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The Herb Shop



is a natural health wellness center where you can individually explore our many herbal and natural healing formulas as well as schedule an in-depth consult with a Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist, Naturopath.
Established in 2001, The Herb Shop continues to offer cutting edge supplements and nutraceutical formulas while maintaining our tried and true historical formulas.  We specialize in customized protocols and plans for our clientele.
We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve the optimum level of health naturally, incorporating only the best of eastern, western, and other (health systems)healthcare protocols, to better serve our many clients locally and abroad.
We offer several modalities:

Many have experienced the power of nature's medicine chest in overcoming complex and puzzling health issues; finding solutions not previously explored.


Available Cleanses/Detoxes:


Give us a call today or simply drop in!



Do You Have Candida?


• Have you taken tetracycline or other antibiotics for 1 month or longer?

• Have you taken birth control pills?

• Have you been pregnant?

• Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides and other chemicals provoke symptoms?

• Have you had athlete's foot, ringworm, "jock itch", prostatis, vaginitis or other chronic infections of the skin or nails?

• Have you taken prednisone or other cortisone-type drugs?

• Do you crave sugars?

• Do you crave breads?

• Do you crave alcoholic beverages, cheese or mushrooms?



If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have yeast overgrowth.


Schedule an appointment with us to get help to overcome these challenges.



Major Symptoms

of Candida


• Fatigue or lethargy, Prostatis

• Poor memory, Impotence

• Inability to concentrate,  "Joch itch"

• Frequent mood swings, Athletes foot

• Feeling "spacey" or "unreal", Loss of sexual drive

• Depression, Endometriosis

• Numbness, burning or tingling, Itching and other rashes

• Muscle aches, Coated tongue

• Pain or swelling in Joints, Thrush in throat

• Abdominal Pain, Hemorroids

• Bloating,  Post nasal drip

• Persistent vaginal itch, Cough

• Heartburn, Wheezing or shortness of breath

• Indigestion, Urinary urgency or frequency

• Belching and intestinal gas

• Burning on urination

• Mucus in stools

• Cramps and/or menstrual irregularities





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