pleased with the results we
have seen with the Arnica Oil Blend. I have also had great results with the
Arnica Oil Blend with my aches and pains. I love all of your products. Thank
you Pure Herbs for your Arnica Oil Blend and all of your top quality products.
I have been using herbs on my family and myself for years and I have to say I
have gotten the BEST results with Pure Herbs products!"
--Ramona Cundiff, Louisville, KY

"January 12, 2004, I fell on an antique brass lamp in my shed. I could see the
design of the lamp base one inch deep in the middle of my kneecap (patella).
The bottom half was crumbled and removed. The doctor joined the tendon to the
upper half. For a month I could still feel the pain. I got Arnica and my
husband massaged it from the top of my leg to my toes. To my surprise I felt
better the next day. With the pain gone I am doing much better with the broken
--Dorothy Sheffield, Waycross, GA

"To make a long story short, the trouble started with my foot a year ago. I
went to the 'wrong' hospital with an infection in my big toe. They had me on
three general IV antibiotics that would not bring my white count down, they
operated three times and told me they couldn't help me. They told me the only
solution was to cut my leg off. I said no way and went to another hospital.
They were wonderful, but still medical people. They repaired most of the holes
created by the infection. I stopped going and finished healing the last hole
with ozone and herbal salve. They kept me on oral antibiotics (little did I
know what it would do to me) from December through July of 2003. When I got off
the antibiotics, my immune system was shot. I got every infection and sickness
anyone else had. I got another infection in my foot, this time by my pinky toe.
The side of my foot and my pinky toe turned black. I read about Cajeput Oil and
decided to give it a try. It worked exactly the way it was supposed to. It
took about two weeks to work. I applied it to my toe and the black sloughed off
and beneath was wonderful pink tissue. Then I ended up with bronchitis due to
my poor immune system from taking antibiotics. I remembered what I had read
about the Cajeput Oil and decided to rub it on my chest. It helped me to cough
up the mucus. My bronchitis was over in a couple of days. I do not take
antibiotics anymore or any other medical drug. I use all herbs. Herbs and
alternative medicine is the way for me!"
--L. Crawford, Arlington, TX

"When I was 70 years old, approximately two years ago, on February 20th I was
riding my bike when a taxi hit me. I was knocked to the pavement and ended up
with ten broken bones. The doctor that saw me from emergency was great. He let
me continue my herb nutrient program in the hospital. Used Ol’ Number 11 after
every meal, one dropper full. I also rubbed Arnica and Big Five on my broken
ribs and broken collar bone and my bruised ankle. I also used both of these on
my broken knee cap until it was in a permanent cast and then I couldn’t reach
it. At night I took one dropper full of Willow. My cast was removed on April
18th and I continued using my herbs. By the middle of May, after receiving
physical therapy and learning how to walk again, I was able to go back to my
Librian job. On June 14 I was able to ride my bike again. I still continue to
take Ol’ Number 11 for arthritis which has eased up quite a bit since taking
this product. My doctor said that for all I’ve been through I have made a
remarkable recovery. I’m glad he is not opposed to me using my herbal
supplements. I am grateful for my Pure Herbs products and your company! Keep
helping people in this prescription crazy world."—Sister Mary Steinkamp, SNJM,
Portland, OR These testimonials are from April 7, 1998. They were misplaced,
but definitely worth sharing!

"I helped a lady who had been blind for about ten years. She couldn’t even see
light. The first time I saw her was right after Thanksgiving; after her second
visit, just prior to Christmas, she phoned me crying. She said she had been
sitting at her kitchen table LOOKING at her wedding rings and her Christmas
tree, etc. I had her taking Stone Root, I.S.-F, minerals and Chromium. She is
also beginning to see colors!"

"I would also like to share a testimony about my daughter-in-law. She had open
heart surgery before we met her, over 20 years ago. She made annual trips to
Bethesda, MD to N.I.H. (National Institute of Health). On May 6, 1997, she died
on her way to the hospital; she straight-lined between 1 or 1 1/2 minutes in the
ambulance. She recovered before they used the paddles. My son took her to N.I.H.
after her second stay in the local hospital. N.I.H. said she had about three
weeks to live without surgery, which she refused. At her request, we started
mostly with Pure Herbs HI.I.-W, H.I.K.-W, Bugleweed, Bladderwrack, tons of
Arnica, Herbal Adjustment and F & F. Her Aorta Valve tested 46% functional, now
= 100%, the mitral valve =82% now 100%, she is maintaining good potassium,
sodium and iron levels. They told her she could never lose weight and she lost
70lbs. There are a few things from other companies that were used, but mostly we
used Pure Herbs. She has made medical history. Praise the Lord, His Products and
the dedicated people like you for producing them!"—Edna Ford, Connersville, IN

"Dear friends at Pure Herbs, my husband and I have been married for 12 years. We
decided to try and have a baby, but could not conceive. We went to see Reuben
Schwartz and he thought I might have Endometriosis and said I might try Red
Clover Blended. He suggested I take three bottles of the Red Clover Blended.
This was August 17, 2001. I took the three bottles of Red Clover Blended and
made a visit to my medical doctor and she couldn’t find any Endometriosis at
all. I called my medical doctor one week later and she said to take a home
pregnancy test. I did and it was positive (December 12, 2001). I cried because
on this same day I received a paper saying that my husband had problems too and
that we would probably not be able to conceive. I thank God, Reuben and Red
Clover Blended for giving me my little miracle. Our miracle was born July 31,
2002, a boy. We named him Lukas. Reuben said he should have been named Red
Clover (ha ha). We went to see Reuben again on August 5, 2003 and he said Lukas
was perfect! Thank you so much, what a blessing he is!"—Linda Douglas,
Scottsville, KY

"Hurray for Sutherlandia! My whole family will not be without this herb. One Big
Caution with this herb, a little is more! We have been using the Sutherlandia
for about eight months now. I began with eight to ten drops two times per day,
because of the potency of Sutherlandia. Wow! I began to have some awful looking
bowel movements of all kinds; along with all kinds of strange looking debris
that was passed. In the first few weeks, liquid would be mixed with solids. It
is important to drink plenty of water, especially while taking the Sutherlandia!
The water seems to be needed to help liquefy the fecal matter, and makes things
move easier! Be near a bathroom until you know what to expect! When I had to go,
I had about a two minute warning to get there and it was over fairly quick! In
about two months, my stomach had flattened to where it was hard for me to see it
unless I bent over. You know now what I was full of? Shh….quiet don’t say it!!!
Whew! I’m sure glad it is gone! If it starts to come back I know what to do
about it. It is extremely important to get enough of an easily digestible form
of protein. I craved pinto beans and corn big time for the first six months of
taking the Sutherlandia and I feel better when I eat them often. At month three,
I increased to 18-20 drops twice a day. At month eight I began taking ten drops
each morning and five drops in the early afternoon, because Sutherlandia seems
to act as a stimulant with me! I was having three-five bowel movements a day and
I started having leg cramps. I took 80 drops of HI.K-W and 80 drops of CA.-W and
that seemed to solve the problem! Getting rid of the poisons and accumulated
waste (waist) caused me to feel better all over! It was like a burden rolling
off my shoulders. If you are comfortable with yourself your immune system is
stronger! When one of us feels sickly or has a sore throat, we use a few more
drops of Sutherlandia. For extra support we also take 80 drops of both TL.-C and
E.T.I.-W! Sutherlandia has carried us over many health obstacles with flying
colors! Words just cannot express our joy and excitement over Sutherlandia!"—The
Courters, Valley View, TX

"I was introduced to Pure Herbs in March of 2003, by Brenda Guerra from McAllen,
TX. I had contracted a very painful urinary tract infection and after four weeks
and two full prescription of strong antibiotics, I was still suffering. Brenda,
a long time friend, immediately took me to her mentor and herbalist, Bella
Vladimirsky. Bella suggested I take Cornsilk and Cranberry tablets. Within two
days I felt better and by the end of the week I was healed. Bella’s knowledge of
the herbs healing properties was inspiring. I was also amazed at how quickly I
felt better. I am now a believer in the herbs. Thank you for these wonderful all
natural herbal products."—Velma Gonzales, Saint Ann, MO

"Since taking your wonderful products, I have been very satisfied. The only
little drawback is when trying to swallow some of the liquid combinations,
particularly one called W.L.S. (weight control) which contains a good amount of
capsicum which severely burned my tongue on the way down!! I remembered a trick
thought up a couple of years ago that had been forgotten and since I believe in
the liquid extracts, it has come in very handy. I take an empty gelatin capsule,
which can be purchased from most health food stores or pharmacies in packages of
100-1,000 (an 00 is good for one dropperful). I fill it up and have numerous
seconds to swallow with water before it collapses. In fact, the minute it hits
the stomach I’m aware it has landed safely! This idea has made a tremendous
impact in being able to take almost any objectable tasting combination. I wanted
to share it with other readers and hope they can benefit as has been my
experience."—Shila Van Wagenen, Penn Valley, CA

"I’ve suffered with Endometriosis since I was sixteen and I am now thirty
something. Back in 1991, my doctor told me I would have to have a surgical
procedure to remove the damaged tissue. So I did. After the surgery I found out
that the surgeons removed what they could, but on my left side they were unable
to remove the damaged tissue which was wrapped around my bowel, fallopian tube,
and ovary. They said this would require about ten hours of surgery. I decided to
look into other options. I decided to wait on more surgery since one month after
the original surgery the junk that was removed was back. The doctors put me on
hormone replacement for about 6 months which I was told ‘might help, but no
guarantees’. Of course, this hormone replacement just made me a crazy women with
hot flashes and did nothing to help with the Endometriosis. My doctor then
decided to put me on a continuous cycle of birth control so I could decide when
I wanted to suffer with the relentless pain. He recommended I only have a period
two times per year. So up until February of 2003, this is what I did. I still
did have pain during my cycles, but it was only really bad pain for a day or
two. I finally grew tired and worried about being on the birth control for so
many years, especially since it was not completely helping me with the
unbearable cramping. So I went off of it. Since I do the Newsletters here at
Pure Herbs, Ltd. and see all of the testimonials that come, in I knew we had
about four testimonials on Red Clover Blended helping women in the same
situation as me. I had tried it years ago, but not faithfully or for long
enough. I decided to really give it a go! By May 2003, I had NO UNBEARABLE
CRAMPS for the first time since I was 16, over half of my lifetime. I couldn’t
believe it, but told all of my friends, co-workers and family members. Dr.
Watkins, of course wanted me to print my testimonial in our Newsletter. I said I
would after waiting one more month to be sure this was for real. Well, as you
can read from my testimonial, it worked. Two beautiful months in a row of no
cramps and looking forward to a life without those awful days! I am truly
grateful to Reuben Schwartz for all of the testimonials his clients sent in
which he had helped them with their Endometrioses. I am also grateful to Dr.
Watkins and Pure Herbs, Ltd. for without this job I may never have known about
Red Clover Blended and might have had more surgeries than I want to think about.
Since February 2003, I have also taken Can-Sol capsules (one-two/day) Oregon
Grape (one dropper full daily) and 1 cup, about 6 oz., green drink* in addition
to the Red Clover Blended. These seem to be helping with my Fibromyalgia and I’m
sure my Endometriosis too! So if the Red Clover Blended alone doesn’t work for
you add these other products. I hope every women out there with Endometriosis
will try this and not have to suffer any longer!"—Kim Clark, Sterling Hgts., MI

*"Green drink is made by blending a handful of fresh edible green leaves (such
as Romaine lettuce) in a pint of reliable spring water or distilled water. Blend
for about one minute. Filter through a paper coffee filter and drink up. This is
fresh ‘live’ chlorophyll or ‘plant blood’. It cleans your blood and gives you
plenty of energy." —Dr. Eugene C. Watkins

"My husband and I have been using the Sports Cream Plus for our aches and pains
following mowing our lawn. We also use the Cream to repel mosquitoes, sand
fleas, flies, brown and black ants and other bugs. We have an 85 pound Doberman
Pincher who hangs around while we mow our lawn. We apply the Sports Cream on her
to repel the bugs off of her. She doesn’t seem to mind. The cream even takes
away the stinging, itchy feeling of the bug bite. Thank you Pure Herbs!"—Sue &
Terry Schafsnitz, Bay City, MI

"Dear friends at Pure Herbs, this past winter I introduced my friend Carole Ann
to UR.-W. She had been experiencing frequent urination for many months with
slight incontinence (four to five trips to the bathroom during the night, with
urgency). After only one month of using UR.-W and drinking six to eight glasses
of water and a wholesome nutritional program, she is seeing great improvement.
She sleeps through the night and when she is out somewhere she doesn’t have to
seek out the nearest restroom in a hurry. What a blessing!"—Sheila Kaplowitz,
Hendersonville, NC

"I am 60 years old. I would like to share with you my testimony on my life
living with pancreatic and liver cancer and diabetes. In 1990, I had just
purchased a small country store and shortly after found out I had pancreatic and
liver cancer. The doctors operated on me and sewed me up to die, said I had six
months or less. I was very depressed and very scared. My daughter in Indiana
told me of a Baptist minister who knew a lot about herbs. I went to see him
because I had nothing to lose. His name is Frank Miesse from Springfield-Xenia,
OH. He knew I was in bad shape. He put me on a cleansing program using many
different herbs. I didn’t even have room for food. I made all of my juices from
fresh fruit and vegetables. There were times when I felt so sick I thought I
would die any day, but I kept up on all the treatment he put me on. After about
six months, Frank told me about a man in Casper WY, Ralph Schaus that had a good
cancer herb that is like an herbal chemo. I started on that and other herbs and
I started improving. It was a slow go, but I’m so thankful, because it has been
12 years and I’m still living and in fair health. My regular medical doctors
said it was a bunch of hog wash (herbs), but could not believe it after I passed
my six month mark. They said, ‘we may not believe in it, but go ahead with it,
because you are improving and we offered you no hope.’ I made many trips to Ohio
to see Mr. Frank Miesse. He is so happy with my results. He told me of an
herbalist that he trained in Tomkinsville, KY (Reuben Schwartz). I went to see
him and he had already heard from Frank about my life. I told him about the
problems I was having with my thyroid, colon, digest system, kidneys and about
my heart blockage. I also told him about other problems I was having. He
suggested T.-W 1 tsp. 4x/day, Mega-Chel (Nature’s Sunshine) to clean my
arteries, Herbal Adjustment (mineral maintenance) for my arteries, Slippery Elm,
Psyllium (bowel softener and lubricant), L-Salivarius for digestion (3 caps
3x/day), Maximizer for digestion (3 caps 3x/day), S.D.-R (stone dissolver),
U.R.-W (urinary tract), B.B.-W (Brain and Balance), Vitamin E (immune system
builder), H.T. Comb. (heart), body balance (Fibromyalgia), E-Tea (breast),
Formula Three (1 tsp. 3x/day), N.-W (Pituitary gland), 5 HTP (Pituitary gland),
Gotu Kola (Pituitary gland) and Wood Betony and Eyebright (for loss of eyesight
in left eye). I have told so many people about these herbs. I personally know
six people who have beat cancer with herbal treatment and faith. I wish everyone
would try the natural herbs that God gave us to use. If only they knew the
damage that ‘man-made’ medicines or drugs do to their body. God bless and thanks
for the PURE Herbs, because I know many are not pure!"—Jane Fishback, Edmonton,

"I am a 75 year old man who had colon cancer in 1994. The doctors operated and
said they got all of it. I also had chemotherapy. I have chronic emphysema (COPD
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and an enlarged heart. I’ve been on
inhalers for about 20 years. I made a bad choice; I smoked for 60 years. I also
worked at Johnson Motors and Die Cast Metals for 30 years. I was exposed to
various chemicals. I have taken Puritan’s Pride vitamins for ten years. My
friend Jane Fishback told me all about herbs. So when my lung specialist and
other medical doctors told me there wasn’t anything else they could do for me, I
decided to give herbal treatment a try. I went to see Reuben Schwartz and he
told me I probably wouldn’t live long if I didn’t get help right away. He
suggested L.-W, A.E.A.-B, and Vitamin O for my lungs, Maximizer for digestion (3
capsules 3x/day), COQ-10 and Blessed Thistle for oxygen, Herbal Adjustment
mineral maintenance for my arteries and Mege-Chel to clean my arteries, H.T.
Comb. for my heart and Chromium for my pancreas. To my surprise, after taking
these supplements for only one month I felt somewhat better. After two months I
was much more improved and my oxygen level was coming up. After taking the
Herbal Adjustment and A.E.A.-B I can breath better. I’m so thankful for the
herbal treatment. I am very pleased with my results and hope to continue getting
well. I’ve recommended this herbal program to others. Thank you so much."—Harold
Hensley, Edmonton, KY

"VANITY RULES! Just one 4 oz. Bottle of R.S.T.-C taken orally and applied
externally to my face twice daily in the a.m and p.m. and I am no longer
considering facial surgery. I am 63 years young. My skin had large pores and
make-up would leak like blackheads. It made my wrinkles look awful. After just
one bottle of the R.S.T.-C I noticed a difference immediately. I can only
imagine what I will look like if I stay on the R.S.T.-C forever as a daily
regimen! Look out Miss America!"—Suzanne Fraeyman, Warren, MI

"Recently, on a Friday, a customer came into my store with a toothache. Her jaw
had swollen and was spreading down her neck and up to her ear. She was in
considerable pain and had a slight fever. The local dentist was out of town
until Monday. Scanning the shelves, my eye caught the E.T.I.-W formula. With its
antibiotic properties of Echinacea and Myrrh and the special affinity White Oak
Bark has for the gums, it was a perfect choice. I advised her to take a dropper
full four times per day. I also suggested that she soak a cotton ball in warm
water and E.T.I.-W and apply it directly to the tooth. She stopped in on
Tuesday, all smiles, no pain and no swelling. She was amazed at the quick
relief."—Susie Yelverton, Smithville, TN

"I have dark brown hair and I use henna to color it. The Henna fades rather
fast, but I found by using a mix of Rosemary and Sage in a separate bottle at
the rate of 50/50 and applying the mixture directly to my scalp with a dropper
the Henna does not fade. It also maintains a rich color!"—Sheila Naidu,
Kennesaw, GA

"I wanted to tell you I am so thankful to Our Heavenly Father Jehovah for having
you all here on this earth to give us the natural healers that our bodies can
and do accept for our aches and pains. Again thank you for all you have done. I
will continue to use and recommend your products."—Argie, Alice, TX

"I am 65 years young, and I was diagnosed 10 years ago with degenerative disk
disease (sounds too medical)! Scoliosis appeared when I was 13. Because of the
60 degree curve and compression of spinal disks, pain is almost always present
in my lower spine. I recently started using Arnica Oil Blend and Sports Cream
Plus. It has been a winning team for me. I have less pain now. I apply a few
drops of the Arnica Oil Blend to the areas of discomfort, wait a few minutes,
and then I massage a small amount of the Sports Cream Plus to my lower back.
Once in awhile I will also apply a few drops of Indian Tobacco. I have noticed
more flexibility and my lower spine is more relaxed. Best of all, the pain
diminishes. Also great for arthritic knees and joints and also stiff neck and
shoulders. Thank you Pure Herbs for these winning products."—Sheila Kaplowitz,
Hendersonville, NC

"Skin cancer has been in my family for years. My aunt died from melanoma and I
have had several moles removed from my face and back. When I found a mole
starting to grow at my hairline, I decided to try Red Root and use it according
to the directions in my Herbal Extract book. It took several months, but it went
away. My husband had a mole growing on the inside curve of his ear which seemed
to change color. We decided to use the Red Root on it. The mole darkened and
seemed to shrivel and finally began to peel away form his ear. After what seemed
only a few weeks, the mole was hanging on by just a tiny bit of skin. My husband
pulled it off, the mole was black and much smaller than the original mole had
been! This was several months ago, and the skin is still clear. My only regret
is that we didn’t take it to be checked for cancer."—Betty Lynch, Hempstead, TX

"A lady came to me because of an irregular heart beat. Her doctors had told her
that scar tissue on the heart was causing the irregular heart beat. I
recommended RST-C (Repair Scar Tissue). After several months she returned with
the following report, ‘My doctors can’t explain why, but they cannot find any
scar tissue and my heart beat is now normal.’"—Lon Slider, Covington, IN

"I had a sharp stabbing pain in my ear so I took Olive Leaf and Vitamin C every
hour. I also put Garlic and Mullein Oil and Olive Leaf on a piece of cotton ball
and put it in my ear. . . .did a heavy dose at bedtime, plus rubbed the Garlic
and Mullein Oil all around my ear and the side of my face. The next morning the
terrible pain was gone. I was so impressed!"—Cheryl Lawson, Derby, VT

"The other day when I was shaving I nicked my face. I decided to put our Sports
Cream Plus on the cut. It burned a bit, but in the end it helped the wound heal
faster than normal and my skin felt smoother. I decided to try the Sports Cream
Plus on my entire face as an after shave. The skin on my face now feels smooth
and I feel more circulation to the skin!"—Dr. Eugene C. Watkins, Sterling Hgts.,

"My daughter and son-in-law were so sick with the flu that they called my
husband and me at 10:30 p.m. to drive the half hour to their house to take them
to the hospital even though they know we both work and were already in bed. They
felt awful; loose bowels, dizziness and they couldn’t even keep fluids down. We
were exposed that night and I took off the next day to go stay with them to take
care of my four month old grandson. My husband and I took one Tablespoon of
C.C.E.-W once a day for one week. Praise the Lord and Pure Herbs neither one of
us got even a touch of the flu."—M. C., Beech Grove, IN

"The following is a testimonial regarding my almost eight week old newborn. At
the time my newborn was eight weeks old, she was still jaundiced (slightly still
in the eyes), and was demonstrating some mild reflux symptoms, requiring us to
keep her in an infant seat to sleep. She also had a thick white-coated tongue.
Even as a Distributor, I was too exhausted to research what Pure Herbs product/s
to use. I finally phoned my upline Caletta Oakley who read a list of herbs for
each of these problems. Culvers Root (Black Root) was common to all three
problems! I immediately ordered a bottle, and after simply rubbing the extract
on the bottom of her feet and on her tummy area at diaper changes, we noticed
her white tongue and jaundice all clear within two weeks! Just proof again that
God intended . . . ‘the leaves for healing Ez47:12’".—Judy Orsborn, Broomfield,

"I was suffering with a very bad sore throat. I couldn’t even swallow! I decided
to try Bee Propolis which is a natural antibiotic. I took about 80 drops. WOW,
within an hour my throat was better. I was able to swallow and the unbearable
pain was gone."—Betsy Turnquist, Warren, MI

"My daughter, Shannon, miscarried a baby in 2001 at 20 weeks gestation. She
became pregnant again a few month later and began to have slight cramping
(contractions) almost every 30 minutes at about 10 weeks. Her OB/GYN advised her
to stay on complete bed rest, but the contractions continued anyway and he
predicted she would miscarry again. I prayed with all my heart that I would find
a way to help my daughter. Then, after researching through my HRG (Herbal
Research Group) Volumes, I called Pure Herbs and asked for the Crampbark and
False Unicorn formula to be overnighted to me. I began my daughter on the
formula and she felt her contractions subside within 20 minutes of taking it.
She took the Crampbark and False Unicorn 40 drops every four to six hours and it
would control the irritability of the uterus and calm the cramps. She never had
to set a clock to remember to take it because the cramps would come back about
the time the formula was due to be taken. We added Red Raspberry Leaf 40 drops
twice a day and P.N.-W 40 drops twice a day also. Each week, we thanked God as
we made a new milestone in the pregnancy. She was able to make it to full-term,
thanks to our Good Lord, and to Pure Herbs for providing the formulas that saved
my grandbaby's life. Joseph was born on October 29th, 2002, at 38 weeks
gestation, weighting 6 lbs. 11oz., healthy and happy! By the way, my daughter's
labor was very light and lasted just four hours, thanks to L.6W the last month
and Blue Cohosh for the last two weeks. She took the Blue Cohosh during her
labor and afterwards. She delivered without any type of anesthesia or pain
medicine. She had no episiotomy either. Two hours after delivering the baby, she
commented that she felt as if she hadn't even had a baby. Shannon is a size zero
or two. She handled this delivery with confidence and calmness. Our family has
so much to be thankful for….Joseph is now 2 months old, breastfeeding well and
weighting about 12 pounds!….Shannon has now switched to several other Pure Herbs
formulas to ensure a good supply of breast milk (Blessed Thistle) and plenty of
nutrition and stamina herbs (Three Bees, A.C.S., Rice Bran, Bilberry and
others)….And we are fortunate to be associated with a company named Pure Herbs
that allows itself to be a true instrument of God, reaching out to those who
need His healing herbs. Thank you, Dr. Watkins for your personal commitment to
helping others and thanks to all of you that help make Pure Herbs
possible….thank you, Bella Vladimirsky, for introducing me to this awesome
company….words seem so inadequate to express my gratitude to all of you. May God
bless and protect you today and always!"--Patti Felici, McAllen, TX"

"I am happy to say Solomon Wickey’s Can-sol capsules really worked for my
candida (yeast infection). I had a bad dose of it under my breasts. It was
extremely itchy and it would bleed and crack open. It was very painful. When I
received the pamphlet on the Can-sol capsules, I decided to give them a try. I’m
happy to report that the candida is almost completely gone. What I used was Can
sol capsules six twice per day along with three Acidophilus each time the Can
sol was taken. It works! Thank you Solomon and the good Lord that gives him the
wisdom to know what to put together that works!"—S. M.Due West, S.C.

"After trying to have a child for two years with one miscarriage, my husband and
I went to visit Mr. Rueben Schwartz, an iridologist located near Tompkinsville,
KY. He suggested it could be endometriosis and that I might try Red Clover
Blend. He told me if taken faithfully we would have a better chance at having
children. Less than two years later we were blessed with a beautiful son. We are
convinced that without Red Clover Blend this would never have been possible.
After a recent visit back to Mr. Schwartz, I am again taking Red Clover Blend at
his suggestion. Thank you for such a wonderful product."—Donna Hegan, Bowling
Green, KY

"Oh happy day the day dry spots are going away! I have been using Herbal
Adjustment for dry spots that have been appearing on my body, and they are just
about gone. I had read in one of Dr. A. B. Howard's books that Herbal Adjustment
would destroy liver spots so I decided to try it on dry spots and they are just
about gone. It has taken a long time, but I was persistent in doing so. Dr.
Howard had stated that it takes patience for things like this to disappear. I am
also continuing to use the Peppermint Oil for the allergies and headaches that I
get from odors. Whenever I go somewhere I have an opportunity to give a kleenex
that has the oil on it. People are shocked when they smell it and it helps them
so quickly. It has been truly a blessing to be a part of this company and to be
able to help people to get well without drugs. Thank you Dr. Watkins and
staff."—Kathleen Marasco Elgin, S.C.

"I am writing to say THANK YOU! I recently experienced left chest pain,
especially upon movement. At first I thought it could be a heart attack or
severe indigestion. After taking Herbal Adjustment and a digest aide without
relief I realized that my problem was muscle related. Then I applied Arnica Oil
Blend to my left chest area. It was amazing how quickly the pain was relieved!
That day the pain was gone. Your products work! I use them on my family with
great results. Thanks again!"—Kim Preston, Greenfield, OH

"I have had osteoarthritis for 31 years. I have taken everything natural for
arthritis, but nothing has touched the pain until recently. I heard about Pure
Herbs A.R.T.-C by Pat Castro. Within about 14 days I felt 98% better from taking
the A.R.T.-C. Because of the severity of my arthritis, I take 40 drops of
A.R.T.-C and Research Formula 4x/day. I also no longer suffer with leg cramps at
night. Ever so grateful!"—Diane Baird, Morganfield, KY

"After reading the testimonials regarding RST-C from Peggy Ames and Lon and
Sherry Slider in the Dec 2001/Jan 2002 newsletter, I wanted to give RST-C a try!
I had been experiencing discomfort in the lower bowel and pelvic area due to
prior C-sections as well as scar tissue and a prolapsed bowel from an amoebae
infection. My 15 year old daughter was also still having pain from her 1997
appendectomy. We began by applying RST-C topically as well as taking 40 drops
internally. My daughter also took 40 drops of Mayapple three times per day.
Within a week, my daughter's pain was gone and within two weeks, I passed a mass
of tissue through the bowel and was also pain free! One month later I severely
burned my arm french pressing coffee so I applied RST-C to the burn area, soaked
in gauze, and changed the dressing twice a day. Now there is no scar or sign of
anything! My arm completely healed. Because of these amazing results, I decided
to add 40 drops of RST-C to my daily facial wash, as well as my face and body
lotion. After about two months what a difference it made in my complexion! Scars
and wrinkle lines are disappearing and my face has a healthy glow. And no
blemishes! At least a dozen people at church have started asking me what I'm
doing. They all say I am looking much younger! I also added 40 drops of RST-C to
my daughter's facial wash and astringent and her blemishes are disappearing too!
As a teenager, you can imagine how thrilled she is! Thanks, Pure Herbs!"
Roxanne Rodriguez, McAllen, TX

"I had to contact you folks and thank you. My grandmother was the center of our
very large family and one of the things she swore by was Gold Thread! To us, it
was the thing to use for mouth sores, etc. But, when Grandma died in 1984, the
secret of where to get Gold Thread was lost and I never thought I'd see it
again. I've seen references to it on different herb web sites, but I've never
found anyone who actually sold it, so when I found your site and saw that you
had it for sale it was actually a very poignant experience for me (as strange as
that may sound!). So, I just wanted to thank you. My order has been placed and I
can't wait for my little package to arrive. In a way it seems a little silly,
but that little package will mean a great deal to me!""I have arthritis in my
shoulders and my one hip. I could not lift my one arm first thing in the
morning. In the beginning of December 2002 I started taking Devil's Claw. In a
little over three weeks when I wake up in the morning I no longer have the aches
and pains I used to have. My knees are also feeling better. I can now stoop down
and get up with no problem thanks to Devil's Claw. I take two droppers full
2x/day."--Barbara Hastey

"I have had a terrible problem with acid-reflux for several years. My
chiropractor says I have a hiatal hernia. About every two to three months she
(my chiropractor) has had to pull the hernia down. When she does this procedure
it hurts like crazy, but the end result is I don't have the reflux problem for a
month or two. Last year my chiropractor was away for three weeks and I was
suffering terribly. I couldn't even sleep well at night because of the reflux.
So I pulled out all of my herb books and researched like crazy to find something
that could possibly help my situation. What I found was by using Papaya Mints
and Formula Twelve 40-80 drops before meals I don't suffer from the reflux
problem. It is truly amazing! I wish I would have found this solution years ago.
Since using these two herbs together, I have not had to have my chiropractor
pull the hernia down and endure that pain. I'm very grateful and fortunate to
have the herbs at my fingertips.""I am 65 years old and have had kidney stones
for 30 years. I have had stones so large that I could not pass them so doctors
had to use laser treatment to burst the stones in order for me to be able to
pass them. I have had this treatment twice. The stones came back again. I
decided to seek other alternatives. Someone told me about a man named Rueben
Schwartz who is a natural practitioner. I decided to go see him. He told me
about a product called S.D.-R. I decided to give it a try. I began taking the
S.D.-R and within one and a half weeks I began to pass small stones (nine in all
that I was aware of). These passed without any pain at all. I do not intend to
ever be without a bottle of S.D.-R in case of problems. Thank God for Rueben
and Pure Herbs and S.D.-R." --Randall Goodman, Lafayette, TN

Note from Dr. Watkins: If you take A.C.S. (All Cell Salts) along with the S.D.
R it will help balance out the minerals in the body, which is extremely
important to do.

"A few months ago I gave a bottle of D.A.N.-C to my daughter in New Jersey.
She, like many others in the metropolitan New York area, has felt much more
anxiety and tension than usual, since 9-11. It was hard for her to get up and
go into work every morning and not focus on the negativity which surrounded her.
Since taking the D.A.N.-C, she is not as uptight over the things that have
happened and she feels more relaxed and more calm. Also, her anxiety and
feelings of depression have lessened. She now has a sense of well-being that
all will be ok. It also seems to strengthen the nervous system. In order for
the D.A.N.-C to be effective you need to take it on a daily basis." --Sheila
Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

"In 1990 my wife was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver by biopsy. With
medicines given by doctors she held her own until 2000, at which time she
started to have other multiple problems which placed her on the transplant list
for a liver. After a year and a half on the transplant list she was further
diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. After numerous stays in the
hospital, additional medicines and being put on oxygen full time, the doctors
determined she wasn't strong enough to go through a liver/lung transplant and
took her off the transplant listing. The last time in the hospital was July
2002 and when I brought her home she was in an essentially comatose state,
sleeping all the time and not able to move around by herself. The doctors
called and said she had only 'weeks to 2 months left'. As this was totally
unexceptable, we decided to go another route. On August 3rd, 2002 we went to an
Iridologist and went on an herbal program. After one week she could breathe and
move around by herself. It is now October 12th, 2002 and we are still holding
in there. We are still a long way from being 'cured', if possible, but the
outlook is sure better than the doctors gave us. A listing of Pure Herbs
products used: A.E.A.-B, L.-W, HT. Comb., Herbal Adjustment, P.C.-C, Red Clover
Blended, Milk Thistle plus other enzyme formulas and minerals. Note: Blood
tests are still showing high readings, but they are starting to come down some.
Thank God, Pure Herbs and all the people that have helped us with prayers."
Don Farris, Buffalo, KY

"This past spring I was having trouble breathing. I went to the Herb House to
see if they would help me. I started taking Thyme. In only a few days my
breathing was strong and I no longer felt like I was smothering. It was so
amazing! Thanks so much. If any one should have trouble breathing I would
highly recommend Thyme. I go to the Herb House in Covington, IN and the people
there are so helpful and nice." --JeanAnne Montague, Perrysville, IN

"I have been taking R. & S.-W for my nerves and it works better than anything
I've ever taken. You all really know what you are doing! Keep up the good
work!" --Kevin McKinney

"This testimonial is for the products, Arnica Oil Blend and R.S.T.-C (Repair
Scar Tissue). My husband had a hernia repair last October. It was bad enough
that the doctor had to put a mesh in place. My husband continued for two months
with severe pain and severe constipation. His doctor said be patient, a man of
his age, 66, will take quite a while to heal and sent him home. I suspected he
had adhesions and had him see our family doctor. The scan confirmed a terrible
amount of adhesions. The doctor told us to use whatever means naturally to
help, because more surgery would cause more problems. I researched Pure Herbs
and made a poultice of Arnica Oil Blend and R.S.T.-C externally daily.
Internally he took R.S.T.-C 3x/day. Within one week he began to feel better.
Within six weeks the scar tissue was gone along with the pain and no more
constipation. Thank you Pure Herbs." --Janice McComb, Herb Specialist,
Danville, IN

"We received a newsletter from Richard Dicks stating that Purple Loosestrife eye
washes got rid of cataracts. My husband decided to try it. He had received
word from eye doctors last year that his one eye which has had a cataract in it,
but not growing, was now starting to grow and the other eye was just starting
with a cataract. He decided to do one eye at a time one drop four times per
day. It does sting for a few minutes. He did each eye for 10 days. The eye
doctor just recently checked his eyes and behold - no cataracts! Thanks so
much!" P.S. "This does sting for a few seconds." -- John & Noel Nye, Ramsey,

"Smidge, Deloris Sipes grand dog took L.6W (last six weeks) the last week of her
pregnancy and safely and easily delivered on July 31, 2002. She continued to
take L.6W until her owner determined that the milk production was too much. The
puppies are little butter balls and Smidge is a perfect mother. Thanks for all
you do!" --Deloris Sipes, Midland, TX

"Since childhood, my two front teeth overlapped due to crowding. When in my mid
thirties it became fashionable for mature adults to wear braces and so I did,
six months later the braces came off. The teeth were straight, but I was
expected to wear a retainer which felt uncomfortable to me so I tossed it aside.
Shortly after, the teeth overlapped again so I started using A.C.S. and within a
year my teeth were straight again. I use A.C.S. to this day. At first I used
40 drops three times daily and now I use 40 drops twice daily. An extra bonus
is that my jaw cracking is gone. Thank you Pure Herbs for your wonderful
formulas." --Simone Gaiarin, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"When we returned home from our vacation we found our 3 year old Silky Terrier
on the brink of death. Evidently he had been having diarrhea and had been
throwing up all day. He was so severely dehydrated that he was unable to walk
and was listless and almost unconscious. My daughter was hysterical! She
wanted us to take Bailey to the vet, but I knew he was near death, so we decided
to use our herb arsenal instead. Since I didn't know what was causing the dog's
illness (infection, poisoning or possibly a flea or tick bite reaction), I just
grabbed all the poison antidote and antibiotic herbs, as well as A.C.S. and
Research Formula, which would help with the dehydration factor. I began at 10
p.m. administering A.C.S., Research Formula, Black Cohosh, Virginia Snake Root,
IM.S.-W, A.M.F.-W, and W.-W, all by a small dropper intermittently with
droppers of water, and kept this going until almost 2 a.m. (four hours). Bailey
threw up the herbs twice during this process, but by 2 a.m., he was able to get
up and walk to where his dry food and water had remained untouched during the
day, and began to drink water on his own and also began to eat! I stayed
watching him about 30 minutes after that and felt it was safe to go to sleep.
In the morning, we had a brand new puppy! Bailey was back to normal, as if
nothing had ever happened! I am convinced that if we had taken Bailey to the
vet, the dog would probably have died. My daughter wants to become a vet
someday and I hope she will, after seeing the amazing results and use herbs
whenever possible to treat her animals. Thank you Pure Herbs!" --Roxanne
Rodriguez, McAllen, TX

"Additional uses for Virginia Snake Root: I have a client who has dealt with
both environmental and food allergies/sensitivities for many years. This
wonderful woman, coming from a Jamaican background, is delightfully unaffected
by the sensationalistic media which aims to frighten people away from herbs.
After she had made marked improvements with de-toxification, she still had some
problems with certain foods and environmental symptoms. After supplying her
with Virginia Snake Root to have on hand in case one of her smaller children
should need an anti-poison remedy for mosquito bites or accidental ingestion of
toxic materials; she surmised (I wish I had thought of this) that the body
regards any material that is either undigested or an overload to a sensitive or
toxic body, as poison…..that Virginia Snake Root may be helpful to neutralize
the reaction in your body. Now she carries it with her when out to dinner, for
instance, so that she can immediately neutralize the percepted poisons and avoid
symptoms. So please keep Virginia Snake Root in your herb cabinet for those
times when allergies prevail. The herb can be taken both internally and applied
topically for whatever the situation demands." --Dr. Gael Struck-Riverz, N.D.,
Hartland, WI

"Sports Cream Plus is the best cream I have used for my aches and pains,
especially my neck, which has suffered four whiplashes. I find It also works
really well on all other joints and muscles that may be painful. Whatever the
pain of the day is, Sports Cream Plus will make it feel so much better. I love
the smell of it too! I use it after I shower and at night before I go to bed.
Try it, you'll like it!" --Marcella Angelou, Basking Ridge, NJ

"Repeatedly I had heard that Oil of Cajeput was helpful with the flu and colds,
yet I'd not tried using it. After nearly four months of listening to my 13 year
old daughter complain about stuffy sinuses and sinus headaches from a cold in
December of 2001, I decided to try the Cajeput. To my amazement her sinuses
opened up in under a week and three of us in the family who were suffering
colds, rid ourselves in a few days by sniffing the Oil. Also, my son got
through a nasty flu with very sticky mucus in the nose and chest by using the
Oil of Cajeput. Lastly, my third child who'd had a boil since November on her
thigh, used the Oil on it and it is now almost gone. I respect this Oil and its
many uses. Thank you!" --The Twill family, Summit, NJ

"I want to thank Edna Ford for starting me on A.E.A.-B extract for my asthma.
Before taking it I would get bronchitis two or three times a year. Since taking
the A.E.A.-B I haven't had bronchitis for over a year. I will continue to take
this product in hopes of never getting bronchitis ever again." --E. M. L.,
Riverview, FL

"My feet, around my heels, developed this thick skin that appeared to be out of
control. Once it was soaked you could begin to remove it, but it was spreading.
I used tea tree oil and kept after it and thought I'd won the battle. However,
it came back and I finally made an appointment with the Podiatrist who was
stumped. Since my visit wasn't until the following week I decided to try and
use Olive Leaf extract and it was improving by leaps and bounds. When I went to
see my Podiatrist I explained what I did. I left information on Olive Leaf
extract and cancelled my follow up visit. Thank you, Olive Leaf extract!"
Robert Martin, Collingswood, NJ

"I have type 1 diabetes and have developed moderate to severe neuropathy (nerve
suffering) of the right leg and both feet, and also the stomach and chest
nerves. Most days my feet burned uncomfortably by the end of the day, and my
legs felt numb and stressed. Also, I used to get sensations of my heartbeat
racing, if my blood sugars dropped too low, or were too high, but lately the
neuropathy of those nerves have given no warning of this. I told a friend about
these problems and she suggested I try N.P.-T. I used the N.P.-T externally on
my legs, feet and low back to see if I could get some relief. After applying
the combination for two days, morning and evening, I felt such blessed relief
that it was almost unimaginable to me that the herbs could supply so much
relief. I decided to try applying this combination to my stomach and am pleased
with the results. My enormous gratitude to Pure Herbs products and my good
friend, Bonnie Miller!" --Patricia Ross, Shelby Twp, MI

"A few months ago I visited my Primary Care Physician for a toenail fungus. I
had had the same toenail removed twice before by other physicians over the past
five years and each time after growing back, the fungus returned. He asked me
what I wanted to do. When I told him I wanted to get rid of the fungus and keep
the nail, he suggested a polish, told me I would have to use at least four
bottles to get rid of it and it would take approximately two months. I went to
pick up the prescription and it was $165.00 per bottle! When I realized my
insurance would not cover it I called my physician. He told me he would not
prescribe anything else because it could cause liver damage. I had a bottle of
Oil of Cajeput which I had purchased for a candida protocol. I called my CNHP
(Certified Natural Health Professional) and she told me to use the Oil of
Cajeput along with some other things. My husband told me to just try the Oil of
Cajeput by itself, since I already had a bottle. In the past the fungus got
closer to the base of the nail as the nail grew out. After using the Oil of
Cajeput the nail grew, but as the nail grew out so did the fungus." --L. O.,
Acworth, GA

"Ever since 1982 I have had severe allergies. Nothing the doctors have
prescribed has helped. My aunt told me to go see Reuben Schwartz. I saw him in
May 2002 and he told me to try S.I.A.-R (Sinus and Allergy - Reuben Schwartz).
Since I have been on this product I haven't had a problem with allergies. My
first spring without burning eyes, stuffy nose and sneezing. I can breath!!!
Thank you so much!!! I am now singing the praises about Reuben Schwartz and
Pure Herbs, Ltd." --John Turner, Louisville, KY "I purchased a bottle of Ol'
Number 11 for myself, I have lower back problems and had tried DSK which didn't
much help me, so I was told to try Ol' Number 11. The DSK does help my husband,
he swears by it! Anyways, the Ol' Number 11 didn't seem to help me, but here is
my testimony: Our family dog, Nugget, who was 15 years old at the time I used
the Ol' Number 11, was trying to jump on the couch and her back legs were not
strong enough and she fell back. I thought she broke her legs. I took her to
the vet and she said she didn't break anything, just might have hyperextended
them or sprained them pretty bad. Well, with her being 15 at the time I thought
we would have to put her to sleep, but I wasn't going to give up! I decided to
try the Ol' Number 11 on her one leg and also to pray a lot for her. By the
third day she was able to walk on the one leg. Praise the Lord!!! The next day
I started applying the Ol' Number 11 to both of her hind legs. After a couple
of days she was walking stronger than ever. Thanks for distributing a product
that a lot of people know works." --Cheryl McGowen, Urbana, OH

"After years of suffering with ankle pain from sports injuries, I was scheduled
for ankle fusion surgery. Since there were no successful results from former
individuals who had this surgery done, I decided to cancel the procedure. I
found out about an athletic injury therapist, Rawle Morris in Beaverton, Oregon
(Back in Motion). Rawle inspected my ankles and found them to be the worst
ankles he'd ever seen. He began therapy on them and had me rub on Big Five and
Arnica. He also told me I could take C.C.E.-W, CA.-W, Capsicum, A.C.S. and
Grape Seed for a maintenance program. I did as he advised and after six months
much of the pain is gone from my more painful ankle (the right one). We are now
working on my left ankle which is realigning and causing pain. I know this is a
somewhat long process, but I know with time I will be able to walk again
without excruciating pain. Rawle Morris is a fantastic friend and therapist and
Pure Herbs are also my friends!" --Merlin Ludwig, Portland, OR

"A friend of mine has been trying to get pregnant for over two years. Her
gynecologist diagnosed a thyroid problem and Endometriosis, but never prescribed
medication to correct these problems, thank goodness! After seeing Reuben
Schwartz and taking T.-W and Red Clover Blended for six months, not only did her
condition improve she is now two months pregnant. Also, my 13 year old daughter
went to Reuben with Endometriosis in October of 2001. She had been complaining
of abdominal pain frequently. After several months of the Red Clover Blended
she is now pain free. I am so thankful we caught this early. Reuben Schwartz
and Pure Herbs are truly gifts from God." --Bobbi Cooper, Bowling Green, KY

"I am so thankful and grateful to God and Joan Thompson for the custom blend
called E.H.2-T which is the only product I have found to help with depression.
I was not able to use the E.H.-T because it contains St. Johns Wort whereas the
E.H.2-T does not. I have type O blood and cannot tolerate St. Johns Wort.
Also, the E.H.2-T contains an herb called Wolfberry Root which helps to lower my
blood pressure and sugar levels. This blend has been a blessing to me for the
above reasons and because I do not have to take prescription medication for
depression. I don't know what I would do with out it. Thanks so much!" Lynn
Schamens, Becker, MN

"My name is Juliann. I want to thank you for your products! Last year my nine
year old daughter was bitten by a brown recluse spider in the arm. I had never
heard about brown recluses before. Well, my homework only began . . . I took my
daughter to the emergency room after one of my friends said the bug bite was by
a brown recluse. I got on the internet to look up information about brown
recluses. It was a scary ordeal. The outcome looked grim. At the hospital the
doctor said there was nothing they could do but put steroid cream on her arm and
give her antibiotics then wait it out to see how much damage the bite would
make. Then the next step would be to give my daughter skin graphs to repair the
damage. Luckily, I listened to my own inner guide and called a macrobiotic
counselor and friend. By this time the bite had ulcerated to the size of a
dime, with a hole, dark red in color. My friend suggested aloe vera gel and
instantly the hole started to turn white. The aloe vera cooled the wound. I
wasn't satisfied enough with that so the next day . . . by the guidance from
God, I was lead to a local health store which is no longer in business. There I
was turned on to your product P.A.-K and another product called green clay which
is from another company. I made the mixture and applied it to my daughters
wound. It pulled the infection out and later I healed the surface of the skin
with an aloe vera, colloidal silver and tea tree mixture. If not for your
product, I feel my daughter would have gone through a tremendous ordeal at the
hospital and with surgery that would have left scars on her body and emotional
trauma for life. A few days later I took her to Vanderbilt for them to check
the wound just to be sure it was healing. The doctor there told me whatever I
was doing to just keep it up and that the wound was healing and there was
nothing else they could do to help it along. Sooooo, after a long story, A BIG
THANK YOU!!!!" --Juliann Gates, Hendersonville, TN

"During 1999, my pregnant daughter complained of side effects of iron tablets
prescribed by her doctor. I encouraged her to try HI.I-W. She started with 20
drops and increased to 30 drops per day. Within three days she was calling and
telling me how much energy she had and how much better she was feeling.
Needless to say, she continued throughout her pregnancy and delivered a strong,
healthy, millennium baby boy. I also had a friend try a bottle of HI.I.-W
because she complained of low energy. She was amazed at how much better she
felt after several days. She uses 40 drops three times per day following
menstruation." --Ellen Sumner, Harrisonburg, VA

"My name is Rick Louden, Edna Ford's son. I'm the co-creator of the formulas
you manufacture for us. (F. & F. -F, IS.-F, & HR.-F) My mom said I should
write and tell you about our use of the F. & F.-F, so here it is. My wife Paula
has I.H.S.S. heart (Idiopathic Hypertrophic Sub-Aortic Stenosis). She is the
longest lived survivor of this condition. We give F.& F.-F a lot of the credit
for this as she has to go into I.C.U. at the least bit of a fever. With her
heart condition, the flu can be deadly. Thanks to taking the F. & F. -F at the
first sign of illness, she hasn't been in the hospital (for illness) for many
years. Also, a man I knew at work contracted genital herpes (this was years
before we submitted the formulas to Pure Herbs). He asked if there was anything
I knew of that could help with the horrible outbreaks. An Amish herbalist
friend (Solomon Wickey) had told us that our F. & F.-F formula (by his testing)
should kill just about any virus it was used on. So, I did a viral purge on my
friend and gave him 120 drops to take 10 drops at a time in 8oz. of water over a
period of 24 to 48 hours. I told him not to drink anything else in that time.
Shortly after that he left the shop and moved South. Last year he came back to
work here. The first thing he did when he saw me was give me a big hug! He
told me he hadn't had a single reoccurrence since the day I gave him the F. &
F.-F. Furthermore, while in New Orleans, he had blood tests run and he tested
negative for the herpes virus. We tried the same regimen for the lady he
contracted the herpes virus from. She has not had an outbreak since! If I
contracted an 'incurable' virus, I'd take the F. & F.-F and do a virus purge as
well. Then in a few weeks I'd get retested just to be sure it had worked. I've
had many other testimonials given to me of people with all kinds of different
viruses that were helped using F. & F.-F." --Richard Louden, Connersville, IN

"In May of 1999, I was diagnosed with a periodontal pocket in my lower jaw
tooth. I started using Pure Herbs Myrrh in my dental irrigation system, and
within four months my dental hygienist noticed an improvement. I have continued
using the Myrrh once a night since that time. In July 2001, I tried a bottle of
T.G.&P.-W. I used this instead of the Myrrh (40 drops in the irrigation
system). Upon an October 10th dental appointment, I was surprised to learn
there had been more gum improvement. This was in spite of the fact that I had
been under a tremendous amount of stress the past several months. My dental
hygienist was so impressed that she requested information on this Pure Herbs
product. To date, I am continuing with the T.G.&P.-W and occasionally using the
straight Myrrh instead." --Ellen Sumner, Harrisonburg, VA

"The end of last year was a very sad time for me and my family. My father
passed away. I would like, though, to share a blessing and that is that my
father did not suffer. He also knew who he was, who we were, where he was and
he was virtually pain free. The only prescriptions he had from the medical
doctor during his last eight months were for his thyroid. He had been on 80
grams of Lasix a day when we brought him home from the nursing home. We used
UR.-W, Pleurisy Root, and Milk Thistle internally to keep his legs and ankles
from swelling and to get him functioning free of the Lasix. We used T.L.-C,
E.T.I.-W (my husband rubbed it on and around my fathers neck and ears) to keep
his upper respiratory and chest free of mucus and the wheezing caused from my
fathers congestive heart condition. To heal his bed sores, we applied Arnica
Oil Blend and Olive Leaf. All of the medical and health care people who visited
my father regularly commented on how healthy he looked and how good his color
was! When my father passed, he passed without violence, anguish or pain. He
just went to sleep. What better blessing is there?" --The Courter's, Valley
View, TX

"I have heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle and am also menopausal. My
medical doctor put me on Ibuprofen 400 mg. one or two tablets by mouth three
times a day. While they do stop the heavy bleeding, I feared what else this
medication might be doing to me. I did not want any side effects from the
Ibuprofen so I started using the herb Shepherds Purse which stopped the
bleeding. When my menstrual cycle has gone for four days, I take the Shepherds
Purse and the bleeding stops. Before I was having a heavy period for seven to
nine days. I also take Greasewood daily and it also help me with my female
problems." --A.F., Detroit, MI

"After being diagnosed with a severe case of osteoarthritis in my right hip
during March of 2000, I knew I would have to be pro-active in dealing with this
serious situation. Being a believer in alternative methods, I tried
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Sam-e, and vitamin and mineral supplementation.
In March of 2001, I added CA.-W 80 drops three times per day. After several
months I dropped back to 40 drops three times per day. Beginning in March of
2001, I had complemented my treatment plan with visits to an osteopathic
physician. These visits helped with range of motion and some pain reduction.
In April of 2001, I added 40 drops of Irish Moss three times per day, after
meals. After six to eight weeks, I noticed improvement in the pain level in my
hip. No other treatments had been used during that time. Most of my pain
reduction, I noticed, came after taking the Irish Moss. To date, I have been
able to prevent a total hip replacement." --Ellen Sumner, Harrisonburg, VA

"I had been going to a medical doctor and he had me taking eight different drugs
and told me I had a bad heart. I went to Nashville, Tennessee to St. Thomas
Hospital two times to see about it, but they didn't help because they said I had
a blood clot in my heart. I came back home and went to see Reuben Schwartz and
he told me it was my thyroid and that I also had something wrong with my heart.
He started me on the following herbs: H.T. Comb., Herbal Adjustment, Sanicle,
Target TSII, O.C.-M, A.C.S, and Sassafras. I started feeling better within two
weeks. I have been back since, to see Reuben and he says I am doing fine. I
feel great! If it weren't for Reuben I don't think I would be alive today. I
believe with the proper usage of herbs they can be better in some cases than
prescribed medication as the herbs are natural. They were in my case." --Thelma
Bacon, Tompkinsville, KY

"I have had herpes (on my ear lobe, of all places) for about 20 years. For
about a year now, I have had one flare-up after another with that constant
itchy, tingly feeling in between. The Zovirax that the doctor gave me didn't
help, Lysine didn't help and Lemon Balm didn't help. I heard about IVY-D and
ordered some immediately! I took three droppers full internally and I applied a
couple of drops on my skin (at the ear). The next day that feeling was gone! I
continued to take it internally and rub it on externally until the 1 oz. bottle
was gone. I haven't had herpes since. I just can't believe how fast it worked!
I keep a bottle handy in case I feel a flare-up coming on, but so far I haven't
needed it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" --K.L, Irmo, SC

"Milk Thistle - the liver's best friend! This is the best protector and
detoxifier of the liver. The major constituent is silymarin , which encourages
the liver to produce its own type of toxic avengers. I personally use it every
day as a preventative in my own personal program. I want my liver to function
as optimal as possible." --Marcella Angelou, Basking Ridge, NJ

"Geneva Gile suggested that I write you about my successful use of Purple
Loosestrife to remove a cataract in my right eye. In February of 1999, my right
eye was bothering me when reading. My medical doctor said it wouldn't hurt my
eye to read with the glasses I had. When I returned home I went directly to see
Geneva and she sold me a bottle of Purple Loosestrife. After about 3 days I
picked this jelly like mass from the corner of my eye. I have been fine ever
since. I read with my right eye and see distance with my left eye." --A. H.

"I have been taking Pure Herbs for a long time. In 1999 my back and buttocks
became so painful, I could barely get up and down. I went to a chiropractor,
but his help was only temporary. By chance I started taking Red Clover Blend
and Super Bugs to keep the flu away. After taking them both for about a month,
40 drops 3x/day, I passed a mass of tissue through the bowels and I haven't had
anymore low back pain since. Also, I have stayed on both these supplements and
I haven't had the flu. I am so thankful that they have helped me. Thank you
for these fine products!" --C. J., Bloomington, IN

"For all of you ladies who are going through 'the change,' I have found that
S.M.& W-S (Stimulant for men & women -Solomon Wickey) is WONDERFUL!!! It really
helps out with the 'hot flashes' and it is very soothing. For myself, I use
four droppers three times a day. I hope others will try this awesome product
and have as much success as I have had in relieving 'hot flashes'. As we women
know, going through 'the change' is a real challenge, but with Doc and his herbs
it has truly made a difference. Thank you Doc and the girls for everything!"
L. Zirger, Lakewood, CO

"After wheezing for 15 years, it was suggested by a Pure Herbs expert that I use
Astragalus for my immune system. So I listened and I'm happy to say I've not
used my inhalers (which I used to help me breath after I started wheezing) in
about 8 months. I am able to clean my house, walk in the fertilizer dept at K
Mart, play with my cat and NO WHEEZING." --Chris Belter, Ormond Beach, FL

"I am only 53 and for several years when I got out of bed I used to walk like I
was 90 years old, all crunched over taking only baby steps at first. Now I get
out of bed and I feel like I'm 20 again. I attribute this to all of the herbs I
have been taking for a couple of years now, especially the A.C.S. I take A.C.S.
(for mineral supplementation), Astragalus (to build my immune system), Yokum
(for hot flashes) which works unbelievably well, M.G.-W (for energy and to
nourish the glands), Herbal Adjustment (for circulation), and Vita-Lixir (for
vitamin supplementation). I have recently added to my daily regime: N.-W (for
my nerves), Milk Thistle (for my liver), B.C.-W (to cleanse my blood), Vitamin A
& D (for my skin and eyes), and Vitamin E (as an antioxidant). For anyone
wondering how I take all of these herbs at a time here is what I do: I use
small containers called smidgets (from Tupperware) you could also use their
midgets (which are normally used for salad dressing or to hold cake
decorations), or you could use film containers. Basically, anything small
enough to store easily and with a lid. What I do is every Sunday I line up my
smidgets and fill them with my mixture of herbs. I make enough to take twice
daily for one or two weeks. This helps me to remember to take my herbs
regularly and saves me time when in a hurry, like most everyone is. I usually
add a bit of juice to my container of herbs when I go to take them and then down
the hatch they go! Thank you Pure Herbs you have improved my health." --Kathy
Fallon, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

"My granddaughter Melissa when she was 12 was diagnosed by the hospital with
mono. She couldn't swallow and her spleen was so swollen the doctor said she
would have to start school late and would not be able to play any sports that
year due to the danger of her getting hit in the spleen causing a hemorrhage
which could be life threatening. I applied Peppermint Oil, IVY-D, and Herbal
Adjustment to her spine and on her neck twice in the morning and twice in the
evening. She could only drink sips of water because her throat was so sore.
With the sips of water I gave her internally, 20 drops of Oregon Grape, 20 drops
of A.C.S., and 20 drops of Sage to cleanse her lymph nodes. By the third
evening following the above procedures she was felling well. Two weeks later
her doctor confirmed that Melissa's spleen was normal and that she could start
school on time and play sports if she wanted." --Willys Judware, Brewer, ME

"Michael Slider is five years old. Last week he put the palm of his hand on his
grandmother's hot stove. Michael responded with screaming and crying, until I
applied Pure Herbs Arnica to his burn. Arnica removed the trauma and
immediately Michael stopped crying. He has not had as much as a blister or even
redness on that hand. We think Arnica is next to a miracle! Thanks!" --Karryn
Slider, mother, Covington, IN


"This is my son, Christopher Ames. Picture one was taken before his accident;
he was a normal healthy six year old getting out of the swimming pool. Picture
two and three are at his 7th birthday party 6 months after his accident. Our
dog leaped into the air after a toy Chris was playing with and came down on
Chris' face. We would soon learn he had a lacerated cornea-center of his pupil.
The doctor sent us to the cornea specialist in Indianapolis where he became the
most serious patient they were caring for. They told us Chris had parasites,
bacterial infection and fungus because of the dogs dirty paw. Their
concentration was on killing these infections and hopefully save the eye. After
an experimental eye drop they put together, and traveling day after day 150
miles to Indy, and a biopsy as well, they felt he was very lucky to have saved
the eye. Now the only hope they gave me of improving his vision was to come
back for a cornea transplant when he was 19. His vision was now 220/20, and he
was legally blind in that eye. He was suffering from intense pain which can be
seen in pictures 2 and 3. He almost never relaxed his face or uncovered his
eye. Sometimes he would put a coat or towel over his head to completely shut
out all light. His face was always red and twisted. Since the doctor released
us to go back to the eye doctor in Danville for follow ups, I wanted to do
something before our 2 week visit. We stopped at the Herb House in Covington,
IN. My hope and prayer was that there would be something to help with the pain.
We started Chris on a new product called R.S.T.-C for scar tissue. I put 3
droppers full under his tongue 3 times a day. After only 6 days, he put his
hand down, opened his eye and the redness was gone. When we saw the doctor they
questioned me about what I was giving him because his eye was now 150/20 and
improving. After 3 bottles his eye sight is 69/20 and his beautiful face is
back! Picture number 4. Thank you! Praise the Lord!" --Peggy Ames, mother,
Danville, IL.

"A picture tells a lot! The testimony above reminds us of the scripture that
says, 'and the blind shall see'. We were ecstatic over Chris' recovery! Thank
you for R.S.T.-C. R.S.T.-C stands for Repair Scar Tissue. R.S.T.-C works on
any kind of scar tissue anywhere in the body. Operations often cause scar
tissue (the doctors call it adhesions) which create problems. It is often
necessary to have another operation just to remove the scar tissue from the
first surgery, and then another to remove scar tissue from the last surgery,
etc., etc. We have many wonderful testimonies about how R.S.T.-C removed the
scar tissue which enabled people to avoid further surgeries. Adhesions often
cause pain. R.S.T.-C has been very successful at relieving pain, often in only
1 week." --Lon & Sherry Slider, Herb House, Covington, IN

"I would like to share with you how you can keep your cost down for heating this
winter. Last year I was able to keep my thermostat between 60-64 degrees
without freezing. I have a sponge on a long plastic stick and I put Herbal
Adjustment on this sponge. I put the Herbal Adjustment all the way up my spine,
around my neck, shoulders and across the girdle on the hips. And, if you really
get cold put it on the bottoms of your feet. I haven't had to do that because I
keep warm without it. Some people who have done this say it burns when they
take a shower the next day, but if they perservere the burning will stop. This
is how I have been able to keep my money in my pocket and out of the heating
source's pocket! Thanks again for Herbal Adjustment!" --Jan, Herbs and Things,
Brighton, CO

"Let me tell you of two experiences with Oil of Cajeput. Five years ago my
husbands' aunt had gangrene in two of her toes. She refused surgery to amputate
her foot. She was 92 then. She came here with us from the hospital and I
started soaking her feet daily and putting Oil of Cajeput on the two toes and
bandaged her foot ever day for about nine months. Here's the miracle. The
black rotting toes dried up gradually and fell of in the bandage one morning.
Our doctor checked the foot and cut the bone away and we cared for the area a
few months more until the skin healed over. She's 97 now and not a diabetic. A
month ago my husband went to our doctor for a check-up. He had a fungus
infection under his big toe. The nail was lifted up and didn't look good. Our
doctor said the medicine for fungal infection wasn't good for his liver so I
told him I would try 'my herbs' first. I treated his foot with Oil of Cajeput
every night. I soaked the foot in true soap and a few drops of Oil of Cajeput
in the water. Then I rubbed Pure Herbs Aloe all over the cracks in his skin and
put a few drops of Cajeput under the nail every night. I did this for three
weeks and his foot looks good. It's all dried up under the nail and the cracks
are looking good too." --Jane Coons, Johnstown, NY

"I would like to share with you how I helped the man I recently married who had
viral pneumonia. His medical doctor had given him up for dead (really!) because
he had weak lungs anyway and said there was nothing that could be done. One
lung was entirely black and the second was about half gone. I had never met a
man with a sweeter Christian heart, I did what I could. I used about ten
different 'mixes' and single herbs; most specifically virus fighter Bee Propolis
and Pleurisy Root. I have always blessed the day I first heard of Pure Herbs
(they turned my own health completely around!) but now . . . I keep my new
husband on a maintenance program of herbs for liver detoxification and lung
healing and he is learning the use of many herbs. He's gotten to where he asks
for specific things as he needs them. We keep a 'medicine chest' of herbs such
as Oil of Cajeput (everything from brushing teeth to healing sores), Ol' Number
11, and Red Clover Blended (questionable 'sun spots) for a variety of ills. The
contagious sinus-y thing that goes around seems to respond well to snorting
S.I.-W (startling, but worth it) several times a day for several days in a row.
I also wanted to mention that my husband has had severe problems with the so
called 'reflux' disease. Turning him into a guinea pig, I used the hypothesis
that the real problem for most people is not too much acid, but insufficient
digestive enzymes (as identified in past Pure Herbs research). I got him
chewable because reflux individuals have trouble swallowing at times. The
difference is amazing. He previously swallowed tums like candy, to no avail,
and would choke himself awake at night. Now he sleeps through the night and no
longer has the bloating, stomach discomfort, pain and choking. Maybe this can
help someone else?" --Diane Floerchinger, Littleton, CO

"In July of 1999 I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease). The
medical doctor immediately wanted to give me radioactive iodine to kill the
thyroid. In August 1999 I went to another doctor who did more tests which
confirmed the diagnosis. But I just didn't see any sense in killing an organ in
my body. In September I went to see Doctor Watkins at his office in Southfield
and he put me on a regime to clean, repair, eliminate viral poisons and reduce
trauma to the thyroid. I applied Black Cohosh, Burdock, Ol' Number 11, and
Arnica to my neck and over my thyroid area twice a day and took one tablespoon
of Ol' Number 11 orally. On my return to the medical doctor in December, my
thyroid hormone levels were normal. The doctor was amazed! He had never had
such a turn-around from full blown Graves Disease. The doctor told me that
whatever I did to get better, not to tell anyone, because it would put him out
of business!" --Carol Schmitz, Commerce Twp., MI

"I just wanted to let you know that my mother-in-law came down with severe
Rheumatoid arthritis. She went to a medical doctor who just shook his head and
gave her medication to stop the pain. He said there was nothing more he could
do. We decided to attack it naturally. Asking around, we found that it can
come from silicon implants. We began cleansing. Of all the products we used
(many herbs) I have to attribute much of the success to Research Formula. This
neutralized the toxins as they were being cleansed from her system. If Research
Formula wasn't used she could have become poisoned. After only two-four weeks
the improvement was remarkable. She could sleep at night with no shoulder pain.
She even called to say (in tears) that she could get on her knees and pray
again!!! Her hands can straighten now and the knots have gone down 50%. She's
on her way. I must again say hooray for Pure Herbs!" --Lana Comstock,
Magnolia, TX

"One of our customers had a girl that was nervous because she didn't want to go
to school. They wanted to hold her back in her grade. The girl started taking
Pure Herbs B.N.C.-W and is now doing a lot better." --A Friend

"One of our children was so absent-minded, forgetful, and had a real hard time
in school and would bite his finger nails off that we were told to try the
B.N.C.-W. We had good results. His grades in school went from almost failing
to an 82 (B) average, he quit biting his finger nails and isn't so irratible
when he takes his herbs regularly." --Miriam Yoder's clients, Reedsville, PA

"I have been taking supplements for over 20 years for numerous ailments, even
though my doctors said they really weren't necessary. I had very low blood
pressure, I was very weak , depressed and moody. I also had stomach and gall
bladder problems. At my requests my doctor did a thyroid and blood sugar test.
He told me they showed no problems. Then, I finally saw an Iridologist, Reuben
Schwartz who recommended I try H.I.K.-W for blood sugar and craving sweeets, T.
W for my thyroid, Licorice Root for my adrenals and Big 5 and Peppermint Oil for
my back pain (resulting from an auto accident). I also took S.I.-W for my sinus
problems and it was very helpful. Since then I continue to use these herbal
products and my son and husband even use some of the herbs for their problems.
We all feel much better. I am so thankful for God sending these people and
herbs to help us. We feel obligated to give our testimonials and help as many
other people as we can. The reason is they really do work, but only if you take
them!" --Virginia Rountree, Brownsville, KY

"I am happy to say in my experiences truly your products are the best! Tom
Slider introduced me to Pure Herbs about 4 years ago. One day upon looking in
my brother-in-laws eyes, I saw glaucoma, he however know of his condition, his
mother had it as well. I suggested B.&B.-W. After one bottle, he returned to
his eye specialist to find the glacuoma was gone and his hearing was better as
well. I'm saddened to say people with long-standing conditions don't realize
what true maintenance is until they have had the condition for a year or two and
it becomes a cronic condition and keeps reoccuring. Now when my brother-in-law
orders B.&B.-W he orders it two bottles at a time. He says he will never be
without the herbs again. I say, 'thank God for the Pure Herbs family.'"
Rashawn Douglas, Camden, NJ

"My husband had congestion in the base of his throat for seven months. Three
doctors gave him prescriptions for a nasal drip. Finally, the third doctor took
an EKG and sent him to a heart doctor. The congestion was a symptom of a heart
problem, an enlarged weak heart. Richard Dicks told us to try Stone Root and in
two days it was cleared up. He is still taking it and the congestion hasn't
come back. My husband is now on H.T. Combination and Lily of the Valley &
Blessed Thistle and is feeling stronger. I also have a testimony to share. I
took Stone Root and my hemorroids were gone in 2 weeks." --Barbara Hastey,
Dover, NJ

"For stubborn sinus problems use the following: 4oz. Distilled water with 20
drops of Olive Leaf Extract. Shake the bottle a few times and drop up your
nostrils four times a day. Easy and it works! Olive Leaf removes bacteria,
viruses, fungus, and parasites, even in your sinuses. Olive Leaf along with Red
Clover Blended removes 'cancerous tumors'. Also, Sanicle should be added if
there are several tumors. One man I have helped had 42 tumors - malignant and
the third time they returned verified by Cat Scan. Two bottles each of Olive
Leaf and Red Clover Blended and there were only 21 tumors, verified by Cat Scan.
He has continued with the 'program' and upon last check only had 14 tumors and
they are shrinking. He then decided to cancel his planned surgery. He looks
and feels great! On the riddance of herpes: 40 drops of Olive Leaf three times
a day. It may take two or three bottles to clear this out of the system, but it
will and it does! This includes Shingles too. I recommend Olive Leaf first and
then I go after whatever else is left, if anything at all!" --Judith Lorraine,
Denver, CO

"I had a mother come to me for help with her seven year old son who was showing
signs of compulsive behavior. He was changing his clothes up to seven times
before going to school and constantly washing his hands. I suggested she try
S.M.F.-B, Gotu Kola, and Five Good. They noticed a difference right away. When
they ran out of his herbs he started going back to his behavior again. As soon
as they put him back on the herbs he showed signs of improvement again. Also, I
have seen these herbs work on children who have trouble concentrating in
school." --Geneva Gile, Irasburg, VT

"After already seven years of success with herbs, regarding seasonal allergies
with children, I was very excited to try Pure Herbs A.E.A.-B. My oldest
daughter had developed bronchitits in the Fall when allergies and molds were
holding up in between frosts. This cough reoccurred in January with frigid
temperatures and artificial home heat. I knew Spring pollen would be a bother
for her cough. Naturally, after two weeks of A.E.A.-B she hasn't developed the
cough and has only minor phlegm from early pollens. The best news is that she
isn't on Zyrtec daily anymore, which was prescribed after Claritin wasn't
helping (both of these are prescription drugs). Thank you Pure Herbs!" --Sally
Twill, Summit, NJ

"When our daughter was just six weeks old, our pediatrician decided to
administer the vaccines recommended for children at two months, which are five
different shots! We were nervous about this and only let them give her three
shots with the understanding we would come back in a week for the other two.
Needless to say, our daughter had a terrible reaction and almost choked to
death! We did not take her back for any more shots! After researching
vaccines, we have discovered that contrary to what the medical profession
advocates, vaccines actually damage our children's developing immune systems,
making our children their patients for life. We immediately consulted with
Bella Vladimirsky (she contacted Dr. Watkins) and both recommended we try IMS-W,
rubbing a few drops on our daughter's feet three times a day to strengthen her
immune system. We also are using Alfalfa & Vita-Lixer on the soles of her feet
in the same manner. I am thrilled to tell you that our daughter is now almost
eight months old and thriving! While all the other infants we know have been
sick constantly with respiratory illnesses and chronic ear infections, (which
also are caused by vaccines), our daughter has not been sick with anything, with
the exception of her vaccine reaction. Most states allow for religious
exemption against vaccinations, and we have claimed this in our daughter's case.
We strongly urge all parents to research vaccines. We think they will discover
that Pure Herbs, Ltd. offers better health benefits for their children than any
drug in the medical world. Our Creator has given us these natural gifts and we
should use them, especially for our most precious blessings, our children.""I
used to suffer with arthritis in my knees. I began taking Ephedra as a means to
control my appetite (which works excellently) . It never occurred to me that
the herb was actually healing my arthritis as well. A few months back we had a
rain spell that lasted five days. Normally under these conditions, I am sore
and miserable. I didn't even notice that I wasn't suffering any more . . . My
husband did! He asked 'did you notice that you haven't been hurting in a
while?' No, I hadn't. I just knew that I felt great and pain free, and I
haven't had any pain, swelling or discomfort since! I take Ephedra every day
three times a day and it works!" --Khadija Abdur-Rahmaan, Detroit, MI

"For the past 10 years I have used and carried in my purse, Indian Tobacco. It
certainly came in handy when I was out to dinner with a friend. At the end of
her meal my friend ate a cookie. A few of the crumbs started irritating her
throat and she immediately went into a coughing and wheezing spasm. She was red
in the face and unable to stop the cough. I told her to relax and placed 2
drops of Indian Tobacco on her tongue. Slight relief followed. I put one more
drop under the tongue and suddenly after a moment passed the spasm stopped. She
then was ready for a few sips of water and blessed relief. My friend exclaimed,
'This is a miracle, what did you use!!?' I told her it was Indian Tobacco also
know as Lobelia. I never leave home without it. Note: I used my best judgement
and knew my friend was not in danger of choking. It was more of an irritation
from the cookie crumbs than anything. I had experienced a similar type of cough
irritation from food once. Pure Herbs are pure and wonderful." --Sheila
Kaplowitz, Henderson, NC

"I would like to share a testimonial on SI.-W and ACS as a nasal spray. Nine
eyedroppers of SI.-W and two eyedroppers of ACS and fill the rest of a one ounce
bottle with distilled water. Put in a nasal sprayer and use as often as
needed." --Jean Kinnett, Lawrenceburg, IN

"Client reports after taking: Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Oregon Grape on a
regular basis that growth at left side of neck and off-and-on severe pain are
gone completely. She stays on the supplements for maintenance." --Esther
Miesel, C.N.H.P., Wyoming, MI

"Pure Herbs products have helped me gain my health back. I used to be dependent
on antibiotics due to having so many respiratory throat and ear infections. I
also have diabetes that was out of control. After some good cleansing herbs,
diet and herbs to help with my infections and prevention of my diabetes from
advancing I have felt great! Now I have more energy and I only get sick once a
year instead of every two weeks or every month. Hopefully soon I will never get
sick. My blood sugar is now normal. Thank you Pure Herbs for all your help.
Also, thank you Ella Faye Holder who taught me all about herbal remedies and
care." --Terry Arellano, San Diego, CA

"I am 37 years old and have always had female trouble. The doctors answer was
hormones, which I didn't like the side affects. The gynecologist answer was a
hysterectomy. Thanks to Pure Herbs and an herbalist at Country Herbs in
Crothersville, I now have regular cycles, with no cramping or flooding. What a
blessing after 26 years of suffering. I take Wild Yam and P.M.S.-W regularly
and Crampbark & False Unicorn when needed for cramps. I also recommend going to
someone who has a muscle response monitor or to an Iridologist. My son was 8
years old when he got out of bed to tell me it felt like something was stuck in
his throat. Our doctor put him on Pepsid A.C. because he thought he had an
ulcer. He had lost so much weight because he couldn't swallow. He would cry
every time I gave him the Pepsid A.C. So the doctor sent him to a specialist
who ran a light down his throat and removed a small cyst which was benign. I
was praying several times a day to help me find some way to help my son. I was
sent to Country Herbs and Pure Herbs. I am so grateful, especially for Pure
Herbs. When he couldn't swallow capsules and opening them and putting them in
pudding was stressing him and me out, the extracts worked wonderfully. T.-W
worked wonders on his thyroid, which was why he couldn't swallow. Pure Herbs,
Ltd. has helped my family in so many ways. Especially when I was having anxiety
attacks. My doctor told me to go home and go to bed. What was I supposed to
do? Stay in bed the rest of my life! God put these herbs on earth for a
reason, so why not use them instead of lining the pharmaceuticals pockets and
having all the side effects." --Ramona Cundiff

"Early in 1992 my husband Charles had a stroke that left the left hand and arm
quite weak. The doctor did an ultra-sound and determined there was an almost
closed artery in his shoulder. The doctor put him on blood thinners which made
him cold all the time. It was recommended that I use O.C.M. and that would
dissolve what was blocking the arteries and pass it out of the system without
stopping any place else. Charles took O.C.M. three times a day and we also
applied some to the area where the main blockage was supposed to be. At night I
put a dressing over the area and covered it with a plastic wrap to help it
penetrate. In the weeks that Charles was going back for physical therapy the
doctor did another ultra-sound and found the blood flow had increased to just
about normal. He started to say something about the blood thinner when I told
him Charles hadn't taken the thinners because they made him cold and tired. I
told the doctor about O.C.M. and he became very upset and told me I don't care
what you're doing, but you might as well keep it up. That was the last time we
went there! In 1999, I was talking to my son, John, in North Carolina. John
calls himself a company representative, I call him a traveling salesman. He was
complaining his legs were giving him trouble, the veins were swelling, popping
out, and very painful. The doctor was going to give him pain pills to try
(didn't guarantee anything) and also a blood thinner. I reminded him about the
O.C.M. his father took. I sent him a 4oz. size. He would not take it orally,
but only applied it to the affected areas on his legs. He rubbed it on his legs
in an upward motion and put the dressing on at night. Unfortunately, John
wouldn't stay off of his feet. After about two weeks his legs did feel better
though. In June John had a heart attack and needed a triple by-pass. Guess
where they got the veins good enough to use for his heart? Right - the very
legs he couldn't stand on a few months before. If he had taken O.C.M. orally, I
don't think he would've had the heart attack, but then he would still be
smoking. Oh well, he's fine now thanks to Dr. Watkins and O.C.M." --Virginia
Dodge, Eastpointe, MI

"I would like to share an incident that changed my life. I had a recurring
fever blister on my lips for 22 years. For a while, it broke out every change
of season and when I was stressed out. Then, after about 10 years, the
outbreaks became more frequent. Once, I was very stressed and the whole side of
my face broke out. This was very embarrassing. In 1994, I began to take Broad
Beans from Pure Herbs for several months. Then, I did the Oral Chelation
(O.C.M.) that Dr. Watkins recommends with All Cell Salts for about three or four
times a day. He is right. You do get very good at estimating the amount.
Anyway, I could smell the toxins coming out of my body and began to feel better,
in general, and a lot more peaceful. About 6 months later, I noticed I wasn't
getting the fever blisters anymore. To this day, I rarely ever get one and if I
do they go away within a few days (stay off of chocolate and all forms of
caffeine at first sign of outbreak). Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. Thank
you, Pure Herbs, for making the herbs available and Dr. Watkins for writing the
books that offer such wonderful advice." --"Anonymous"

Correction to the above testimonial from the April/May 2001
Newsletter. "It was not O.C.M. that was taken and caused reoccurring fever
blisters to go away. It was actually A.C.S. (All Cells Salts) which caused the
'oral chelation' to occur and help get rid of the reoccurring fever blisters."
Please make note of this correction.


"Here at my dog training center, I make use of Pure Herb remedies for my canine friends. The veterinarians send me dog clients with behavioral issues. Starting out with one of the Universal Emotional Remedies (UER) addresses the emotional aspect of the problem and works well. I have also had great success with Bee Propolis for healing, especially the pads of the feet. Arnica is a must for all my students to have on hand. I recommend it before and after surgery especially. Oil of Cajeput works great to heal sores that dogs keep after. The odor deters licking." --Arlene Pilcer, Setterwoods Dog Training, Chatham, VA

"I don't know where to begin. If I were to tell you all the wonderful benefits
of your high quality herbal extracts, your fax machine would be tied up for a
long time! I just want to relate my most recent miracle. I danced on pointe
for nineteen years and did considerable damage to my toe joints. In addition, I
was disabled for four years due to status asthmaticus (essentially an asthma
attack that lasted for four years) and was taking up to 120 mg. of prednisone
daily. If my joints were not completely destroyed by the dancing, the
prednisone finished them off! I have taken Hydrangea in capsule form for some
time with great benefit since it is very effective in releasing excess acids
from the system. Acids contribute to joint destruction and PAIN. I wanted to
soak my feet in hydrangea, but who can make the time to sit for 10 or 15
minutes, not doing anything else? Well, I decide to soak my feel while I
shower! I close the drain in the tub and let the water fill while I take my
usual shower. I add liquid hydrangea extract to the water, thereby giving
myself a foot soak without changing anything in my daily routine. I expected
relief of the stabbing pain in my toe joints after a few weeks. To my surprise,
I got relief immediately. And more, I actually had relief of the burning pain
in my hips as well, even without sitting in the tub! This would not be possible
without the highest potency and quality of Hydrangea that we are blessed to
receive from Pure Herbs, Ltd. Thank you from the tips of my toes! (and my
heart)." --Lahni DeAmicis, Philadelphia, PA, President of Space and Time
Designing, Inc.

"After being diagnosed with a severe case of osteoarthritis in my right hip
during March of 2000, I knew I would have to be pro-active in dealing with this
serious situation. Being a believer in alternative methods, I tried
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Sam-e, and vitamin and mineral supplementation.
In March of 2001, I added CA.-W 80 drops three times per day. After several
months I dropped back to 40 drops three times per day. Beginning in March of
2001, I had complemented my treatment plan with visits to an osteopathic
physician. These visits helped with range of motion and some pain reduction.
In April of 2001, I added 40 drops of Irish Moss three times per day, after
meals. After six to eight weeks, I noticed improvement in the pain level in my
hip. No other treatments had been used during that time. Most of my pain
reduction, I noticed, came after taking the Irish Moss. To date, I have been
able to prevent a total hip replacement." --Ellen Sumner, Harrisonburg, VA

"My husband has osteoarthritis in his hands. He has tried several different
natural remedies with no relief. Finally, he tried L.P.-W (Liquid Pearle). On
the second day he remarked that his hands no longer ached. He continues to take
Liquid Pearle and is pain free. He takes one half dropper full three times a
--Barbara Burr, Derby, VT

"Our beloved 11 1/2 year old dog Barney was diagnosed with Canine
Anemia/Auto-immune Disease (his white blood cells were attacking and destroying
his red ones). The Veterinarian put him on Prednisone and antibiotics with
little encouragement for his recovery. When I asked Dr. Watkins if he had any
suggestions, he immediately said Sutherlandia, Greasewood, Protein, HI.I.-W and
A.C.S. He also said Vitamin E would oxygenate the bloodstream and assist the
herbs. He said to apply them to the pads of his feet. We were surprised at how
absorbent the pads were. They soaked up the herbs like sponges. The
improvement was quickly noticed by everyone. The Vet said it was 'amazing' how
well he was responding to their treatments (we hadn't told them about the
herbs). In our last contact with them, they said they could not get over how
well our Barney had gotten. They said that by all accounts Barney should no
longer be with us. Thank you Pure Herbs and Dr. Watkins. We now have Barney on
A.M.F.-W (Animal Maintenance Formula) which we plan to continue as long as he is
with us."
--Uncle Al's friend

"I am a Nutritional Counselor and Therapist. This is my husbands success story:
In Florida we have several different kinds of parasites. My husbands back was
attacked by parasites and was all puffed up like a growth or something. It got
fatter and fatter! We had it evaluated by a professional and they said it was
parasites. For three months we tried herbs and other remedies with no success.
Orinoco Extract did help with the pain. This growth was three inches in
diameter and was located on his spine. It was the size of a goose egg and very
painful! I put two drops of Sutherlandia straight onto the growth and lightly
spread it around until it was absorbed into the skin. I repeated this procedure
two-three times per day. The growth began to shrink and the pain began to
decrease. During the next three weeks it just kind of went away. There was a
minor recess and the skin looked stained, but it is continuing to heal very
nicely and has a healthy color as it is healing! It also healed my intestinal
infection! Thank you Pat Courter for sharing Sutherlandia with me and Pure
Herbs for making this wonderful product available to us."
--Lynn, Ft. Myers, FL For further information contact Pat Courter at:

"I have had hot flashes and night sweats for several years. I did not want to
use estrogen, due to the side effects it can cause. A friend introduced me to
the Pure Herbs product, MP.E.-P and to my surprise it worked instantly.
Whenever I feel a hot flash coming on, and those of who have them know they
sometimes can come with little or no warning, I simply take the recommended
dosage and instantly my flashes disappear. MP.E.-P is truly a God sent herbal
solution. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who suffers from hot flashes and
night sweats. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pure Herbs for your products!"
--Helyne Lloyd, Chattanooga, TN

"Our grandson sometimes gets a horrible croupy cough, so we decided to try
C.C.-W on him with wonderful results. It stopped the cough almost immediately.
Thank the Lord for the gift of herbs and for knowledgeable people who know how
to put the combinations together. We also helped our grandson when he got a
kidney infection and was in awful pain. We gave him Cornsilk, Marshmallow and
Echinacea. Within three hours he was able to urinate totally pain free. I
couldn't believe how fast he improved! Herbs really do work! They're God's
medicine and who can make things better than our Creator?"

"I also had a lady with cysts on her ovaries and she was in great pain. We used
CST-M, He Shou Wu, Bee Pollen and friendly bacteria on her. We were amazed at
how quick the results were! By the next day she had greatly improved and by the
second or third day she was almost totally pain free. Needless to say, she's a
happy client."
--Carolyn Gookins, Fountaintown, IN 317-835-2037

"I have had very good results with Sutherlandia. I believe it has definitely
helped with my menopausal symptoms. It has made me more energetic, given me
more stamina and made me less stressed. I have been under a great deal of
stress and people wonder how I keep on my feet. I know the Sutherlandia is a
big part of it. Also, for a long time I have had 'kinky' knees (the only way I
know how to describe them) and they are completely better. No problem at all
now. Also, my teeth had become very sensitive to hot and cold and I had tried
taking extra minerals, etc. and I still had the problem, but then I started
taking the Sutherlandia and my teeth were no longer sensitive. In addition to
all of the above, my massage therapist was always commenting on my 'swollen'
ankles. Well, guess what??? No more. They are fine now. My massage therapist
says, 'it must be the Sutherlandia that you are taking.' She must be right
because that is the only new product I am taking. The only thing I found with
the Sutherlandia is that if I take it too late in the day it tends to keep me
awake at night. I was giving it to my son, Burt, at bedtime too and it doesn't
seem to bother him though. It really is helping Burt to be calmer and less
anxious. One more thing is that I mix the Sutherlandia in a half and half
mixture with Five Good."
--Cheryl Lawson, Derby VT

"My neck had been sore when I turned it from side to side for over a year. I
take a lot of supplements and herbs, but it would not get any better (no worse,
but no better). Then I heard about the desert herb SUTHERLANDIA that fights
viruses and their torments, even AIDS where the body is attacking itself. Each
morning, I applied Sutherlandia externally from each ear out to each shoulder
and then on the back of the neck and down the spine a little. I then took 20
drops by mouth and gradually worked up to 40 drops per day over the period of a
month. After a month I am a good 80% to 90% better! I am impresssed. Thank
you Pure Herbs and thank you Sutherlandia!"
--E. C. W., Detroit, MI

"I have been a distributor and user of Pure Herbs for many years….with this I
have become a resource also for my family assisting them with herbal remedies as
needed. They have learned to trust the herbs more than medications after seeing
results and as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother it is an honor to
see them using and respecting herbal programs above other treatments. Most
recently, we have experienced what we call a miracle. My 14 year old
grand-daughter has had severe problems since she started her periods several
years ago. Every month she has experienced pain so severe it required a trip to
the emergency room for pain medication strong enough to help it subside. The
pain was also accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea and then a ten day period
with continued cramping and heavy flow. As a teenager she was not open to
taking the herbs and it resulted in many trips to specialist who diagnosed
endometriosis and also found a cyst on her ovary. Their treatment was to take,
what we saw, as very dangerous medication (because of side effects) and
eventually surgery. She is very tiny and weights less than 100 pounds and she
dreaded each month and could not plan activities around that time because of
this situation. I was able to convince her to at least try the herbs and had
her take 10 drops of each of Wild Yam and F.P.-W three times each day (she then
increased it to 20 drops). After taking the herbs for only a short time, she
called me one morning and was crying (with joy) because she had started her
period and not even realized it. She had no pain, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no
heavy flow and was able to go to the beach party they had planned that day. Her
period lasted only four days and was very mild. Not only did the herbs do the
job, but in such a short time. She is now able to lead a normal life and has
cancelled her appointments for surgery and further medical treatment. God had
the answer in His creation of herbs from the beginning…..lest we take His Wisdom
and Knowledge and use it."
--Joyce Kilpatrick, Alpena, MI 989-358-1284


A person in your federal government service, specifically, Mr. Tommy Thompson,
Health and Human Services Secretary, has said Ephedra is a dangerous herbal
supplement and can kill you and you can't have it any more. Somewhere around
the end of February he expects to impose a complete ban on its sale in the U.S.
This is interesting, because Ephedra has been in recorded use in China since
about 4,000 B.C. as an herbal dietary supplement. You would think if there were
anything much wrong with Ephedra, after 6,000 years, it would have shown up by
now. Most responsible herbalists know you can put the liquid extract of Ephedra
under the tongue and rapidly open closed airway passages during an asthma or hay
fever or allergic attack. It works wonders. This is a responsible use of the
herb. Herbalists in this country were introduced to another use of Ephedra, in
a big way, when the Chinese came over to the west coast of the U.S. in the
1800's to work on laying the tracks for our Trans-continental railroad. They
brought the seeds of this tough, grass-like plant with them and planted them on
down the line so it would be ready to use by the time they got there. It is
true they used it as a stimulant much as we use coffee or tea. They did not die
in droves. So why did some people of this century in the U.S. die who used
Ephedra? They misused the herb. There are people and companies now in the
herbal field who are accustomed to making drugs and have pharmacy backgrounds.
They take the stimulant part out of the Ephedra plant and concentrate it and mix
it with caffeine or other things and put it in a pill. This makes its effects
much too strong and the governing mechanisms that were in the herb to make it
safe have been removed. In this form, the plant and its natural functions are
perverted. This was done to get in on the highly lucrative weight loss market.
Money, not your health, was the goal. By overstimulating the nervous system you
do lose weight. You burn the body in its own fires, so to speak, and make a
wreck of it. To now ban all use of the herb Ephedra, because of the
irresponsible use of those with questionable intentions, is unjust.
Further, to take herbs away from us is in violation of our constitutional right
to religious freedom that guarantees us the right to practice our religious
convictions in this country. It is one of the reasons why people came to this
country. The Almighty himself states in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, "I
have given you the herbs for your medicine". You should let the people who
represent you in our government know you do not like having your religious
rights stepped on.

With the kindest of regards and the best of all possible intentions,
Dr. Eugene C. Watkins

Any of our products containing Ephedra will be reformulated for their continued
effectiveness. You may wish to stock up on Ephedra and these Ephedra containing
formulas (A.E.A.-B, A.-W, GO.-W, L.B.R.-W, Q.N.-R and S.I.A.-R -while you can.
It won't be against the law to use them, just to sell them.