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Introducing Desbio - EquolSLIM
The Key Ingredient Equol is the subject of three patent-pending technologies!




Equol is a highly studied  molecule in which over 1,500
studies have been published  in over 250 journals...

Equol’s patents were developed among three research-university 
teams with specific expertise and publications in isoflavanoids/polyphenol
(Desbio licensed Equol from the Universities)
Equol Is A Unique Molecule with 3 Major Benefits:

• Weight Loss & Energy
• Prostate & Men’s Health
• Brain & Mental Health major benefits


EquolSlim Ingredients:       

  •  7-Keto: Thryoid Support & Metabolism Increase

  • Caralluma Fimbriata: Appetite Control & Fat blocking

  • Guggulsterones: Metabolism Booster

  • Chromax®:  Blood sugar regulation 

    & lean body mass support
  • 5-HTP: Appetite Control & Emotional Support (pre-cursor to serotonin and  melatonin)


No known “stimulant” type ingredients such as hoodia gordonii are included in Equol Slim.

Equol has been proven to deliver the following in animal studies:
  • Equol decreased body weight by 5-10%

  • Equol breaks down white fat (increasing lipolysis & decreasing  lipogenesis) especially in the abdominal/pelvic region by 35-50% (NON-ESSENTIAL FAT!)

  • Equol increases metabolic hormones (T3 by 60% & UCP-I  by 2-fold) 

    AND decreases leptin levels
  • Equol increases locomotor behavior where animals are more active



HA2CG & EQUOLSLIM   ( Click Here For More Information)


Equol Slim will provide broad support for healthy  weight maintenance during the
hA2CG breaks as well as weight maintenance during the hA2CG breaks as well 
as a regular supplement after active dieting has ended.